Smaller Premiere Pro CS6 trim tool icons

The interface upgrade for Premiere Pro CS6 included an updated look for certain trim tools, including the Selection tool, the Ripple tool, and the Roll tool. For some users, these icons are larger than they would like at certain zoom levels in the Timeline. Some have described that there is too much zooming in and out when performing simple trims because of the larger icons.

DSLR specialist, Philip Bloom feels the trim tools are too large, as well. His friend, “James,” (described as the English “MacGyver”) has created new icons that can be used in place of the existing ones. You can install these tool icons “at your own risk” by following instructions on Philip’s blog entitled, “Little fix to make using Premiere CS6 a little bit better!”

Take a look and see if the replacement icons might work better for your workflow.

4 Responses to Smaller Premiere Pro CS6 trim tool icons

  1. Gary says:

    This doesn’t fix the problem. It only makes the icons smaller. It They still change even when the cursor is pretty far away from the edge of the clip.

  2. E. Bond Francisco says:

    I’m a complete newbie at Premiere Pro CS6 (Creative Cloud). I’ve dragged an audio track into a sequence. When I attempt to move the audio track to synch it up with the video, I get a ripple tool icon with a slash through it, kinda like this: . Can’t figure out why I can’t move the audio clip. Any clues?

    • kmonahan says:

      Hi E. Bond,
      Please try zooming into the Timeline and see if you can use Selection tool to move the clip. If you continue to experience problems, please repost your problem in the Premiere Pro forum. Here’s the link: