January 22, 2014

What annoys people about their photo collections?

Here’s what recently deceased photo-sharing startup Everpix heard from customers they surveyed. (Click for a larger version.)


We think so much about adjusting images, when for most people (who, by the way, overwhelmingly don’t modify images at all) the greater pain is around curation & sharing.

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So, how do you actually get Typekit fonts into your CC apps?

In under 3 minutes, Howard Pinsky shows you how to browse Typekit for great typefaces, then sync & use them:

Check out the Typekit team’s blog for more details.

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Feedback, please: Do you like the “What’s New” videos in Illustrator CC?

“You guys have added 500 features since May?! Man, I just can’t keep up…”

I know: we get that a lot. All the thoughtful, kickass functionality in the world doesn’t matter if you, the customer, don’t find & use it.

That’s why Adobe’s exploring some new ways to help you find & learn new tools. What do you think of the way the latest rev of Illustrator CC highlights & demos key enhancements?

  1. If you’ve updated Illustrator CC, have you seen the What’s New dialog and videos in the latest update? (screenshot below)
  2. Do you like this dialog & find it useful? Or do you find it intrusive/annoying?
  3. If you like it, do you think we should put it in the other apps too?


AI WhatsNew

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