December 23, 2013

Sketchable: A new painting tool from Photoshop kids

The sons of Mac painting pioneer & Photoshop GPU/brushes maven Jerry Harris have released Sketchable, a fast new painting tool for Windows 8:

Digital painting trailblazer John Derry (one of the original authors of Painter) writes,

Silicon Benders is the brother team of Miles & Ryan Harris. Painting apps appear to run in the brothers’ genes: their dad is Jerry Harris, co-author (with Keith McGregor) of early Mac paint app PixelPaint Pro, the first full-color paint application for the Macintosh. Jerry is now a Principal Computer Scientist on the Adobe Photoshop team.

Sketchable is designed to be easy to pick up and start using with a minimal learning curve. It is a particularly pressure-sensitive savvy app offering a wide range of expressibility in concert with its tools. Sketchable has a simple interface with plenty of room for expansion. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this app grow over time. Highly Recommended!

The icons are courtesy of painter Don Seegmiller.


Posted by John Nack at 10:42 AM on December 23, 2013


  • J — 3:01 PM on December 23, 2013

    That looks mighty similar to Fifty Three’s Paper app…

    [Indeed it does, which I frankly think is unfortunate as it distracts from the app’s real merits (namely its speed & rich brush engine. This isn’t a simple Paper clone, but that’s how many will see it. –J.]

  • xendless — 3:44 AM on December 24, 2013


    That’s a Samsung of Fifty Three’s Paper. Shame on you Silicon Benders.

    Ex-Adobe people ripping off ex-Microsoft people’s app for Apple’s platform…

    [They’re not ex-Adobe people. –J.]

  • Marcel — 4:59 AM on December 24, 2013

    Highly Recommended? Really?
    It doesn’t look too tempting, not too innovative, not too promising.

    [I haven’t spent a lot of time using it, but in some testing on a Wacom Cintiq, I found it to be very fast, and the experience of drawing with a real stylus made my iPad feel like painting with my elbow. –J.]

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