October 30, 2013

A Lexus that draws you as you drive

So vain that being seen in a normal luxury car makes you itch? Why not have your car lovingly draw & redraw your face in front of you as you drive? Check it out:

The IS 300h hybrid vehicle has a screen that uses special software developed for the Art is Motion project that measures the driver’s driving style, such as the ratio of hybrid and fuel use, and speed and acceleration styles, and converts that data into digital brush strokes to generate portraits. 

Maybe soon the car will self-drive you to a restaurant where they’ve got glass tables so you can watch yourself while you are eating.


Posted by John Nack at 8:15 AM on October 30, 2013


  • Scott Valentine — 9:04 AM on October 30, 2013

    Interesting implications… it could be used as a feedback mechanism to help people with various driving habit corrections, especially if it snapped your picture from time to time and used *that* as the basis. Imagine seeing yourself snapped and painted in the midst of losing your cool at some *other* asshat on the road.

    Nothing like catching a glimpse of yourself in full road rage. Then aggregate those over time and come up with a composite of your personality behind the wheel.

  • J. Peterson — 1:26 PM on October 30, 2013

    “…but officer, I almost had it drawing a smiley face before I crashed…”

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