Exporting Sections of a Sequence

Recently on the Creative Cow forum, editor Frank Bokoski Jr. ran into a little trouble exporting from Premiere Pro. Specifically, Frank wanted to export segments of his sequence the way he did in other applications. When exporting, Frank set In and Out points on the timeline and then attempted to export only this section. Frank found that the In and Out points were being ignored. So the question remains: how does one export only a segment of a sequence?

Fortunately, Premiere Pro experts Ann Bens and Jeff Pulera stepped in to help. Jeff offered up the workflow, while Ann provided specific details (like keyboard shortcuts and step order) for that workflow. Here are the steps for exporting segments of your sequence:

  1. Place the playhead at the in point and type ALT+[
  2. Place the playhead at the out point and type ALT+]
  3. Choose File>Export>Media
  4. Set the Source Range menu to Work Area (bottom left)
  5. Adjust any the rest of the output settings, if desired
  6. Click the Queue button
  7. Adobe Media Encoder opens
  8. Click the Start Queue button
  9. The encoding process begins
  10. Repeat this process for all the segments you wish to export
You can also export your entire sequence from Premiere Pro by choosing File>Export>Media. Once in Media Encoder, you can drag the orange in and out points (just above the Source Range menu) to include a segment prior to exporting. However, most people find the previous method of exporting the Work Area to be more quick and precise.

Use the Source Range menu to choose Work Area

Use the Source Range menu (bottom) to choose Work Area

7 Responses to Exporting Sections of a Sequence

  1. Bill Pryor says:

    Thanks for that; I couldn’t figure it out either but got there by using the sliders down in the lower part of the Encoder window. A symbol comes up to show you where your cursor is parked but then you have to find the end point. This is much better and more accurate.

  2. Desiree Hanson Hull says:

    Just wanted to say “Thanks!!!” I spent an entire day trying to figure out why I could not get the video captue preview to work in or print to tape in FCP and on one of your posts you suggested it could be firewire drives “daisy-chained” together. I had hooked up the portable hard drive to the desktop one to transfer something and forgot about it when I started to edit. So simple, yet so frustrating! (love your book, too!)

  3. This was exceptionally helpful. Very much appreciate your diligent instructions. Thank you.

  4. Ted says:

    According to the Marker dropdown menu, Marking In and Out Points are supposedly able to be done my the “I” and “O” keys (like in FCP) – however, as this article says, one must do the ALT+[ and ALT+].

    Is there anyway to activate/enable the “I” and “O” shortcut keys, so that those dictate what the “Work Area” is during the Export function?

  5. Martin says:

    I followed these instructions but still get the entire source file exported not the Work area (unlsess I use the in/out markers in the Queue window. I must be missing a step am I? (im using CS 5.0)

  6. Update says:

    CS6 now has a 6.0.5 update that claims to address this… finally!