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Free video tutorial samples from “Learning Premiere Pro CS6”

I just reviewed several of the new Premiere Pro CS6 sample video tutorials from Jeff Sengstack and Infinite Skills, and they’re quite good. Entitled, “Learning Premiere Pro CS6,” this series is one of the most in depth training series on Premiere Pro CS6 to date. Over 22 hours of training and 111 lessons are available. Jeff has in depth knowledge about Premiere Pro and his delivery is enjoyable to follow along with. There are 22 free video tutorials from the series available on this page on the Infinite Skills web site, so be sure to check them out.


The following subjects are covered in the free tutorials. I’ve added links to corresponding Help topics:

Here are the topics that are covered, and the corresponding topics in Help:

Creating a reflective floor using After Effects

A common task in After Effects is to create a reflective floor in After Effects. Rob Garrott shows you how to create one with this video tutorial from This is part of a series called, “Design in Motion.” Check it out!

Other videos in the series:
Creating motion blur in After Effects
Depth of field in C4D and After Effects
Glowing “sci-fi” text in C4D and After Effects

Design in Motion is a series of creative techniques featuring short projects using After Effects and CINEMA 4D. Taught by motion graphics expert Rob Garrott, the course covers how color correction, expressions, rendering type, lighting, and animation are used in each program, and the topics are updated weekly. Using these tips and tricks, motion graphics designers will find designing to be a more efficient process.