How do you upload to .MAC (dot Mac) from the Lightroom Web Module?

One of the Lightroom Beta testers asked how to upload a web photo gallery from Lightroom to Apple’s dot Mac hosting service. For this question, I assume you’re using a Mac — or else why would you have a dot Mac account? I’ve had good luck with this technique:

First, make sure you are connected to the internet and mount your iDisk in the Finder by choosing Go -> iDisk -> My iDisk. This will mount the storage space for your dot Mac website on your computer.

Next, switch to Lightroom and prepare your web gallery in the web module. Then choose Export… Click on your computer name and locate the iDisk (it has a globe icon and will be named with your dot mac account username). Then select the “Sites” folder on your iDisk. Type the name for the gallery (I recommend a single word, and no spaces) and click “Save”.

Lightroom will generate the web photo gallery and save it to your dot Mac website. When the “Save Web Photo Gallery” task finishes your photo gallery is live on your website. The URL will be “http:” plus “//” plus your dot Mac username plus “/” plus the name for the gallery that you chose.

This is how I usually export web galleries to dot mac. For example, here are some pictures from a trip to see the ice on Lake Superior last month.

7 Responses to How do you upload to .MAC (dot Mac) from the Lightroom Web Module?

  1. Jack Kelley says:

    Andrew,Are you certain this is the right URL structure? I tried this path and several variations with no luck. Probably my error somewhere, just checking. Had to revert to iWeb, which is unfortunate because I prefer the LR templates.

  2. Andrew Rahn says:

    Another reader also wrote:Two questions: first, I followed your instructions and .mac give me a “we can’t find the homepage you requested” message. Second, is there a specific gallery type this works with in LR?thanks,MikeI accidentally deleted the comment (!) Sorry!I was surprised to hear that Jack and Mike had trouble, so I contacted them via email. We figured out the problem. It seems there might be a few glitches and gotchas to watch out for.First, if you are a user of iWeb, you’ll notice that your iDisk has both an iDisk>Sites folder and also a iDisk>Web>Sites. Be sure to save the gallery to iDisk>Sites. (This technote explains the difference between iWeb published pages and homepage pages : )Also, there may be a bit of a time delay. Both Jack and Mike noticed that the gallery was *not* accessible immediately, but then later (a few hours?) it *was*. This wasn’t my experience, so your mileage may vary.Jack noted that adding “/index.html” to the end of the URL helped.And in response to Mike’s second question: This should work with all gallery types.

  3. Rod says:

    I had no problem publishing an HTML or Flash gallery into a folder in iDisk/Web/Sites, and they were “instantly” available. To link to it, I just use the “normal” iWeb link plus the name of the folder, similar to what you mention for Homepage, like this:'m not clear on why you would want to publish in the Homepage Sites folder instead?

  4. Chris says:

    I often create sub-sites on .Mac for my Lightroom web pages.I’ve found that if you first use the iMac web interface “HomePage” page and use the “Add Site” function, it creates a subfolder.If you then export your Lightroom web pages to this sub-folder, the site will be accessible as soon as the iDisk on your local machine has synchronized with the iDisk on the server.Oh and remember, everything is case-sensitive!Here’s an example I created:

  5. Great page, and very helpful. Thanks for that.I have a similar problem/question that i’m hoping you can help me out with.I also have a .mac, and i have a domain linked to it.www.littlecoutroulis.infoI created a web gallery in Lightroom, and wanted to replace one of the pages on this site (photos_page.htm)So, after exporting my new flash gallery from Lightroom, i simply changed the name of the new page to”photos_page.htm” and dragged it, along with the “bin” and “resources” folder into the “site” folder on my idisk.But…the page wouldnt work.i got error messages, and just a bunch of code on the page. it worked great in the preview in brower though.Any help would be great!Thanks so muchNiko

  6. Jack Fx says:

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  7. Hi Thanks, but this is just working if you only want to publish one page, how can i use the flash templat in LR if the page is part of my websiet. I need a ‘home’ and ‘back’ button and things like that. Now you are direct on the page but you are stuck on it.Ps I use IWeb from mac.Any suggestions or help would be welcome, thanks[ Hi, Jan — You can add a link “back” to your main site by typing in the URL for your home page into the “Web or Mail Link” field in the “Site Info” panel. Then type “Back to my Homepage” (or something more personalized) in the “Contact Info” line. This will allow someone viewing the gallery to link back to your site from the gallery. If you’re an adventurous HTML coder, you could also add a link in the HTML portion of the published page, but this isn’t necessary. Then all that’s left to do is add a link from your homepage to the published gallery. — Andy ]