February 07, 2014

Come to ADIM 2014

If not for this man & this conference, I wouldn’t be here today.

Samurai Russ

In 2002 Adobe was poised to lay me off. I’d poured 12 hours per day for two years into LiveMotion, but it just wasn’t gonna succeed, and the project was canceled. We were given 30 days to find something new, and my attempts to create a role as Illustrator evangelist fell flat. Thus I’d resigned myself to leaving—but before I went, I figured, “Screw it, if these guys want to put me up in Monterey for a few days at the end [to demo at Russell Brown’s ADIM conference], why not? (And can I expense the kayaking?)”

I pulled out all the stops for what was to be my final demo, impressing Russell. Learning of my imminent demise, he reached out to the brass and said, “Really, we’re getting rid of this guy?” A day or two later on Friday—what was to be my very last day—as I sat in the Microsoft recruiting building I got a call from big cheese Bryan Lamkin saying, “How would you like to work on Photoshop? How about you come down here on Monday?” Three weeks later I’d flown back to Boston, packed up my cat & my crap, and leisurely driven across the country to start a new life in California.

Well, I can’t promise you that big a life change as a result of attending ADIM this year (March 9-12th in Boulder, CO), but I can promise you’ll have a ball & learn a ton:

Join art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers, and our own Russell Brown for ADIM14! You’ll learn advanced imaging techniques using the tools and services found in the Adobe Creative Cloud. This will be Russell’s final edition of the ADIM conference as he transforms into yet another creative character in the near future. If you’ve never been to an ADIM, then this is your final chance. It is not to be missed.

Register now to get $250 off and a one-year Creative Cloud membership.

Go forth & enjoy.

Posted by John Nack at 9:03 AM on February 07, 2014


  • David Dobish — 10:55 AM on February 07, 2014

    Nice post John! Russell is a hell of a guy! He was so right to put a good word in for you.

  • Colin Macdonald — 11:19 AM on February 07, 2014

    Adobe’s loss is Google’s major gain. I can’t tell you enough how much I respect what you’ve done at Adobe and for the creative tools I enjoy using every day. Thank goodness Adobe still has Russel and that Mike Ninness has returned (again). You’ll be missed tiny elvis, good luck with the new gig and make a difference!

  • Wes Maggio — 2:29 PM on February 07, 2014

    Cheers to you John. It’s been a pleasure. I do look forward to our paths crossing again in the future. I’ll think of you and raise a pint from Boulder in March!

    [Please do, Wes, and thanks. :-) –J.]

  • Daniel Presedo — 3:54 PM on February 07, 2014

    Adobe will miss you, I have always appreciated your ability to see the big picture and your courage to try new things. When you get bored at Google come on back… to Photoshop :)

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