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Premiere Pro CS6 FX Workshop: Advanced Effects Made Simple

As an editor, you’re often tasked with creating effects for most every production. If you’re like me, you like to stay within the editing application for creating these effects as often as possible. Though I love Adobe After Effects (and other specialty compositing apps), it is often simpler to create a video effect within Premiere Pro. The advantages are numerous, but the most salient one is that it’s often faster to create an effect in Premiere Pro than to jump to a dedicated compositing application. Many editors are not familiar with the powerful compositing and effects capability within Premiere Pro, so getting some guidance in creating effects within the application is really important.

In Maxim Jago’s latest training series by video2brain, “Premiere Pro CS6 FX Workshop: Advanced Effects Made Simple,” you’ll get the help and information you need to create beautiful and complex effect within Premiere Pro. In these video tutorials, learn such things as how to apply color correction, work with slow motion, stabilize shaky footage, apply blurs, and develop important skills for video effects work. You’ll also learn about After Effects CS6, both as a standalone tool for effects creation, and how to work with it in concert with Premiere Pro CS6.

Here are some free video tutorial samples to get you started:
Adjustment Layers
Combining Transition Effects
Time Remapping
The Cell Pattern Effect

Pages in Help documentation describing effects workflow:

About effects Applying, removing, finding, and organizing effects
Motion: position, scale, and rotate a clip Audio effects and transitions reference
Viewing and adjusting effects and keyframes Creating common results
Applying effects to audio Duration and speed
Working with audio transitions Effects and transitions reference
Effect presets Eliminate flicker
Transition overview: applying transitions Interlacing and field order
Color correction and adjustment Modifying and customizing transitions
Adjustment Layers (CS6) Three-way Color Corrector effect (CS6)
The rolling shutter repair effect (CS6) Stabilize motion with the Warp Stabilizer effect (CS6)