October 13, 2013

Escheresque “Hand Fingers”

Can’t unsee!!

[YouTube][Via Christa Mrgan]

Posted by John Nack at 8:07 AM on October 13, 2013


  • michael jahn — 8:30 AM on October 13, 2013

    my Fav;


  • Andrew Trembley — 3:29 PM on October 13, 2013

    As “things by Cyriak you can’t unsee” goes, Hand Fingers is hardly on the scale. “Welcome to Kitty City” is bizarre, but “something” and “Cobwebs” pretty much top out the range. And there’s a special place in Hell where “MOO!” plays on endless repeat.

  • Pateter — 6:36 AM on October 14, 2013

    it´s more a fractal then escheresque….

    [Anyway… –J.]

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