December 30, 2013

How many people post Vines?

Does anyone know? I’ve struggled to find any real info on the subject.

There’s no doubt that Vine coined an idiom (essentially animated GIFs + sound) that’s proven flexible & often compelling in the right hands. I’m less sure, though, that regular people create vines with any frequency. Of the 674 people I follow on Twitter, not one has shared a link in the time frame that Twitter searches.

For my needs Instagram video has been perfect for most cases, taking a huge bite out of my YouTube usage (though that’s changed a bit over the holidays; most Christmas carols won’t fit into 15 seconds!). I suspect that most people find it easier to make compelling content without looping & with more breathing room, and that for most video creation/sharing is a feature rather than a product unto itself.

[Update: If you routinely post vines, please speak up.]

Posted by John Nack at 8:24 PM on December 30, 2013


  • Brian Spence — 12:16 PM on December 31, 2013

    I completely agree and have always felt that Vines were a bit pointless. Twitter should have just integrated it as a service within the larger twitter company. It fits more with the ‘bite sized’ information we get from there. They just seem like too much work with too little payoff.

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