October 15, 2013

Demo: What’s new in Camera Raw 8.2

Good stuff from Julieanne Kost: 

In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne takes a close look at the feature enhancements and refinements made to the Crop tool, workflow settings, and batch saving capabilities in Adobe Camera Raw. In addition she also covers improvements made to the Spot Removal Tool, Noise Reduction, Local Adjustment Brush, and Histogram. Note: For more information about the Features in Camera Raw 8.0 including the new Upright perspective correction, Radial Filter, and Spot Removal features please see “Adobe Photoshop CC: Favorite Features for Photographers.”

Posted by John Nack at 9:23 AM on October 15, 2013


  • Alex — 12:51 PM on October 15, 2013

    All these updates will still go on CS6 Extended right?

    [No—only camera compatibility changes & bug fixes go into CS6. The new functionality shows up only in CC. –J.]

  • Alex — 1:28 PM on October 15, 2013

    Shucks, John, you know that is not an intuitive move. Functionality, like in human beings, stays with the soul of the body. Removing it only weakens the whole. By strenghening the individual parts of the body does not make the entire body stronger, it may even weaken it.The same thinking applies to CS. (that’s the philosopher in me)

    [I hear you, Alex. Of course, nothing whatsoever has been diminished in CS6. In fact, unlike in the past, the older release continues to get compatibility updates & bug fixes. (In the past if a new camera came out, you either needed to upgrade PS or use the DNG Converter to translate your files.) The diminution is strictly a matter of perception, in the same way that my iPhone 5 suddenly feels second-rate. –J.]

  • Alex — 4:22 PM on October 15, 2013

    Is that like having all the controls for SIRI but not having her speak. Like having the vocal chords but not the air to move them? You are right about improvements but new features in an existing UI belong to it. I held off on the first use on CC after I downloaded it and it wanted to push me to use it when I wanted to use CS6. So I let it expire without opening it. I am still not sold- sorry but my heart rules.

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