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Alternatives to the jog shuttle controls in Premiere Pro CS6

The Premiere Pro CS6 user interface has been vastly improved, with a cleaner look and customizable buttons. In cleaning up the UI, however, there was one casualty: the jog shuttle controls.

We know that a number of our users relied upon the jog shuttle controls for scrubbing through footage, but many more did not. We found this out through research from our Product Improvement Program, the prerelease program, from observing professional editors in action during customer visits and in studios at our office. We observed that more editors used the J-K-L keys to scrub footage, rather than the jog shuttle controls. The obvious benefit of the removal of the controls is that the interface looks much cleaner.

We were aware, though, that a sample of our users might be upset if we removed them. To those users, we apologize. The alternative is to use the J-K-L keys to scrub footage. The use of these keys imitates the jog shuttle controls closely, with the benefit of not having to use the mouse to precisely click a set of controls.

We know that J-K-L scrubbing could be improved. We are aware of the following problems:

  • The high speed scrubbing with JJJJ or LLLL is not fast enough, compared with other NLEs.
  • When scrubbing at high speed, the audio pitch is too high, and therefore not as audible as it could be.
    • Note: You can dial down the audio pitch to be much more audible when scrubbing at high speed.
      • When scrubbing forward with LLLL, press the Shift key, and then press the J key multiple times until audio playback is more audible.
      • When scrubbing backward with JJJJ, press the Shift key, and then press the L key multiple times until audio playback is more audible.
    • Press Shift + L to play forward slowly. Continue to press the L key until the pitch and speed is satisfactory.
    • Press Shift + J to play backward slowly. Continue to press the J key until the pitch and speed is satisfactory.

See this video by Maxim Jago for a good explanation of how to use the J-K-L keys:

For information about how to operate J-K-L scrubbing, see this page in Premiere Pro Help.

Some users report that third-party hardware, such as, the Countour Shuttle works as a suitable replacement for the jog/shuttle controls.

If you can think of any other improvements, please file them as a feature request here:

Better searches for Community Help

To search Help documentation, use the Community Help search engine. It’s much more effective than a standard search engines, like Google. A word of warning, you do have to go through a couple of procedures to search Help documentation without community results, which can be distracting.

To get started searching documentation, type a term into the search box in the upper left hand corner of any page on Help, and then press Enter. A Community Help search page will launch. A good place to begin a search is on the Help and Tutorials page.

Currently, the results of the Community Help search might be less than satisfactory. The search results might contain community content, or content that isn’t relevant. You need to refine the search.

  1. To search only the Help documentation, click the “Only Adobe Content” radio button.
  2. Check the results of the search. Most of the time, this search will give you good results.
  3. If your search is still unsatisfactory, click the link that says, “Adobe Reference Only.”

You should now see a search that is based only on the contents of Help.

Keep in mind that you can click the All Community Content button if you want to find tutorials and content, as well as Help content.

You can bookmark these links to go straight to a Community Help search that is filtered for Help documentation only:
Premiere Pro Community Help Search
After Effects Community Help Search

If you have any trouble with searching Help, please let me know by leaving a comment on a relevant Help page. Click the “Discuss this Link” hyperlink at the bottom of any help page and you can leave a comment or ask a question. I’ll then adjust the page to make it more easily found.

You can find lots of help on the forums:
Premiere Pro fourms
After Effects forums 

Check out FAQs
Premiere Pro FAQ
After Effects FAQ

Help and Support pages
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