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After Effects Leftovers, Secrets You May Have Forgotten

If you’ve been using After Effects for a long time, you may have forgotten some of the more useful features over time. If this sounds like you, then have I got an article for you!

Over at Pro Video Coalition’s “Motion Graphics and Visual Effects” section, Chris Zwar has written up a 5 part series called, “After Effects Leftovers”, which features over 40 tips, tricks, workflow suggestions and general reminders about topics like layout, masking, painting, rendering and even the After Effects interface. Along with the articles are helpful videos. Click the links for those at the end of each article. There are corresponding project files that are available from Chris Zwar’s website, as well.

Sounds good? Then hop right over to the series and read all about it in the following locations.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

If you have any questions, keep in mind that you can always find info at the After Effects Help Forums or the Manual.

The Quadro FX 4800 for Mac + Premiere Pro CS5 = Fast

These days more and more hardcore editors are being won over by Premiere Pro CS5. Why? Performance! They are particularly blown away when evaluating a system that contains a powerful video card such as Nvidia’s Quadro FX 4800. A video card like this allows the Mercury Playback Engine to perform at its peak.

In this recent article over at Pro Video Coalition, editor Scott Simmons of the Editblog on PVC puts Premiere Pro CS5 through its paces. Simmons is impressed by the real-time performance of Premiere Pro CS5 coupled with the Quadro FX 4800. This is especially noticeable when he adds layers of video, each containing intensive filters and effects. In the article, Simmons drops Premiere Pro’s resolution to 1/2 and sees no visual degradation of the image. With that, he adds more and more effects “far beyond anything I would ever attempt in everyday editing”. Personally, I’ve never heard an editor say that, have you?

For a more PC-centric view of the topic of Premiere Pro CS5 and hot video cards on Pro Video Coalition, you’ll want to check out Bruce Johnson’s article here.

If you are curious as to what other editors are saying about Premiere Pro CS5, this article is a good one to check out.