December 02, 2013

Last day for everyone to get in on the $9.99/mo. Photoshop-Lightroom deal

The Photoshop Photography Program remains open to everyone (regardless of whether you’ve owned a previous version) through the end of the day. After today & through the rest of the month, you’ll still be able to sign up, but you’ll need to own Photoshop CS3 or higher.

As a reminder, the availability of these deals is what’s limited in time. The $9.99/month price is the ongoing price (i.e. it’s not limited to 12 months).

Posted by John Nack at 11:25 AM on December 02, 2013


  • Geir Opdahl — 11:32 AM on December 02, 2013

    I’ve read the small letters many times during the last week. For me it seems quite clear that this price only is for the 12 first months, and after that the price will be as usual (much, much higher. PLease tell me I’m wrong!

    • ProDesignTools — 7:44 PM on December 03, 2013

      > Please tell me I’m wrong!

      Adobe has said it’s not an introductory price but the regular price of the offering for those who sign up now, and they have no plans to raise it.

  • David Jensen — 8:34 PM on December 02, 2013

    Apparently the offer has been extended to Dec 8.

    The FAQ are contradictory, though:

    I own an earlier version of Lightroom but not Photoshop. Do I qualify for the Photoshop Photography Program offer?

    No. Only customers who own a previous commercial version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6), as a stand-alone product or as part of a suite edition qualify.

    Who is eligible for this offer?

    This offer is available to anyone until December 8, 2013. There are no previous product ownership requirements.

  • Trevor Dennis — 1:11 AM on December 03, 2013

    Is that right about the December 8th extension? I’m thinking there must have been a big take up judging by the related traffic on the Photoshop forum. There was even one person asking how to get rid of an old pirated version of CC so he could install the legit version. That made me smile.

  • MFreaks — 3:49 AM on December 03, 2013

    Yep… Adobe extended that package to december 8th – we’ve got official statement of that from Adobe Poland just now.

    • ProDesignTools — 10:18 PM on December 08, 2013

      @Trevor, @MFreaks,

      Note Adobe has now extended this offer for everyone until the end of the year:

      “This offer is available to anyone until December 31, 2013. There are no previous product ownership requirements.”

  • DaveC — 3:51 AM on December 03, 2013

    Got it and I don’t even own a computer (til next week)! Awesome deal. I’m a contractor and didn’t need to buy it, and my last job is over now so this makes tons do sense :)

  • Neil — 7:21 AM on December 03, 2013


    As a long time user of Adobe products (22+ years) I now pause to take advantage of any Adobe offer. Their recent inability to safeguard their 38 million plus customer’s credit card records, as well as login data, should be a BIG concern to everyone. Recent reports bring that number up to 150 million users.

    For details on this matter, read here:


    • DaveC — 3:38 AM on December 04, 2013

      This is risk… Adobe isn’t the only company to balls up like this, but at least they’re fixing it. Fact is, I’m not using inferior products “just in case adobe screw up”. I want the best, so I use Photoshop.

  • Eman — 7:33 AM on December 04, 2013

    I own CS6 Master Suite license. That is the last Adobe software I am going to own. No creative cloud for me, don’t like to be “connected” that much. I would rather move to open source development.

    To be honest CS6 does everything I need. You can not be “more creative” because you own Creative Could license (its a marketing BS).

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