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Premiere Pro CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts on iOS with iKeysToGo

Now that tablet computers are here to stay, creative professionals are using them to assist with training materials, workflow guides, and keyboard shortcut lists.  I work with my tablet open to  helpful resources while working with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

iKeys To Go for Premiere Pro is a new app available on iOS which displays keyboard shortcuts for Premiere Pro CS6. Diana Weynand (author of many books on video editing) and Shirley Craig of Revuptransmedia are the ones behind iKeys to go. I’m really glad they have created an app for Premiere Pro users, as we do have a great many new people coming to the application from Final Cut Pro 7 and the Creative Cloud.

Features include:

  • A list of every Premiere CS6 command, keyboard shortcut, and definition
  • Organized alphabetically, and as Menus and Groups
  • Complete search capability of all Premiere commands
  • Definitions of every keyboard shortcut provides a quick learning tool
  • Create your own favorites list of commands and shortcuts for quick reference
  • Instructions on how to create new shortcut keys for any of the not unassigned shortcuts

They plan to create more iKeys apps for other apps for creative pros, so stay tuned.

Ask a Video Pro Webinar: Jacob Rosenberg and the making of “Waiting for Lightning”

Coming on Thursday, Dec 13, from 10-11am PST, join us for webinar by Jacob Rosenberg on how Adobe CS6 tools were used in the making of pro skateboarder Danny Way documentary,  “Waiting for Lightning”. I’ll be on hand answering technical questions in the chat pod, so be sure to check it out. I think it will be especially interesting for those exploring advanced workflows with Adobe video tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Sign up here:

Here’s the scoop from the Online Events page:

See how the video pros behind Waiting for Lightning used high-performance Adobe post-production tools to document the life of Danny Way, one of the world’s most visionary skateboarders. This presentation will cover Bandito Brothers’ digital workflows which relied on After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and other Adobe Creative Cloud tools to tell the story about how much abuse the body can sustain, how deep you have to dig to survive family troubles, and how high and far dreams can fly. Join director, filmmaker, author, and digital media expert Jacob Rosenberg of the studio Bandito Brothers for a webinar where he walks you through the making of this remarkable new, feature-length documentary and some of the breakthrough cinematography used in its creation.

Waiting for Lightning will be released on Friday, December 7 and will be playing at the Sony Metreon in SF. If you can’t make it to the theater, be sure to check it out on iTunes beginning December 7. Jacob will be attending the San Francisco screenings and doing a Q&A at 4:40pm and 7:10pm on December 8.

Article: Waiting for Lightning
See this link for recordings of more “Ask a Video Pro” webinars.

WAITING FOR LIGHTNING / trailer from Carol Martori on Vimeo.