January 17, 2014

Terminators, Flavawagons, Grandfalloons, & more: A podcast with me

“From Kierkegaard to breadsticks…”

unfrozen-caveman-lawyerI had a ball talking Photoshop development, craftsmanship, the Mac community, and more with developers Brent Simmons & Chris Parrish in their new podcast, The Record.

You can hear about me living in a halfway house, sleeping in a van, imbecile marketroids typing with their fists, and more (my God, look at the length of those show notes!). I hope you have as much fun listening as I did rambling.


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Illustrator CC update: A lightning tour of all the new stuff

Responsive SVG, interactive rounded corners, improved Pencil, and more; take it away, Rufus:

For a deeper dive just into smart rounded corners, check out this quick video series from Kevin Stohlmeyer.

[Adobe TV]

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Optimus Prime gets warped in the new Photoshop CC

Perspective Warp helps fit the big boy into a scene, as Andy Trice shows off new compositing power in PS CC. (Jump ahead to the 3-minute mark if you don’t need a general intro to the feature.)

Check out his post for more details.


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NYC imagined as a giant playground

After filling Buenos Aires with fanciful ridesFernando Livschitz is back to take on New York City. Just try not to smile:



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