Premiere Pro CC, CC 2014, or 2014.1 freezing on startup or crashing while working (Mac OS X 10.9, and later)

DoorFor those who have updated macOS from one version to the next, you may have noticed freezing on startup or crashing more frequently after working in Premiere Pro once more. The reason behind many of these cases is that certain permissions folders have been reset to Read Only without your knowledge.

These folders need Read & Write permissions to be reset correctly in order for Premiere Pro (and other Adobe audio and video applications) to function properly. So how do you do that?

  1. Press the Option key. In the Finder menu, choose Go > Library. This is your User Library.
  2. In the Library go to Preferences and locate the Adobe folder.
  3. Control-click on Adobe folder and choose > Get Info.
  4. In the Sharing & Permissions section you see all the computer’s users listed. Your User account should say Read & Write next to it.
  5. Unlock the lock, enter log in details, then click and choose > Read & Write (if it is not already set that way).
  6. Click the gear icon directly under the user names and choose “Apply to enclosed items…” Click the lock once more to save changes. Note: even if the permissions are set correctly for this folder, please go through this step as the enclosed folders may be set incorrectly.
  7. While you are still in the User Library, go to the Application Support folder. Open it and locate the Adobe folder.
  8. Perform steps 3-6 on the Adobe folder.
  9. Go to the Mac HD and choose Users > [User Name] > Documents. Locate the Adobe folder there.
  10. Perform steps 3-6 on the Adobe Documents folder.
  11. Reboot the computer.
  12. Launch Premiere Pro. Your permissions are now set correctly.
  • More details here.
  • Have the same problem but you’re a Windows User? See this article.
  • Tip: Whether you are on macOS or Windows, please make sure and “clean” R/W permissions every time after updating your OS or Premiere Pro in order to keep your system running well.
  • Note in 3/2020: Some users updating to macOS Catalina and Premiere Pro 14.x are reporting poor performance in the Program Monitor, while performance in the the Source Monitor is fine. The process listed above is one resolution for this problem.
  • If the steps listed above do not solve your problem, create a post on the Premiere Pro community forum.

If you are experiencing freezes on start (or starting the application is very slow) with other Adobe applications, it’s likely the same issue is occurring. For example, After Effects may even take several minutes to start, eventually reporting that QuickTime is not installed. For details on that, please see this (legacy) blog post.

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