November 06, 2013

Most profane. Photoshop plug-in. Ever?

“Built by slave fairies and unicorn horns, this Photoshop Plugin couldn’t possibly be any more f___ing amazing.”

That—and more—are the promise of the cheeky mofos making the Perspective Mockups Plugin for Photoshop. Check out the demo:

(“It really couldn’t be any more f___ing amazing,” notes PS UI designer Tim Riot.) [Vimeo]

PS—Apropos of profanity (hey, why not?), I dig the light projections in the video for this great Nada Surf track.

Posted by John Nack at 8:06 AM on November 06, 2013


  • Michaela — 11:31 AM on November 06, 2013

    This seems to be a great Plugin. Thanks for the tip.

  • Johnny Horton — 1:10 PM on November 06, 2013

    is there ever a good kind of std*?

    * you’d have to visit the website

  • John Stevenson — 6:38 AM on November 07, 2013

    One: I was gonna write that this little gizmo – with perspective in its name and all – was just too unf___ingincredible (because perspective just isn’t proper without a vanishing point, or two, …). But then a more careful inspection of the website revealed some!
    Two: this gizmo itself is an Extension – not truly a plug-in. But, it was built by a collaborative effort (excellent). And likely also with the benefit of there now being a stable platform for Extension development in Photoshop CC (finally, also excellent).

  • Alan Shutko — 8:22 PM on November 11, 2013

    I am amused by the popularity Tim McMorris has among Photoshop add-ins.

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