November 25, 2013

Got Adobe photo deal questions? Scott’s got answers.

President Obama has Bill Clinton as his Explainer in Chief. The photography community is blessed to have Scott Kelby cut through the clutter in a similar way. If you have questions about the $9.99/mo. Photoshop/Lightroom bundle, please check out Scott’s FAQ.

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How Disney Animation simulates snow

I really hope they have 40 subtly different words for this:


Only theoretically related: “There really are 50 Eskimo words for ‘snow’”

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Wait, what part of Adobe’s new photography deal is “limited time”?

The sign-up window is limited; the price is not.

  • Everyone (regardless of whether you own previous Adobe apps) can sign up by next Monday (Dec. 2) to get Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 the $9.99/month price.
  • Anyone who owns Photoshop CS3 or higher can sign up by Dec. 31.
  • The price itself isn’t limited. That is, it won’t be going up in a year. (Adobe has no plans to raise the price at all, but we can’t say that it’ll never go up—e.g. for inflation—or down.)
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