Don’t update to QuickTime 7.4

I know you all are probably dying to rent movies from iTunes, but please be aware that the recent QuickTime 7.4 update introduces a serious incompatibility with After Effects and Premiere Pro. At this time, we do not recommend QuickTime 7.4 for our customers. We’re working with Apple to resolve the problem and I’ll post an update when I have more news.

3 Responses to Don’t update to QuickTime 7.4

  1. lwccit says:

    thank you

  2. mickeblue says:

    And who the heck would want QT anyway? If you are running Win7 it overides the current theme on your desktop rendering it as a mess.Ever since Win98SE QuickTime has been a pain in the OS

    • mcoleman says:

      A lot of people use QuickTime. I have a Windows 7 computer and QuickTime didn’t change any of my computer’s themes. In any case, the issue raised in this post was fixed a long time ago.

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