January 28, 2014

New Kidpost service bundles up your pics for family

Interesting news from Khoi Vinh:

[T]he sheer number of venues for sharing has made it difficult for my parents and in-laws to keep up with the images that Laura and I post to Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and other services. […]

Today we’re pre-announcing Kidpost, a service which bundles up your kid-related content from your social network accounts into a private, weekly email that gets sent to family members and friends of your choosing.

I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only one who even misses photos posted by his own wife.

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Photoshop turns moving people into ghosts

Interesting work from Aaron Grimes. Sploid writes,

Aaron Grimes used Photoshop to blend regular footage at a 1/50th shutter speed into a new 24 frames per second with a 1-second shutter speed film. The result is, as he says, eerie.

According to Aaron,

What is done here is taking frames from video captured at 24fps with a 1/50th shutter speed and blending them together using Adobe Photoshop. The final product is a video that’s still played at 24fps but with a 1 second shutter speed.

The effect is eerie, causing things that do not move to remain sharp, but anything with motion to blur. The faster something moves to more faint it becomes. Where this is best shown is when something changes speed such as the shot of the man stopping in the street to check his phone, he almost appears out of nowhere, but when he walks off you can see his shape fade away.


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Micro battle in After Effects

Two Adobe UI designers… one badass app… too much free time… 

Behold my teammates Dave & Shaun going mano-a-mano in AE:


Want to try this at home, exploding fridges & all? Check out Dave’s just-posted tutorial on Photojojo, How to Add Special FX to Instagram Videos.


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