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How to file a feature request for Premiere Pro

Here’s the official feature request and bug report form link:

Sean Schools AKA “Premiere Bro” just released an article about how to file an effective feature request for Premiere Pro. I thought it was definitely worth linking to. You can also use the same form to create a feature request or bug report for most other Adobe products.

Keep in mind that we prefer you to fill out the form rather than make feature requests or bug reports in the forum or over social networks.

The form is much more effective is because each request or bug report is read and considered by the product team. A feature request or bug report made on Twitter or Facebook is received by the support team, not the product team. The support team will direct you to the form so that your request or bug is appropriately addressed. Basically, you are saving time and energy in filling out the form directly.

I can definitely understand why people would want to make feature requests wherever they want to, though, especially places like forums and social. We just don’t have that infrastructure in place as we do with the form. My apologies if you were expecting such support over forums and social networks.