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May 22, 2013

Updated Adobe SWF Investigator preview released to Labs

Adobe SWF Investigator is the only comprehensive, cross-platform, GUI-based set of tools, which enables quality engineers, developers and security researchers to quickly analyze SWF files to improve the quality and security of their applications

Preview 5 of the SWF Investigator is now available, adding support for new SWF tags and contains bug fixes.

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January 23, 2013

Updates to AIR 3.6 beta and Flash Player 11.6 beta released to Labs

Updates to AIR 3.6 beta and Flash Player 11.6 beta have been released to Adobe Labs for download:

AIR 3.6 beta – Deliver games, content and apps to multiple platforms using a common codebase. This update adds packaging and loading for multiple SWFs.

Flash Player 11.6 beta – This update includes graphics data query and full screen permission dialog UI improvements.



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December 4, 2012

Adobe SWF Investigator Preview 4 Released to Labs

Adobe SWF Investigator preview 4 has been released to Labs for download. This is a bug fix release.

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September 25, 2012

SWF Investigator Preview 3 Released to Labs

Preview 3 of the SWF Investigator is now available. This new release includes support for LZMA compressed SWFs.


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November 9, 2011

Download HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate Preview 2 Now!

HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate preview 2 is now available to download. The new release includes support for QUIZ, LMS support (SCORM 1.2), and numerous bug fixes.

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September 21, 2011

Resize Flash with Visual Size Report – Now on Labs

Visual Size Report is an extension for Adobe® Flash® Professional that allows for easier size optimization of SWF files. Designers and Developers often need to consider file sizes when creating content in Flash Professional, especially when deploying for mobile platforms or creating advertising assets, regardless of platform.



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September 19, 2011

HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5 Released to Labs

The HTML5 Converter for Adobe® Captivate® 5.5 is an experimental technology that converts SWFs generated by Adobe Captivate 5.5, the industry-leading elearning authoring software for rapidly creating and maintaining interactive eLearning content, into HTML5 format. Reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices that do not support the Adobe Flash® runtimes.


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