January 31, 2014

Adobe vs. Stay Puft

We have the weirdest occupational hazards:

And here I always said that nothing ever happens in San José. [Props to our designer Shaun.]

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Your Behance portfolio gets more beautiful, responsive

Good news from Adobe’s design community team:

  • Fully Responsive Profile: Your work looks great across phone and tablets
  • Simple Editing Tools: The way you edit and organize your work is easier than ever
  • Your Behance Presence, In One Spot: Your Profile now encompasses much more about you – from the collections you curate to the projects you appreciate
  • Focus on your work: The design changes bring your work more into focus. Notice a cleaner, more minimal profile that helps your work stand out
  • Consistency across platforms: Now, your Profile is consistent and professional across devices
  • No More Color Customization: We have simplified the profile view on the web to match what has already been very successful on the Behances iOS apps by replacing color customization with a more neutral set of tones that better showcase the portfolio work itself.

If you somehow haven’t yet set up your profile, you can do so for free right now. [Via Scott Belsky]

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NY Times tells stories through cinemagraphs

Remember when cinemagraphs were next big thing—when you could get millions of dollars for your startup that made them? Yeah, probably not, but the subtle visual idiom can still be quite compelling, as the New York Times demonstrates in this feature on North Dakota’s modern-day gold rush.


[Via John Stevenson]

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Demo: Using Image Processor to batch process multiple files

Julieanne shows how to prepare hundreds of images and save them in different file formats at once using Photoshop’s Image Processor script. She demos entering and adjusting Image Processor options such as file location and type, and working with image size.

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