December 03, 2013

Photography: Robo-Nikon vs. apex predators

My lion-crazed 5-year-old is going to lose his mind when he sees the shots New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan captured with the help of an (not-so-lucky) RC car:

Nice to see Lightroom make a cameo on the savannah.

[YouTube] [Via]

Posted by John Nack at 8:07 AM on December 03, 2013


  • Khoi — 9:20 AM on December 03, 2013

    The photos are wonderful, and so was the child-like wonder that overcame the photographers when they first saw the results. Pretty fantastic.

  • Trevor Dennis — 1:53 PM on December 03, 2013

    That’s Kiwis for you. Give us a reel of #8 wire, and we can fix anything. ;-)

    The same link went up in the PSNZ (Photographic Society of New Zealand) Facebook group, and it was suggested that there are pubs in England where such a device would be the only safe way to take pictures.

  • ScottinBeijing, 5 more days :) — 2:16 PM on December 03, 2013

    Hi John,

    Your video windows have become wide enough to obscure most of the comments (they overlap). I thought it might be because I am using less than a full 13″ screen, but going full screen (wow! 13″) does not change your page view at all.

  • Neck — 4:58 AM on December 05, 2013

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    Thank you for sharing all the things.I have read your posts a lot.I will usually come here.It is interesting.

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