February 04, 2014

Okay, I admit it…

…I’m going to Google just to play with Legos :-) :

Here’s the direct link to the builder.

Posted by John Nack at 7:17 PM on February 04, 2014


  • John Stevenson — 7:24 PM on February 04, 2014

    … actually John, I saw your first Google assignment online just this very day: http://tinyurl.com/ld8br5n

  • Richard Broom — 1:35 AM on February 05, 2014

    Long before there was Lego, there was Meccano (in the UK at least) and it is probably one of the reasons I took up engineering. I’m not sure why it is no longer as popular as Lego but clearly the world has moved on. But, can’t help think aspiring engineers would do well cut their teeth on Meccano: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meccano


    I still can’t believe you’re going John!

  • Doug Nelson — 7:01 AM on February 05, 2014

    What are Legos if not 3D pixels? I suspect the next generation of 3D printers will be somewhat Lego-based. That would allow mixed materials…glass, plastic, metal, even vegetables and icing.

  • Alex — 7:04 AM on February 05, 2014

    Now you can be like Leno,”I don’t care, I only have a few weeks to go!!!’

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