October 14, 2013

Seene: a “3D instagram”?

It’s easier seen (heh) than described, so just check it out. The Verge writes,

With less than 30 seconds of setup after installing the app, you can record and manipulate an object in real-time, and in 3D. It’s like iOS 7 parallax gone wild…

Even with poorly done Seenes, the app’s 3D effect is breathtaking since it uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to alter the perspective of the image accordingly when you move your hand. On the web, moving your mouse on an image alters its perspective.

[Via Tomas Krcha]

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Photoshop CC Features Panel now available

You can now learn new features of the app right from within the app:

How do you learn what the new features are and how to use them? The answer is the Photoshop CC Features panel where you can access new tools and features and watch videos all within Photoshop CC.

To get the panel, launch Photoshop CC and then open the Adobe Exchange Panel by going to Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange. You may need to restart PS in order to apply updates.

If you’d like to make a panel like this for your organization (e.g. to train freelancers on your processes & systems), grab Adobe Configurator 4.0.

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“Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise”

Rather brilliant. (“Time to F with some customers.”)

[YouTube] [Via Dave Werner]

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Batch-renaming Photoshop layers

Kamil Khadeyev has created what looks like a handy way to rename numerous Photoshop layers at once. This could work well for people who are batch-exporting assets via Photoshop CC’s new Generator feature.


[Via Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie]

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