Premiere Pro CS6 video tutorial series by Andrew Devis

Andrew Devis has been very busy, indeed. Already one of the community’s most prolific content creators, Andrew has released a comprehensive Premiere Pro CS6 video tutorial series on the Creative Cow website. Already featuring 75 in-depth video tutorials, the series helps people get started with Premiere Pro CS6, and those that are coming from other applications.

This series is a good introduction to Premiere Pro, and a boon to all those wishing to know more about the application. Thanks to Andrew!

Opening Premiere Pro CS6
Project Panel
Playback Controls
Keyboard Short-cuts
Matched Sequences & Bins
New Items
Importing Assets
Importing PSDs
Timecode & Playhead
Insert & Overwrite Edits
Targeting Tracks
Tools Part 1
Tools Part 2
Tools Part 3: Rate Stretch
Tools Part 4
Trim Monitor
Timeline Trimming
JKL Trimming
Dynamic Trimming
Un-Linking Tracks
Exporting Single Frames
Three & Four Point Editing
Replacing Footage
Track Headers Options
Naming Conventions
Transitions: What, Why, When
Applying Transitions
Audio Transitions
Titles 1: Basic Titles
Titles 2: Formatting Titles
Titles 3: Title Styles
Titles 4: Exporting Titles
Titles 5: Text on Paths
Titles 6: Rolling Titles
Titles 7: Crawling Titles
Titles 8: Creating an Arrow
Project Management
Fixed Effects
Animating Fixed Effects
Picture in Picture Presets
Corner Pin Effect
The Pen Tool
Color 1: Color Correction
Color 2: Color Waveform
Color 3 The Vectorscope
Color 4 RGB Parade
Color 5: Color Cast
Color 6: Output Levels
Color 7: Skin Tones
Color 8: Color Corrector
Color 9: Secondary Color Correction
Color 10: Vignettes 1
Color 11: Vignettes 2
Color 12: Luma Corrector
Color 13: Luma Curve
Color 14: RGB Curves 1
Color 15: RGB Curves 2
Color 16: Levels Effect
Color 17: Day for Night
Color 18: Leave Color Effect
Color 19: Change to Color
Color 20: Blend Modes 1
Color 21: Blend Modes 2: Lens Flare
Color 22: The Filmic Blend Technique
Color 23: Adjustment Layers
Audio 1: Track Types
Audio 2: 5.1 Audio Channel
Audio 3: Clips & Tracks
Audio 4: Clip & Track FX
Audio 5: Some Audio FX
Importing Image Sequences

3 Responses to Premiere Pro CS6 video tutorial series by Andrew Devis

  1. Jerry Spoor says:

    Thanks Andrew. Do you take contributions for your work?

  2. Jim Williams says:

    How do I copy the files to a Dvd? Can you please tell me that?

  3. Andrew, thanks for your spectacular, easy to follow and implement tutorials….your tutorials have allowed our editors to quickly get up to speed and utilize this amazing NLE software.Do you have a blog or email where we can submit questions about Premier Pro and After Effects?