December 08, 2013

Animation: “Super Tropic Tramp”

It’s pretty arbitrary, but there are far uglier ways to spend the next three minutes:

Done in After Effects, natch. [Vimeo] [Via Thibault Imbert]

Posted by John Nack at 8:10 AM on December 08, 2013


  • Benjamin Hansen — 9:11 PM on December 08, 2013

    i’m pretty sure that’s what happens when you look hypnotoad directly in the eyes.


  • Daniel Swanson — 4:20 AM on December 09, 2013

    “Arbitrary” is right! “There are far uglier ways to spend the next three minutes”–not so far this morning. My wife told me to turn down the noise, and I didn’t care to watch the whole thing.

    It was kinda like iTunes Visualizer on crack and with an “attitude”, synch’ed to a psychotic deejay.

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