Keyboard shortcuts: selecting and toggling panels

Use keyboard shortcuts to select the panel you need.

Use keyboard shortcuts to select the panel you need.

While helping users on the Creative Cow Premiere Pro forum the other day, I happened upon a request by a user who wanted to toggle the sequence tabs in the timeline with a keyboard shortcut like he could with Apple Final Cut Pro. At first, I looked all over the manual for such a shortcut but could not find one. The closest thing was to toggle the different windows to the right and to the left. Not exactly what the user wanted!

UPDATE July 2013: Premiere Pro CC now has a keyboard shortcut for toggling Source and Record monitors.

I then turned to the Premiere Pro engineering staff and was enlightened. I found out that you can toggle tabs in both the Source and Timeline panels by first choosing the shortcut for focusing on that panel, and then repeating the shortcut to toggle to a new sequence or clip.

For example, if you press Shift-3, you will be focused on the timeline panel. By pressing Shift-3 once more, it will toggle to the next open sequence (if multiple sequences are open). Toggle Shift-4 for the Program panel and it works the same way. Pretty cool, eh?

When pressing Shift-2, you’ll be focused on the Source panel. If you have multiple clips loaded into the Source panel, by pressing Shift-2 again, it will toggle to the next clip that you previously loaded. A nice tip is to drag and drop multiple clips into the Source panel all at once. There, they are loaded and ready to be toggled to in an instant.

In other cases, you will need to know the keyboard shortcut to open a specific panel, rather than toggle to it. Here are some handy shortcuts to know, so you can get where you want quickly by using a shortcut.

  • Project Panel: Shift-1
  • Effects Controls Panel: Shift-5
  • Audio Mixer: Shift-6
  • Effects Panel: Shift-7
  • Media Browser Panel: Shift-8
Using keyboard shortcuts to quickly go where you need to can really speed up your workflow. Once you internalize these shortcuts, I’m sure you’ll be editing more smoothly.

7 Responses to Keyboard shortcuts: selecting and toggling panels

  1. kaliraj says:

    thanks for update

  2. Martin Friedrich says:

    Thanks for the tip, but is it possible to toggle between tabs in the project window as well? I normally open up all the bins with each containing footage for example from different days of the shoot and have them as tabs in my project window. But unfortunately the multi shift-1keyboard shortcut won’t work there… Am I missing something?


  3. che says:

    Is it possible to have a single key toggle between source and program. The most common toggling I have to do as an editor, is moving between the sequence in my program monitor/timeline and whatever is loaded into my source window. Having a single key that just flips from A to B as needed would be awesome. I’m used to that workflow from FCP and Avid. Toggles are just a more efficient use of keys than needing a key for every mode and window.

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi che,
      There is no key command for toggling Source/Record that I am aware of. It’s a great request as I used the “Q” key all the time in FCP. Here is the request form:


      • kmonahan says:

        We just released Premiere Pro CC (7.0.1) which now has a toggle between Source and Program. You do have to set it up first in your Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, however.


  4. Clark Cooper says:

    Premiere Pro CC now has “Toggle between Source Monitor and Program”, but toggling between Source and Timeline would be of MUCH greater import to me. I’ve submitted a feature request.

    Currently I have set two keyboard shortcuts set up; one (F11) to focus on Source Monitor and another (F12) to move focus to Timeline. It takes a couple extra neurons for my brain to ask “which window currently has focus” and then ask, “which keyboard shortcut, F11 or F12, do I need to press. Then press it. I’ve had my system set up this way for at least a year or more, but it’s still a bit of a brain teaser, and therefor a workflow hang-up. A single toggle would be IDEAL!

    If you agree, could you mirror this sentiment and submit a feature request.

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi Clark,
      Check out, in Preferences, ‘Set focus on Timeline when using Insert or Overlay Edits.’ I hope that will work for you.