January 31, 2014

Your Behance portfolio gets more beautiful, responsive

Good news from Adobe’s design community team:

  • Fully Responsive Profile: Your work looks great across phone and tablets
  • Simple Editing Tools: The way you edit and organize your work is easier than ever
  • Your Behance Presence, In One Spot: Your Profile now encompasses much more about you – from the collections you curate to the projects you appreciate
  • Focus on your work: The design changes bring your work more into focus. Notice a cleaner, more minimal profile that helps your work stand out
  • Consistency across platforms: Now, your Profile is consistent and professional across devices
  • No More Color Customization: We have simplified the profile view on the web to match what has already been very successful on the Behances iOS apps by replacing color customization with a more neutral set of tones that better showcase the portfolio work itself.

If you somehow haven’t yet set up your profile, you can do so for free right now. [Via Scott Belsky]

Posted by John Nack at 9:20 AM on January 31, 2014


  • Nathan Smith — 1:19 PM on January 31, 2014

    Any chance Adobe could have more variety in their templates for the Behance sites? It looks like only 3 variations of Hollywood Squares. I use http://4ormat.com, and they have vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, large images, small images, and the “Hollywook Squares” look, if that’s what you want, and ALL their templates work well on iOS, with a choice of a duplication of the website, or a customized version for iPad and iPhone. Adobe has more resources. Why such a limited amount of templates?

  • Robert — 12:29 AM on February 01, 2014

    Any word on updates to Behance ProSite? That’s where I host my portfolio, and they haven’t added any significant (or really any minor) features for 1-2 years now, and ironically that’s the one I pay for.

  • John Stevenson — 2:04 PM on February 01, 2014

    Read today at CNET:
    “Facebook will enter its second decade by starting over entirely.
    The new beginning comes courtesy of Paper, a standalone iPhone application for reading and writing the news, which will launch February 3 …
    The attention paid to the art of composition speaks to Facebook’s desire with Paper to create more of an open community where people of any stripe can find a captive audience for their art, be it photos, videos, or stories.”

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