February 07, 2014

I’ve Got My Ticket For the Long Way ‘Round…

From discovering Adobe my first week in college & sending away $10 for an ATM Light floppy disk, to teaching Photoshop in college & starting a Web design career, to joining the company itself in 2000, I’ve had a very special relationship with this place. It has enabled & enlivened my creativity on so many levels, from making beautiful images & animations to learning how to develop great products.

Our little sons were just asking the meaning of BIFURC8 (“Bifurcate”), as seen on our license plate. I explained that it’s about splitting into two pieces. If I could somehow bifurcate myself, I’d joyfully work at both Adobe & Google. Until we get that tech, though, I must step away.

It was real; it was fun; it was often real fun. I don’t want to get all Rutger Hauer, tears-in-the-rain on you (jeez, dramatic much?), so I’ll just say so long, and thanks for all the pixels. See you at my new digs, I hope.


PS—Quick housekeeping note: I’ve asked the blog admin to disable commenting site-wide soon, lest spam creep in, people feel their questions are being ignored, etc. I believe the rest of the blog will remain intact for the foreseeable future.

Posted by John Nack at 4:42 PM on February 07, 2014

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