December 03, 2013

Flash Pro now exports HTML5 canvas

“Adobe isn’t in the Flash business, it’s in the helping people communicate business.”

So I wrote three+ years ago, and I meant it. Flash, Photoshop, and every other tool/technology is just a means to an end. Now that Web browser technology is maturing (with Adobe’s help), Flash Professional can export interactive animations as HTML5 content. Check it out:

The team writes,

The new HTML5 Canvas support lets you create interactive content leveraging well-established Flash Pro paradigms of timeline, frame-scripts and creation tools, all customized for the HTML5 Canvas platform. Add frame-script using native support for JavaScript including code-hinting, code-coloring, and more.

Check out more details here, or download the free trial.


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Photography: Robo-Nikon vs. apex predators

My lion-crazed 5-year-old is going to lose his mind when he sees the shots New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan captured with the help of an (not-so-lucky) RC car:

Nice to see Lightroom make a cameo on the savannah.

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Eye-poppingly photorealistic portraiture on iPad

Kyle Lambert is an immoderately talented, iPad-wielding illustration beast. Check out his extremely high fidelity portrait of Morgan Freeman:

See also his earlier work using Adobe Ideas:

[YouTube] [Via Phil Scarsbrook]

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