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October 8, 2012

Project “Alchemy” is now the Flash Runtime C++ Compiler (FlasCC)

Project “Alchemy” is now the Flash Runtime C++ Compiler (FlasCC).

FlasCC lets you bring existing C/C++ code to the web, with high performance, across browsers. Leverage the entire Flash Runtime API from C++, deliver full GPU accelerated graphics, and reach over a billion people with no install using C/C++.

Learn more and start using FlasCC

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December 11, 2008

Alchemy Updates Posted on Labs

The Alchemy technology downloads were updated today to fix several bugs and provide links to new GPL sources.

Alchemy is a research project that allows users to compile C and C++ code that is targeted to run on the open source ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2). The purpose of this preview is to assess the level of community interest in reusing existing C and C++ libraries in Web applications that run on Adobe® Flash® Player and Adobe AIR®.

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November 17, 2008

Alchemy Released on Labs

A research project, codenamed Alchemy, that allows users to compile C and C++ code into ActionScript libraries (AVM2) is now available on Adobe Labs. With Alchemy, Web application developers can now reuse hundreds of millions of lines of existing open source C and C++ client or server-side code on the Flash Platform. Alchemy brings the power of high performance C and C++ libraries to Web applications with minimal degradation on AVM2. The C/C++ code is compiled to ActionScript 3.0 as a SWF or SWC that runs on Adobe Flash Player 10 or Adobe AIR 1.5.

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