Printing on Leopard with Lightroom 1.3.1

There are several comments on this blog that describe printing issues with Lightroom 1.3.1 on Leopard.   For many these problems may not have existed before or perhaps the result is different from the current output of Photoshop CS3.  Before I dive into the details lets clear up a few definitions:

  • Application Managed Printing – this is when you set the printer profile in the application prior to printing.  Typically the profiles provided by printer manufacturers are designated by printer type and paper type.  You also have the ability to create custom profiles using a third party hardware device.  The most common error in Application Managed printing is forgetting to turn off the color management options in the settings available in the print dialog box.  I recommend this workflow to professional photographers.
  • Printer Managed Printing – this is when you tell Lightroom or Photoshop that the colors and conversion will be managed by the printer.  Adobe applications will send the printer a tagged file the printer will then convert to an internal specification.
  • Tioga – Legacy printer driver technology introduced with Mac OS X 10.0
  • CUPS – Leopard’s current printer driver technology introduced with Mac OS X 10.2

The root of the discrepancy between Pre-Leopard and Post-Leopard printing results is the behavior of the underlying printer driver technology.  Prior to Leopard, printer drivers could use either the Tioga printer driver technology or the CUPS technology.  With the introduction of Leopard, CUPS is required and Tioga is no longer a valid option.  There was a large ecosystem of Tioga-based printer drivers available prior to the Leopard release.  Leopard has been released with some CUPS-based printer drivers included and printer manufacturers are working to provide updated drivers based on the newer technology.(Epson has posted beta print drivers for its professional line here: Epson Beta Drivers)  But clearly, the support for the newer printer technology is nowhere near as widespread as the previous technology.  One point of frustration is that while older or partially compliant drivers can generate a print the results are less then stellar.  It may be fine for anyone printing out an invoice on their black and white laser printer but for photographers who have grown accustom to extracting the highest fidelity out of their software and printer, it’s unacceptable.  This is particularly true for those who use an Application Managed print workflow.  Printer Managed workflows may generate ‘ok’ results but I don’t know many photographers who are satisfied with ‘ok.’

My recommendation for those dependent on Lightroom’s print functionality is to seek out a fully Leopard compatible printer driver from the printer manufacturer.(Epson, Canon, HP)   This can be very frustrating for those using older printers that manufacturers may not choose to update.  As you can tell from Apple’s marketing, Leopard is a significant operating system(OS) upgrade and with OS upgrades come compatibility issues.  If you’re able to share your experiences through the comments section, perhaps it will provide workarounds until compatible printer drivers are available.  I will post updates on this issue as I receive new information.

106 Responses to Printing on Leopard with Lightroom 1.3.1

  1. Bruce McL says:

    I’m having trouble with my Epson 2200, OS X 10.5.1, and Lightroom 1.3.1. I want Lightroom to do all of the color management. I get prints with a magenta caste.From past experience this suggests that color management is not being turned off when I do in fact turn it off in the Print: Color Management dialog box. Printing from Photoshop CS3 with the same settings works OK.[Bruce, you’re correct in the assumption that the magenta cast is usually a sign of double conversion.(The application and printer are both trying to manage the printing color) I’d like to understand more about why Lightroom and Photoshop are producing different results under the same settings. What Epson Driver version number are you using? Are you using Photoshop 10.0 or Photoshop 10.0.1. When you say it works ‘OK’ in Photoshop, are you satisfied with the results prior to upgrading to Leopard? -TH]

  2. Peter Calvin says:

    My unhappy experience is with the Epson 4000 and a new “Leopard compatible” driver. Custom profiles work in Photoshop and Aperture, but not Lightroom using the same profiles and print driver settings. (profile applied in the Print module and no color management selected in the driver)I am getting light prints with strange colors. Lightroom 1.2 works fine on my older, non-Leopard machine. Epson says they are not going to produce a fully compatible driver for my nearly $1,800, three year old printer.I teach a several colleges and one of the reasons for purchasing Lightroom over Aperture was the fact that Lightroom can run on older machines. Now it can’t print on older printers, but Aperture can.[Peter, what version driver are you using for the Epson 4000? Have you tried sharing the printer from the older machine? -TH]

  3. Peter Calvin says:

    One more thought: if the new Epson 4000 driver works fine in Leopard with Photoshop and Aperture, is it a CUPS driver? If so, why won’t it work with Lightroom as well? That is, why is only with Lightroom that I have this problem?[Peter, by collecting your details that’s what I’m trying to help the Lightroom team understand. -TH]

  4. Gilles says:

    Tom, thanks for infos. As I run a Lightroom tutorial website & forum for french speaking people, I would be very happy if I could publish a translation of your post for my readers.Yours,Gilles [Gilles, that sounds like it would be very helpful. Thank you. -TH]

  5. Shreyas Chandaria says:

    Thanks for the information on the printing issue and the under the hood changes with Leopard.While I understand that Lightroom requires updated printer drivers to print properly, this doesn’t help the people who have older printers which will probably never be updated, therefore will never be able to print from Lightroom as under Tiger.May be Lightroom should give the user a choice to use the old method or new method depending on printer. At least that way Lightroom would print properly with old and new printers (with and without drivers).I’m still waiting for HP to update the B9180 drivers. Canon have updated the drivers for i9950/i9900 but doesn’t work with Lightroom. I doubt canon will update them again.Can the choice be given to the user by Lightroom in it’s next update?Shrey[Shrey, unfortunately, as far as I know Leopard does not provide an option to use the previous Tioga platform. I do appreciate your post and will pass the feedback along to HP and Canon. -TH]

  6. Me Woody says:

    I am having similar problems with my Epson R800 (Leopard 10.5.1 and Lightroom 1.3.1) though I am having trouble with the idea that it is the printer driver. When printing from other applications such as Photoshop CS3 and Aperture, the prints are very close to what they should be. If we are dealing with driver issues I would imagine that prints would be poor across all apps. In my humble opinion, it appears that Lightroom is not reading the color profile. In this case the Epson Premium Photo Glossy R1 profile. Strangely when selecting ColorSync in the driver color settings dialog, it comes out much better. Still not perfect but better.[You indicate that the output from other applications is “very close.” The fact that they are different is not a good sign. Is it close relative to pre-Leopard results? What version printer driver are you using and are you using Application Managed or Printer managed color. I’m trying to gather information to help our team determine why there would be a discrepancy between Photoshop and Lightroom. -TH]

  7. Skip Harris says:

    I am also having the same trouble with my Epson 2200 (driver 3.09), OS X 10.5.1, and Lightroom 1.3.1. I have always utilized Application Managed Printing in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I have Photoshop 10.0.1 and it still renders the same quality of prints it has always. While I am now unable to use Lightroom’s superior print module due to color cast issues.Tom what is even more frustrating is that I submitted a trouble ticket to Adobe Support on this issue. The response, after 12 days, was that I don’t know how to properly set up correct printer color management. I responded that I am knowledgeable on how to use my hardware and software. I also noted that many others were reporting the same issue in various forums and asked if this was not a known issue. It has now been another 12 days, and I have not gotten any response.From my perspective it appears to be a Lightroom issue. But you are saying it is a known Epson issue. If this is true, couldn’t Adobe support have told me this in less than 24 days?[Thanks for the detailed comment Skip. I can understand that your experience with support was frustrating but up until this issue, the overwhelming majority of printer related problems reported were due to incorrect color management settings. I’ll work with the support team to provide better information going forward. I’ve only made this information public as of last night so it will take a little time to make its way through the company. -TH]

  8. Let Printer Manage color, at least with the new Epson drivers and Leopard not really a useful way to work. You don’t have control over a rendering intent or the CMM. The other big problem is what profile is selected in the print driver (automatically) based on a paper selection. For example Epson how has two different papers to use for the same media setting and you should be using two different profiles. The new Exhibition Fiber and Premium Luster use the same media settings. But Let Printer Color Manage selects the profile based on settings in the ColorSync utility, a real mess.Use Application Color Management. You have all the options there in front of you. Someday, Printer Manages Color might fly.

  9. Juan says:

    I have been having problems printing correctly to my Epson 4000 from Lightroom using Leopard while using application color management and the latest Epson drivers which claim to be Leopard compatible (v3.09).You state that the root of the problem is that Tioga is no longer available as an option and you have to use CUPS with less than desirable results.I am confused by this statement, as I can print from Photoshop CS3 on the same system using application based color management with out any problems at all.I have been very frustrated by this issue and have gotten different answers on the Lightroom User to user forums and from Epson support themselves.You can read bit about this issue in these threads:,-J[Juan, one of the reasons why I posted this topic is to cut through some of the confusion on the issue and get to the root of the problem. There is a lot of good information on the user to user forums but this topic warrants an official comment from Adobe. -TH]

  10. The other BIG problem, at least for the Epson is there’s no way in the Leopard driver to select ColorSync when using Printer Manages color. Its grayed out. So you have the option of Color Controls, Epson sRGB, Vivid and No Color Adjustment. None are correct. IF you go to the Color Matching dialog, both radio buttons are grayed out (ColorSync which should be on) and Epson Color Controls (which should not be checked).

  11. West Freeman says:

    I have a Mac G5 with 10.5.1 and using Lightroom 1.3.1. I have a Canon iPF5000 printer that worked very well until the update of both the os and Lightroom. Now it is a no go. So who is at fault here; Adobe, Apple or Canon?I could go back to Mac os 10.4, but I degress … I might have jumped too soon with these updates. OUCH![West, I would check Canon’s web site to see if they have an updated driver for the iPF5000. -TH]

  12. Mike Johnson says:

    I have the Epson beta drivers on my MacPro with Leopard for a 4800 and 3800. They seem to work fine.Mike[Thanks for the update Mike. -TH]

  13. Bruce McL says:

    I was printing with the 2200 and Photoshop CS1 for a year or more, letting Photoshop do the color management work. Then I switched to printing with Lightroom over the summer, with 10.4.9 and 10.4.10, again letting Lightroom do the color management. Prints looked just about the same as I was used to. Then I didn’t make any prints for a while until 10.5.1. Lightroom gave me problems, so I went to Photoshop 10.0.1 in OS X 10.5.1 and got the results I’m used to. Print driver version shows up as 3.09, which I assume is from the Leopard install disk. I appreciate your follow up and if you have any suggestions or want me to try again in Lightroom let me know.[Thanks for the details. I’ll post more suggestions when I have them. -TH]

  14. Bill Caulfeild-Browne says:

    I’m getting perfect prints from my iPF5000 in CS3 and Leopard. I make my own profiles and the prints are right on. (Not close – right on!)The opposite is true with LR 1.3.1. The profiles that work so well with CS3 yield washed out prints in LR – and using Printer Management instead of my profiles is no better.I have thought of trying to make profiles through LR (I’ve made mine through CS) but I have a feeling this won’t work.If CUPS is the issue, why do my Leopard/CS3 prints work so well, but not LR?Hope this info is helpful,Bill[Thanks for the information Bill. Which printer driver version are you using? Are you using Photoshop 10.0.1? Your question about why CS3 works and Lightroom doesn’t is the next piece of information I’d like to provide. Some have speculated that it’s caused by the fact that they’re built on different platforms or use different graphic engines, Cocoa vs. Carbon and QuickDraw vs. Core Graphics. I’d prefer not to speculate and provide the answer when we have enough information. -TH]

  15. Peter Calvin says:

    Tom,I am using version 3.09, the most recent driver (11/07) posted by Epson. Epson told me that the only thing it won’t do is print 16 bit, and that it should print identical to the older driver in every way.I have not been able to access the printer via bonjour/shared printer even before Leopard was installed. I access the print window, but it doesn’t show printer settings or color management setting.Thanks for the help.

  16. David Yonashiro says:

    I have a Mac G5 with 10.5.1 and using Lightroom 1.3.1. — and — I have the Epson 4000. Like the rest of the Epson bunch the profiles work in Photoshop (CS2) but not in Lightroom.What does work is setting LR Print Module to Managed by Printer and in the Epson dialog setting color management to Colorsync and selecting the appropriate paper or media type for the matte/photo black ink. Interestingly, I’m even able to print B&W without the color casts (used Martin Evenings color desaturation method). Works better then the profiles with PS.[Thanks for providing your workaround David. -TH]

  17. Regarding the last post, I can confirm that with application managed color the Epson 2200 prints fine from Photoshop and Leopard, but Lightroom does not. Obviously the driver is a component of the problem, but that doesn’t explain why Photoshop has no trouble printing.As for waiting for Epson to provide new drivers, the link provided shows that the Epson 2200 is not among those models favored with beta drivers; apparently us 2200 owners are out of luck.[Michael, the link to beta drivers is only for Epson’s “Pro” line that includes the 3800 and up. I’m passing feedback to Epson on all of their printer lines. -TH]

  18. I am having difficult with the printer driver explanation. To achieve the identical results as I got from Tiger I have to use the following workaround:1) I export Tiff file to Photoshop CS3.2) I print with profile from CS3.The results are perfect. But printing with profiles from Lightroom produces completely different results that are unacceptable. How is this a driver issue when one Adobe application (CS3) can perform the same process without an issue? It’s simply this: Print with Profile is still not working in Lightroom.[Andrew, that’s the question I’d like to answer next. To be clear, the reason for this post is to indicate that Lightroom is fully compatible with printer drivers that are fully CUPS compatible. Lightroom and Photoshop are not identical applications so a discrepancy in results points to a driver that hasn’t been fully vetted. -TH]

  19. West Freeman says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have check Canon’s Site. I have even called Canon and got a CD for the beta software 3.6 (I think). Still did not work. There are some big issues with 10.5.1. and Lightroom Printing that I would like to see fixed. Not sure who the issue is with right now as it is a three legged stool and from what I can see it might be all of them.

  20. Walter says:

    I have been struggling with the new Leopard OS and Lightroom 1.3.1 printing to an Epson Stylus Pro 3800. I have updayed the printer driver to Epson’s latest beta version 6.1. Problems include prints that are darker than seen on the monitor. and sometimes there is a red shift as well. It also seems that the printer driver does not work the same in LR as it does in CS3. In CS3 the printer dialog box has a “Layout” pop-up menu which options for “Print Setting”, “Paper Configuration”, and “Page layout Settings”. These options are not offered in Lightroom. I contacted Epson regarding the problems and their recommendation was a not very helpful “let the printer manage colors”. I tried this and the results were horrible. I grow increasing tired of wasting expensive paper and ink.

  21. Steve says:

    I have an Epson R1800 with the same problem everyone else mentions.Why can’t you guys do what the Photoshop people did? It seems lame to ask us to wait for our printer companies to come out with new drivers when the only application that isn’t printing properly is Lightroom.And asking us to downgrade our systems just so Lightroom can also work again is unacceptable.It seems you guys should address this ASAP. Having photography software that can’t print accurately is not O.K.Not only will releasing a timely fix provide paying customers what they expect (i.e. being able to make accurate prints) but it would also promise future and would-be customers that the Lightroom group will continue to write software that photographers must have.It’s not clear to me, after reading your last missive, wether you plan on solving this issue or not. Should we wait for a fix or demand a refund?You guys nailed it with Lightroom, but it’s less than worthless if can’t make good prints. I prefer Lightroom to all other products (and I’ve tried them all), so I sincerely hope you guys can resolve this frustrating issue.-Steve[Steve, Lightroom was updated to provide Leopard compatibility with the 1.3.1 release. At this time, no additional fix is required from Lightroom based on our testing. No one is asking you to downgrade your system but with technology it’s best to check on your compatibility dependencies prior to upgrading the operating system. If you check the Epson UK site you’ll find that they have posted an updated driver for the R1800 that does appear to be compatible with Leopard.( I would give that a try. -TH]

  22. Bill Caulfeild-Browne says:

    Following my last post on Dec 17th, the driver for the iPF 5000 is 3.60, and CS3 is 10.0.1. All up to date, in other words. I look forward to your speculations – when you dare!Bill

  23. In reading both the questions and answers above I pull this logic flow:1] CS3 prints fine from Leopard.2] Updated Epson drivers for non-pro printers were included on Leopard disc, and that Beta versions of the pro printers are available for download.3] Both the Epson non-pro drivers that came on Leopard disc and beta pro printer drivers from Epson may not work with Lightroom (yet).4] Although CS3 appear to print fine with current Epson drivers and Lightroom does not, there is incompatibilities with Epson drivers that make it incompatible with Lightroom.5] Solution will require that Epson update their drivers. We would be better served if we sent email to Epson customer service notifying them of our issues.6] Workaround – Export to CS3 or another program for printing until that happy day, and don’t use the Printing Module in Lightroom.

  24. TWood says:

    I too have a color calibrated workflow that involves Leopard, Epson and Lightroom. I have made all the current updates to each and yet, print quality has only suffered in Lightroom. Previous to the Leopard upgrade, printing was acceptable in all my applications. Post the upgrade, it is acceptable (exactly the same) in all BUT Lightroom.I don’t want to sound harsh, but it seems to me that this is not an isolated driver issue. If the driver performs in multiple applications and prints correctly in them (including Photoshop CS3), but fails to output correctly in Lightroom, then an update to Lightroom should be in order.I just made the move from Aperture to Lightroom and love the product, but have now been forced to move my printing back to PS CS3 and Aperture. With that in mind, I hope that Adobe will reconsider the possibility that this is a Lightroom issue and not a driver issue. Thanks.[As I mentioned earlier, we’re still gathering information on why there’s a discrepancy between Photoshop 10.0.1 behavior and Lightroom behavior, all else being equal. If there is something the Lightroom team can do to overcome this issue, we’ll certainly look into it. -TH]

  25. Steve says:

    Tom,Thanks very much for that link. I’ll let you know if that driver works.I bought a new Mac that came with Leopard. I don’t want to have to buy a copy of Tiger just to get Lightroom to make prints.I don’t understand why you state no additional fix is needed, with all these customers that can’t make prints.Thanks again for posting my comments and responding.-Steve

  26. Steve says:

    Tom,That new driver does not fix the problem.It’s a brand new printer and a brand new mac.So does that mean all buyers of Leopard-based macs should go elsewhere for their photography software needs?I hope you rethink your decision to abandon us…-steve

  27. John N. MacKay says:

    I have been having problems with Canon’s printer drivers for the Pixma Pro 9500.After four frustrating calls to Canon, I was instructed to remove the CUPs driver posted 12/13/07, and to use the Tioga driver, 6.2.3.The Color Options dialog box on the CUPs driver would not display the drop down menu for turning off printer color management. Prints appeared to be double color managed when selecting Application Managed workflow.Printing to Canon fine art papers also proved frustrating. Printing to the Photo Rag paper will not allow margins less than 1.38″, assuming that the proper paper is selected in the Page Setup dialog box. If, for example, 8.5 x 11 US letter border less is selected to print on 8.5 x 11 photo rag, the photo rag profiles cannot be selected whether Printer Managed color or Application Managed color is used.Canon’s manuals have always been weak, and were of no help.After Leopard and before Lightroom 1.3.1, I was getting decent prints without borders using the drivers that came with Leopard (software update continues to ask to reinstall). After Light room 1.3.1 and the 12/13/07 Canon CUPs driver, things are very difficult for me. A clear, concise manual or instruction would be helpful.

  28. John Walter says:

    I have had been unable to obtain decent prints with my Epson R1800 printer since I upgraded my iMacG5 from Tiger to Leopard. I have a carefully profiled monitor and custom icc profiles for all the papers I use with my R1800. I was very happy with prints from both Lightroom and CS3 prior to the upgrade. After the upgrade, prints from CS3 looked ok, but prints from Lightroom looked terrible. I updated to the new R1800 driver as soon as it was posted to Epson’s UK web site. After installing the new driver, I obtained equivalent results using both CS3 and Lightroom 1.3.1. In both cases, the prints are a bit too dark and the colors are too saturated. They are closer to the results I obtained prior to upgrading to Leopard, but still far from perfect. I installed the new R1800 driver posted to the US Epson web site earlier today, but it is no better than the UK driver. Furthermore, Epson changed the names of all the paper types in the new driver, leading me to wonder whether my paper profiles are now useless. At this point, I don’t know whether I should switch back to Tiger or order new custom icc profiles for use with Leopard. I certainly wish I had never switched to Leopard in the first place.

  29. Jack Goodman says:

    I have the exact same issues. I’ve wasted paper and ink. I’ve been a LR user since it first became available. I’ve been happy with your responses until your last response to Steve!I also prefer the print module in LR, but can’t use it because there’s no new driver for the epson 2400. I also don’t understand why I can print from CS3 and not LR.[Jack, as I mentioned earlier, understanding the difference between CS3 behavior and LR is my main focus. In the interim, have you tried the new 2400 drivers that Epson posted on the US site:

  30. Jack Goodman says:

    Tom,Thanks for the quick reply and reference to the new epson driver. I installed it and the print module worked to perfection!Jack

  31. Robert Myers says:

    Factor this in the discussion: OSX 10.5.1, Lightroom 1.3.1, Epson Pro 3800, Epson Leopard driver. I can only get poor prints from LR and CS3 if I select ‘printer control of color.’ If I select LR or CS3 control of color the job enters the printer queue and then drops out before printing. Epson support can only suggest that my cable (both USB and IP!) need replacing. I need my PLPP icc color management to work from LR. I very much hate to admit it, but I am thinking of going back to 10.4. I never thought I would have sympathy for Vista users.Robert Myers[Robert, thanks for posting your experience. I will say that the issues you describe don’t sound related to the driver compatibility discussion above. Did this setup work previously under 10.4? -TH]

  32. Mike Voice says:

    I just got an Epson 1400, earlier this week, and am printing from Lightroom 1.3.1 on an Intel-based iMac running OS 10.5.1I was hesitant to try the v3.xx printer driver available from Epson’s US site, while Epson’s UK site offered the choice of v3.x or v6.xI decided to try the v6.x driver – and haven’t had any problems when letting Lightroom control the color [perceptual intent] on Epson paper [matte, glossy, & luster] using the paper profiles provided with the Epson driver, and turning the printer’s color management off.[Thanks for sharing Mike. While I think that the Epson US and UK sites might be a little out of sync, the newer profiles are working well on 10.5.1. -TH]

  33. Robert Myers says:

    Tom,Yes, everything worked perfectly with 10.4 and the version of LR that was current at that time – when printing to the Epson Pro 3800. Printing to my HP printer works fine then and now.

  34. Steve says:

    I tried what Mike Voice did and tried the new 6.12 driver for my Epson R1800 (the US site has a slightly different and better driver than the UK site) but still appears as though Lightroom is not using the .icc profile.Tom, since Adobe is not going to fix this problem for Lightroom as it did for Photoshop, can you please put some pressure on the printer people and find out when they are going to solve it?What are new (Leopard-installed) Mac purchasers supposed to do — buy Aperture?Thanks again!-Steve Jefferson

  35. Roland Meier says:

    Versions: OSX 10.5.1 (Intel), LR 1.3.1, PS CS3 10.0.1; Epson 3800 (release, non-beta driver v6.10 from Epson UK website)Problem: when printing from PS CS3 or LR with color managed by printer, I cannot select ColorSync as a “Color Matching” option in the printer driver dialog. Instead “EPSON Color Controls” is pre-selected and the option is “greyed out”. This can be confirmed using the summary option. The result is no ICM, just Epson Color Controls.Using any other application e.g. OSX Preview the “Color Matching” option can be selected. The problem therefore seems to be specific to the LR/PS CS3/Epson Driver combination. Is this a known problem?Roland Meier

  36. Sean Licata says:

    Perhaps it is me, but I am printing with WinXP on Epson 2200, and having a similar behaviour.When I print using Lightroom to manage my colour settings – disabling it on the printer setup (using Epson supplied drivers) my prints are quite dark (almost 2 stops), and have a green tint. When I switch and let the printer manage colour, prints are much better.Lightroom 1.3, Epson SP200 Enhanced Matte_MK driver. (same driver used in Lightroom, or on PageSetup).Sean Licata[Sean, this definitely sounds like double color management by the application and the printer. -TH]

  37. Linda says:

    I have a new MacBook Pro running Leopard,and while experimenting with printing from LR I ran into a problem I haven’t read about in these comments.I am printing with an Epson R800 and have profiles installed for both RedRiver papers and Epson papers. The profiles work in PS CS3, but in LR Print Module, if I select one of the profiles, I get the message: THE CUSTOM PROFILE SELECTED FOR THIS PRINT JOB IS MISSING OR INVALID. I can get fair results having the printer manage printing with ColorSync selected, but I want more than fair results. Any ideas what I can do to get the profiles working?[Linda, I’ll pass your details along to our engineering team but have you checked with RedRiver on this issue as well? -TH]

  38. Michael McCann says:

    Just purchased LR after hearing and reading how great it is and according to Photoshop TV podcast “once you print with it, you’ll never go back”. Now, after wasting a ton of time and effort trying to get one acceptable print on an Epson 2200, I realized I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I can print out of CS3 perfectly under OS 10.5.1, but LR prints are magenta. Very disheartening.[Michael, I just checked Epson’s web site and I don’t see an updated driver for the 2200. I realize the discrepancy between Photoshop and Lightroom behavior can be frustrating but they are built on different platforms. We’re working to isolate the differences and find out if there’s a solution we can provide on our end for printers that will not receive an updated driver. Obviously there are no guarantees given the updated technology in Leopard. -TH]

  39. Robert Redmond says:

    I’m having issues with printing as well…LR 1.31Leopard 10.5.1Canon Pro 9000Latest drivers etc….Unable to select color management options in the print dialog – they are grayed out.Prints from LR are not acceptable. Same settings in PS CS3 yield very good and all options are appearing.

  40. SwissCharles says:

    Versions: OSX 10.5.1 (Intel), LR 1.3.1, PS CS3 10.0; Epson R800 Driver 3.09 USBI have basically the same problem than Shreyas Chandaria and others… With CS3 the prints are OK, with LR I have a huge magenenta cast – test made with the same image, without turning printer off. What to do ? Is it a LR problem, or Epson problem (driver 3.xx vs 6.xx) ?Charles

  41. For those with newish Epson drivers for the 6.xx Leopard drivers, deleting the old driver may be a step overlooked. I deleted the whole Epson printer file on my MacBookPro, saving ~ 1.5 Gigs, and now have an improved dialog box, even though I had installed the new driver before. This is in addition to deleting the printer in the Printer Utility.John McWilliams~Regular, nay, enthusiastic Forum guy.And, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year![Thanks for the tip John. -TH]

  42. Peter Calvin says:

    Rather than working with a variety of descriptions, if having actual prints would help, I’d be happy to send a pair to you. (one printed with PS and the same image with LR.[Thanks for the offer Peter but it’s easier for us to manage the testing internally. -TH]

  43. Peter Calvin says:

    Rather than working with a variety of descriptions, if having actual prints would help, I’d be happy to send a pair to you. (one printed with PS and the same image with LR.

  44. Hilmar THor says:

    I am having the same problems as mentioned. I just updated my drivers for my Epson R1800 printer to 6.12 and installed new ICC profiles. The prints from Photoshop CS3 are great but in Lightroom it seems to add alot of Magenta making the picture lack in quality. Is there a solution coming soon for this or should one eready himself to print all from PS in the near future?Cheers…

  45. Dale J Eftoda says:

    John, would you mind providing a brief step-by-step of just what you did. Did you remove the print driver from the System Library then reinstall the new Epson print drivers for your printer? I thank you in advance for your help!DJE

  46. Stephen Ng says:

    My own experience with Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom (1.3.1) with Leopard is that with both applications configured to manage colors the print from Lightroom is lighter than that on my color calibrated iMac, whereas Photoshop’s print in perfect.I have all the latest drivers for my Epson R2400.Before I upgraded to Leopard, I had a similar problem with Tiger except that all Lightroom prints were darker than what I saw on the monitor.I trawled through most of the forums regarding the problem with Tiger and Lightroom, whilst I found some discussions on the Photoshop/Lightroom incompatibilites I did not find any suggestions on solving this. At that time I simply gave up and continued to do all my work in Photoshop.It seems to me this is a problem with Lighroom. Why Adobe has not been able to solve it all this time is a mystery to me.Stephen

  47. Stephen Ng says:

    Something I don’t understand regarding the Epson drivers. It appears that Epson does not release its drivers at the same time in all regions. I just checked their .uk website and there’s a new driver for the R2400 with a Dec 3rd 2007 date (V6.12). I have not been able to find it on their Singapore or US web site. Can anyone shed some light on this? Can I use this new driver even though I am located in Singapore and my R2400 was purchased there.I don’t know if this will solve any colour quality problems but am interested in getting to the bottom of Epson’s policy and maybe give it a try if it won’t screw up my current configuration (iMac, Leopard 10.5.1, Photoshop CS3, Lightroom 1.3.1). Has anyone tried this version of driver?

  48. Tom Walker says:

    Tom:As this is a printing discussion thread, I thought I would reiterate my concern from earlier in the fall about the apparent poor compatibility of LR with the ImagePrint RIP (according to IP printing can only be done using the sRGB space). At that time, you indicated you would be addressing the RIP issue for LR. Can or will this be done in the context of tuning things up for Leopard?Thanks.[Tom, I don’t comment on future features but I will say that ImagePrint compatibility is outside of the scope of the issues we’re seeing with Leopard. -TH]

  49. Shrey says:

    HiI’ve just updated the drivers to my HP B9180. The 10.5 drivers have just been made available.Lightroom 1.3.1 still doesn’t print with profiles with this now ‘latest’ driver.With nobody (except a few people with updated drivers for various newish Epsons) is able to print properly with Lightroom. Again, people with older printers will never be able to print properly Lightroom.All other apps print fine. That includes Carbon and Cocoa apps. Lightroom is doing something wrong as every other app prints perfectly.I guess it will be miraculously fixed with the paid upgrade version 2.0 (with the developers still pointing fingers to printer manufactures and Apple). It would be amazing to fix something that isn’t broken!I would suggest get this fixed or risk losing a lot of customers.Shrey

  50. Jerry Baker says:

    I just purchased Lightroom for PC. I have gone through a box of photo paper. Some images I get great prints. Others are yellow, washed out, some magenta, but nothing like the image on the screen. In other imaging software, I am getting what I see on the screen printed on my 11×17 HP Deskjet 1600 and they are beautiful. I have turned off the HP options, tried all the various suggestions, but get some very lousy prints. Any suggestions?

  51. jon says:

    I just found this thread while searching for something else. After spending too much time on solving this problem, I gave up and used this work around. Hopefully, a real fix will come soon. Hope this helps somebody.

  52. I had finally tweaked my PC to print easily and beautifully on both the Epson 2200 and 7600 using ACDSee until….a VIRUS destroyed my computer.I decided to go with the iMac Intel duo processor based 24″ and put 4 gigs of RAM in it. And, after a lot of research, decided on Lightroom. I don’t have PS.Now, after 2 full days of testing and tweaking I can’t get a decent print. Halfway decent is not acceptable.What can I do?? I’ve updated the LR to get the latest version and I have the newest Epson drivers. I’ve downloaded Atkins’ ICC profiles, but read that these don’t work with Leopard.The best print I’ve done so far was using the Printer for color management, then once in the Printer settings, I set it to Superfine 1440 in the printer options, and then No color mgmt in the Color options. Best so far after trying ALL(at least I think all) of the settings. Lots of paper and ink wasted. I’m using Ultrachrome with Matte Black and Epson Premium Presentation Paper-Matte.Can I load my ACDSee into Windows thru VMware Fusion on my iMac and print like I’m back on my PC? Why did I get a Mac if this is the work around?Any help/suggestions, other than buying a new printer, would be GREATLY appreciated. If I can’t figure this out, I’ll have to outsource my printing, which I hoped to avoid. Why have LR?

  53. Juan Pons says:

    Tom,Any updates on this issue, and how/if Adobe plans on addressing the issues of Lightroom users?Thanks,-J

  54. David Skok says:

    I have a color managed workflow using ICC profiles that I have generated using an Eye One colorimeter. System is a Canon Pro9500 printer, and Lightroom 1.3.1, and Mac OS 10.5.1.Everything worked fine until I upgraded to Leopard. After seeing the prints coming out too dark, I first upgraded to the new Canon Leopard compatible drivers. Same problem. Then after reading this forum, I tried printing from Photoshop CS3 – no problem with printing.To me this clearly indicates that the problem is in Lightroom, and it needs to be updated to fix this.For all those in a similar situation the very painful workaround is to print from Photoshop until Adobe fix this problem.

  55. Mark says:

    OT: Adobe should release some fix for Acrobat 8 as well. Can’t print in Leopard to .ps (don’t ask why), while the same works ok in Tiger./\sorry/\ m.

  56. Doug says:

    I couldn’t find a proper place to send in feature requests, so I apologise. I hope that someone involved in the creation of Lightroom does read this, though.Please have Lightroom support dual displays ala Aperture. I’m sure there are plenty of photographers who enjoy the feature, and I’m constantly feeling like I’m wasting a display for no good reason, while the one screen that houses all of Lightroom is made less useful because of tools, libraries, and the filmstrip being on screen just to keep functionality. Also, most of your other apps seem to work fine in multi-screen mode- the ability to move palettes and such.[Thanks Doug. I’ve heard this request before. The best place for feature requests is here: – TH]

  57. After a frustrating 1.5 hour conversation with Canon my IPF 5000 is a 125 lb paper weight after upgrading to Leopard. I was informed by Canon that April – June for a DRIVER ? Can anyone tell me a workaround printing from CS3. I would really appreciate it as I,(was) printing for a gallery show that I do not want to out source.Kindest Regards,Christopher Voelker

  58. Photo_Op says:

    Adobe! How about some news on the issues here. The silence on your part is not golden. Your credibility with the Forum upgrade was bad enough, BUT the delay in having Lightroom print with the new Mac OSX and upgraded Epson drivers is no longer tolerable.[As mentioned earlier, Lightroom 1.3.1 does print correctly with the updated Epson drivers. -TH]

  59. Bob says:

    Same problem here–Leopard with Epson 1800 using new 6 driver, prints too dark. Color balance is good but too dark. Right on with Photoshop CS3–Epson premium gloss paper using Epson profile for this paper. Hey Adobe, how bout a fix and soon.

  60. Andrew Wedlake says:

    I beg to differ with comments to Christopher’s post. I agree with Christopher, although unlike him I believe we’ll get not open answer here. Print with Profile does not work with updated drivers for my Epson 2200. It does work with Photoshop CS3. My workaround is to export to CS3 and print with profiles there. I am disallusioned with the lack of listening to customers that is evident on this blog.

  61. John Buckingham says:

    My problem is the same as other. Prints form PS3 are prefect. Lightroom very poor..magenta cast.John Buckingham

  62. Photp_Op says:

    Tom-Respectfully, LR 1.3.1 does NOT print correctly with Epson 6.12 R2400 drivers. Just check out the LR UtU forum. The threads with the largest play revolve around the problems with 1800, 2400 AND 3800 WITH LR. AND these are the users that post, never mind those that don’t. More and more of the comments by those who own both LR and CS3 post the same solution. Work in LR and print in CS3. I am at a loss to understand you comment that LR is working with the Epson drivers. Just read the last 3 posts. PLEASE![As I’ve mentioned earlier, the discrepancy between Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom results is something we’re investigating but initial reports showed that the most dramatic differences occurred with the old drivers. Those with updated drivers who follow Ian Lyons tutorial are experiencing expected results. I do read the U2U forums and there seem to be a number of driver install/uninstall issues compounding the problem. Again, I would prefer not to distribute any information on this issue that I can’t verify internally first. When I have more concrete details, I’ll post them. -TH]

  63. Hilmar Tor says:

    I am using Leopard, Epson drivers 6 (latest) and Lightroom 1.3.1. It does NOT print correctly. There is a magenta slur and it is to dark. PS CS3 works like a charm.

  64. james Hayward says:

    TH,I still can not get accurate prints with Lightroom on my Epson 2400. Can you elaborate on how it is supposed to work correctly as mentioned two posts earlier? Thank you.I’m using 10.5.1, Intel Macbook Pro, Most recent Dec. Epson drivers. Works fine in Photoshop but not Lightroom 1.3.1

  65. Dave Tubesing says:

    I work under Window XP SP2 and print on a Canon Pixma iP6600D. I am seeing exactly the same problems as everyone else with respect to Lightroom (1.3.1) prints varying drastically from CS3 (10.0.1) prints. I know all my color management settings and profiles are correct, I get great results with CS3 printing. Two Questions: (1) when will you provide some substantive answers about fixing the LR printing problem — it’s clearly the app NOT the drivers. All your suggestions seem to center on requiring users / printer manufacturers to update drivers for LR compatibility. This is the tail wagging the dog and is frankly gratuitous. (2) Since almost all the posts are from Mac users, do you plan ultimately on issuing the same fixes for the Windows platform? The silence is deafening . . .[Dave, printing errors in Lightroom on Windows is not what is driving this current discussion. If you are having a problem, I would prefer that you provide a detailed account via our bug submission form so that our quality engineering team can evaluate your issue. -TH]

  66. Photo_op says:

    TH-I appreciate you not being able to offer solutions to problems in this “forum”. My posts are only to keep you aware that there still is a problem using updated 6.12 drivers for the R2400 with Leopard and LR 1.3.1. My only purpose is to be constructive in finding a solution. I can only tell you what I have, how I use it and the results. Right now I’m using OS X 1.5.1, LR 1.3.1., CS3 and R2400 6.12 driver. I get nearly identical “great” photos using-CS3>Photoshop Manage – orLR>Printer ManageEach photo is ProPhoto RGB (per J. Schewe).Absolutely can not use LR managed printing, as per Ian Lyons tutorial. Photos are washed out.I will submit via bug submission form also.Thanks-Dave[Thanks Dave. The more information, dialog and clarity the better. -TH]

  67. Photo_op says:

    TH, FWIW, today, I even installed LR in a Parallel’s Window XP SP2 virtual drive on the SAME Intel Mac. Updated and installed the latest Window’s driver for the R2400. Printed WITH LR managing printing AND THE PHOTO COMES OUT PERFECTLY. So now my choices are-LeopardCS3>Photoshop Manages color>use profiles>driver “turned off”, orLR> Managed by Printer>Color settings:AdobeRGB, Best Photo, etc.ORWindowsLR> Program manages color>driver “Color Management Off”, etcAll three variations produce nearly identical, “excellent” photos. Can’t tell the difference between the LR prints and the Photoshop print is a smidge lighter. GO FIGURE!I’m taking a long walk (off a short pier, maybe) and waiting for Leopard 1.5.2 AND LR 1.3.X!

  68. Photo_op says:

    TH-please see post #17 in this thread- works for me-–Dave[Dave, thanks for the update and I’m glad you’re up and running again. If this turns out to be a valid solution for a range of printers internally I’ll publish an addendum to this post. -TH]

  69. Renee Luba says:

    I have a newly installed Epson 7880. I, also, have an Epson 2400. I am unable to get acceptable prints using a custom ICC profile with the 7800 ONLY. If I use my custom ICC profile with CS3 on either my 7880 or my 2400, it prints very well. If I use the generic PLPP Epson ICC profile on through LR on both the 2400 and the 7880, it prints well on BOTH. SO, THE ONLY WAY I AM ABLE TO USE MY CUSTOM ICC PROFILE IS TO PRINT THROUGH CS3. The results are terrible through LR…but, I know my custom ICC profile is good, because it prints fine through my 2400 IN LR and it prints fine on the 7880 THROUGH CS3. What gives?

  70. Shreyas Chandaria says:

    Changing the profile with the colorsync utility every time I change paper is major pain the butt! It may be a work around, but sill the simple fact remains – I don’t have to do this every other app, just lightroom! Imagine forgetting to change the default profile when printing with lightroom, then forgetting to change it before printing using photoshop and screwing up an A2 print?Jumping through hoops in order to print from lightroom is not a solution. Just fixing lightroom would be the solution.Shrey

  71. A Snare says:

    I know it’s late to be weighing in on this post, but thought I’d mention that the Epson R1900 has just started shipping. As of my writing this, the latest (UK & US) driver available is 3.89. With Lightroom 1.3.1 (OS X 10.5.1, PowerPC) this yields green-cast prints with LR-managed colour, while printer-managed (ColorSync) prints are good. There’s no sign of any 6.x drivers (beta or otherwise) for this printer; I hope this is just an oversight because it’s so new and that Leopard-compatible drivers have just fallen through the cracks somehow.

  72. Mike Williams says:

    I seem to be having a similar issue, but not entirely the same.The set up I have at home is intel Mac Mini, OS X 10.5.1, LR 1.3.1, CS 3, Canon IP4300 printer. I calibrate the monitor every three weeks with a Spyder2Pro.I’ve installed the most recent driver updates for the printer. Using any of the included icc files, all of my prints are Magenta shaded AND significantly darker than they should be. I tried the Jason Hicking solution referenced above. It helped some, but the red shift and darkness are still there.I borrowed a Spyder3Elite & Spyder3Print, recalibrated the monitor, then I created a custom icc profile with the colorimeter. Tried printing again, not much change; the print was still dark and red. I did the Colosync target file switch; the print was the same result.Imported the print targets in to Lightroom. Printed out the 150 patch target from LR and created another custom icc profile. Prints were close. I did the colorsync target switch and finally got something that was reasonable from both LR & PS (PS was still closer though for some reason.) Not everyone has access to a colorimeter though & quite frankly you shouldn’t have to have one to get a decent print at home. (Steps off of soapbox.) Oh and reasonable quality still is not back to pre-upgrade results.Side thought here as I type, I just realized that the tiff target file I imported then printed looked pretty dang close to what it should have been. I’ll have to try this out, but are people’s problem with colorshift and printing only/most prevalent when working with a RAW/DNG file that was imported to LR? Does the problem exist in printing imported tiff or jpg’s also?

  73. Scott Griswold says:

    Please add me to the list of Epson 2200 users who are unhappy with the results I am getting from Lightroom under Leopard. I too have gotten the magenta tint when using application color management and setting the printer to “No Color Management”. I did find that I can get improved results by selecting “Colorsync” in the driver rather than “No Color Management”. I was actively posting information about this in a thread in the Adobe Forums called “Terrible Magenta Tint when Printing”. Nothing was resolved in there and the thread died back on the 3rd of Jan. I would love to see Epson embrace their 2200 users. My 2200 still works wonderful and I would hate to be forced into a new printer just because Epson will not write a new driver for it.

  74. Photo_op says:

    TH- as an update to my earlier post on January 25th, please see Post #41 on this thread– may be useful to the team as they hunt down the issues relating to LR printing. I’ll post a bug report also.–Dave

  75. Jonathan Smith says:

    I read through most – but not all – of the posts here and I thought I’d add my 2 cents. I too got the horrible magenta weird color print after upgrading to Leopard on my Epson 7800 – and this was *with* the Epson Beta drivers. So I decided to waste paper and ink to fix the problem. To make a long story short I had to set the Epson driver to Colorsync and Lightroom as you would expect – with one puzzling difference: I have to use the oldest “plainest” Premium Luster profile. I have 260 loaded on the printer but the print only comes out “decent” (not perfect) with the “oldest” Luster profile. Huh? Yep – I tried the Pro and SP profiles for 260 and 250 and the only one that works is the regular old Premium Luster driver. Aggravated me so much I’ve reverted to printing from Windows which gives me perfect prints every time. Sure hope this gets fixed soon – Epson has a note that ColorSync is broke and they’re working with Apple to fix the problem – anyone know the story with that?

  76. Antonio Rosario says:

    I, too, am having terrible results printing from LR on a MAc, running 10.5.2 and trying to print to an Epson 2200. Prints are coming out fine when I send them to CS3, but when they print from LR, they are coming out magenta and dark, as if there is a conflict with color management. My system is calibrated and everything used to work fine. I can’t figure this out.

  77. Bruce McL says:

    OS X, Lightroom, and Epson 2200 workaround. I’m still testing this but so far it works for me and I want to get the word out and see if others can confirm this.I will use Premium Luster paper as an example. Substitute the name and profile of your preferred paper as necessary. You will need to repeat these directions for each type of paper you want to print on from Lightroom. You should not use these new printers for anything other than printing from Lightroom.1. Go to Apple Menu: System Preferences: Print and Fax Center2. Add a new printer. Select the Epson 2200 and the Epson driver.3. Name the printer Lightroom 2200 Premium Luster. Substitute name of paper as appropriate.4. Close System Preferences.5. Open /Applications/Utilities/ColorSync Utility.6. Click on the Devices Tab7. In the list of printers, find the one that says Lightroom 2200 Premium Luster. Click the triangle next to the printer name so that it points down.Heart of the matter: See the SP2200 Standard_PK entry with the blue dot after it? This profile will be applied when you select no color management in the print dialog from within Lightroom. It shouldn’t be applied, but it will be.8. Highlight the SP2200 Standard_PK revealed by clicking the triangle. There should be a blue button next to it.9. On the pane on the right side, find Current Profile, click on the arrow and select Other.10. Navigate to /Library/ColorSync/Profiles and pick out the appropriate profile. I use SP2200 Prem.Luster 1440.icc. If you are using a different paper, select the appropriate profile for that paper instead.You are finished with the setup. Now print from Lightroom in a normal manner, using the new Lightroom 2200 Premium Luster printer.

  78. Julien Aubert says:

    Bruce, your workaround works for me on 10.5.2, LR 1.3.1 and an epson R800.Thanks for that!Julien

  79. Bevan W. says:

    I have been having similar problems with Lightroom & Leopard and thought I would post my experience to see if it would help. First, I would like thank Tom for this blog. I was ready to buy a new printer (Epson r1800, r800 or Canon 9000) after a weekend of frustration, but I can see that would not have solved my problem.I attempted printing with Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 1.3.1 on Mac OS X 10.5 with an Intel Duo Core Processor. I am using an older Epson R340 printer loaded with the latest 3.09 driver. I realize this printer is a non-pro printer, but it has always worked fine in the past for non-archival prints. For important prints I send them out. I calibrated my monitor with a HueyPro setting the gamma to 2.2. During printing I tried both letting the printer manage my colors (Colorsync on, Best Photo on, Premium Glossy Photo Paper, etc.) and letting the software manage my printers (Select ICC profile in Lightroom/Photoshop, No Color Management, Premium Glossy Photo Paper, Best Photo, etc.). The results were as follows:1) Photoshop CS3 (Managed by Printer): Print Good but slightly darker and less saturated than my monitor.2) Lightroom 1.3.1 (Managed by Printer): Print Good but slightly darker and less saturated than my monitor. This print was identical to the Photoshop print above.3) Photoshop CS3 (ICC profiles w/ Photoshop Managing Prints): Print Good but slightly darker and less saturated than my monitor. Slightly better print than above prints.4) Lightroom 1.3.1 (ICC profiles w/ Lightroom Managing Prints): Print brighter than above very close to the monitor, but with a significant magenta cast. Quality is poor and resulting print is unacceptable.I will attempt the work around posted by Antonio. Hopefully, this helps.BTW I was planning on upgrading my printer, but I don’t even know what to buy right now. Has anyone had any luck printing with any Canon, HP or Epson printers with Lightroom & Leopard? I am noticing mostly Epson posts. Wonder if HP & Canon printers are doing better in this regard.

  80. Jack Starr says:

    Regarding my previous post about Good news for EP 7800 and Leopard and Lightroom.I have made several more tests of pictures of different hues and they are all perfect out of Lightroom when compared to CS3.I noticed that I had a couple of typos in the previous post. I have been on this for 2 days and 1 night. I am going to Palo Alto for a Keeble & Shuchat EPson 7880 demo Wednesday and I will discuss this with the EPson Rep.If you chose to post this in the forum please replace my previous post with the following:[Previous post not posted per your proposal. -TH]Good News for Lightroom and EP 7800.I have been having the printing problem with Lightroom 1.3.1, OSX 10.5.2 and EP Driver 3.5 for the 7800 of poor print quality with Lightroom and good print quality with CS3.I downloaded and installed the EP Stylus driver for the Pro 7800 from Epson UK Driver V 6.11 file epson318953eu.dmg and Lightroom is printing fine. This is not a beta version.I have printed several images of different hues and they are perfect when compared to the CS3 print.CS3 is still OK with the new driver.I tried the US beta version and it bombed my system

  81. A Snare says:

    Following up to my own January 29 post, Epson’s European support site has since posted a version 6.20 driver for the R1900. Unlike the 6.xx-series drivers I’ve seen for other sites, this isn’t marked as a beta. It seems to be substantially updated. (In particular, the driver’s settings layout is closer to the Windows counterpart.)I haven’t had time to fully verify how it interacts with LR’s printing module yet, but it does look promising.

  82. Rockshead says:

    And another grateful R800 user. Worked a treat for me. Small oddity that I noticed was that despite the printer and the profile chosen in the LR print panel now being identical, the name does not appear as a Print Settings/ Media Type choice. No matter, I just choose the nearest, and it worked fine. Many thanks to you, and to Mr Aubert who posted a link on the User Forum.

  83. Nancy Miller says:

    Do you have a suggestion for printing through Lightroom to a print server?OS 10.4.11, G5 as working Mac, and G3 as print server. Ethernet connection.Prints are fine printed directly out the G5, but horrible when sent to G3 print server.Prints sent to the G3 print server out of PS CS 3 are the same as out of the G5.Cheers

  84. Dan says:

    Antonio- tried your solution and it made a big difference. Not quite as accurate as ICM in photoshop, but a heck of a lot better than the magenta cast prints I was getting previously. Thanks for posting!

  85. Philip Amdal says:

    I’m using OS 10.5.2 and LR 1.3.1 trying to make a decent print on my R2400. I’ve downloaded the latest driver but still get dark and slightly flat and muddy prints. Will there be an upgraded Epson driver for this R2400 printer? I’ve got an exhibit in 2 weeks and haven’t been able to get a good print since CS3 and now Leopard. I’m really frustrated. Thanks for any help. Tried the R2200 work around above but same result.

  86. Godfrey DiGiorgi says:

    Been testing Leopard, Lightroom and the R2400. So far, what I’m finding is that when I use the SP2400 Enhanced Matte “best photo” profile, I get a pretty usable photo that is almost indistinguishable from what I get on Tiger in the case of my B&W and split toned prints, but my first color tests show a slightly steeper contrast curve which has the effect of looking like I’m a third stop over exposed on the middle to highlight tones. I need to do a bit more testing to see if this can be compensated for without having to do something awkward.I’m not getting any color casts, and I need to proof out Velvet Fine Art too.Godfrey

  87. Federico Alberto says:

    With Leopard 10.5.2 and Lightroom 1.3.1, my brand new Epson R1900 prints perfectly, as long as color management is turned off in the print settings menu. By all means leave color management to the appropriate paper profile used (in my case, Epson Premium Glossy paper). This can be selected under Print Job, in the right-hand side menu of Lightroom’s Printmodule.Best regards,Federico.

  88. Chris says:

    I’m having the same issues relating to Lightroom and Magenta casting on both and Epson 1280 and Epson 2400. I have a new system with pre-installed Leopard and have installed the drivers from Epson. My macbook is color calibrated with Spyder Pro2 latest software.When I use lightroom to print, ALL the images come with a deep magenta cast (wasting ink and paper in the process) but those same images when opened in Photoshop CS3 and my standard photo workflow (settings identical to Lightroom by the way) all come out matching the display perfectly.This is obviously and Adobe issue! (I think Adobe should compensate us for all the ink and paper and frustration we’ve experienced).Lightroom is a great cataloging program but for editing and printing I’ll have to stick with Photoshop. Bad advertising and debugging Adobe!!(guess we’ll have to pay for an Upgrade to V2 to actually get a working print system through this software.)[Hang in there Chris, we’ll have an update for you shortly that should fix this issue. -TH]

  89. Photo_op says:

    Tom-testing LR 1.4 seems to correct printing problems with Epson R2400. Thanks very much to you and the team for a job WELL DONE.Dave[Good news Dave. Thanks for your patience while we sorted this out. -TH]

  90. Chris says:

    Thanks Tom. I hope so. I have used PS extensively in my work in the past and was really hoping LR would speed-up my workflow. I look forward to the update.

  91. LR 1.4 doesn’t fix the printing problems with the HP 8250 — still won’t let me select application-managed printing in the Print dialog box.

  92. Chris says:

    LR 1.4 fixed the issues with my Epsons. Glad to finally be able to use LR to print.Thanks!

  93. Grant Carmichael says:

    Success! 1.4 did the trick on my Canon IP6600D.I just printed the first good photo I’ve gotten out of Lightroom. Fortunately, printing through Photoshop got me through the long dark (muddy) night of awful prints out of Lightroom.Thank you, thank you! The program is now across the board excellent.Cheers, tink-tink.[Thanks Grant, but I do recommend reverting to Lightroom 1.3.1 until Lightroom 1.4.1 is available. -TH]

  94. Patrick Vaughan says:

    Using Leopard and lightroom 1.3.1 ( called 1.4 in the ad, my printing has gone from very pleasing to wholly unacceptable. Using my 3800 that is OK not perfect using the present beta driver, but my 3 x R800 are a disaster. I get no answer from Epson on the crucial questions for everyone using Epson – Which printers will work properly and when ( if) will the phot range get drivers. Then we can decide if we have to buy elsewhere or wait. Thanks[There is no ad referencing Lightroom 1.4 at this point. The only available build is Lightroom 1.3.1 and it does have problems printing on OS X 10.5 with legacy printer drivers. Lightroom 1.4.1 should solve many of the legacy printer driver problems. -TH]

  95. Mark says:

    I too am having issues with Lightroom and my Epson R1800. Having gone through the trouble of calibration and reading what feels like every article on printing, Epsons, and Lightroom – I still am having issues.If I turn off Color settings in the printer (as recommended), prints are *way* too dark – at least a stop or two. If I have it on, it’s hit or miss. Some are perfect – some have a greenish cast.I get the sense from the postings that I should be printing in CS3 and all will be solved… sadly I don’t have the coin to spend a small fortune just to get decent prints.Perhaps I’ll try switching to Capture One for printing (which came with my camera).All in all, this is rather frustrating.

  96. Bob Hesse says:

    I have become convinced that even with the new Epson 6.x CUPS compliant drivers, Lightroom print color management is broken when running Leopard. The problem seems to involve the invocation of Colorsync I also have some observations as to why different users may have had differing experiences. I am running LR 1.3.1 (after an unwelcome downgrade from 1.4!) on OS X 10.5.2, printing on a 3800 (driver 6.1.0). Using LR color management I generally got reasonable prints until I recently tried printing onto paper with distinctly unusual profiles. The results were lurid, oversaturated, posterized. I found Jason Hicking’s post (#17 on this thread (BTW the version of this fix posted in this discussion is a bit off – it is the profile used in the printer driver to create the custom profile and selected in the LR template which needs to be changed to the LR management profile in Colorsync) While this cumbersome work-around more or less solved my acute problem, I made additional observations. 1) The LR/Colorsync duo isn’t merely applying the factory profile as the preset still gives an ugly print if used with the factory paper. It isn’t a case of simple double color management as LR does a decent job, without the work around, when the profile set in the LR color management panel has a color space similar to the factory profile. I’ve made a number of prints with and without the work around – if both profiles are similar, the prints are similar or identical particularly if the rendering intent is relative. If the profiles differ considerably the result is a disaster, particularly with perceptual rendering. The result here isn’t a simple mismatch but rather a clash.So it appears that given the proper gamut, relative rendering, and custom profiles not to much different from the factory profiles which Colorsync seems to pick by default prints will be acceptable without the work around. As the profiles diverge prints without the work around will become less and less acceptable particularly to a critical eye.Is this something others have observed? Is the LR team is aware of this and will it be fixed? (Or am I off the reservation?)Bob Hesse[Bob, Please report back after the Lightroom 1.4.1 update. -TH]

  97. Jason Rickerby says:

    I’ve read this entire thread and have come to the same conclusion as others – Printing in Lightroom is broken. Under my XP system and Epson printer, printing from any application was good. Now, with Vista and Lightroom 1.4.1, every application prints fine, except Lightroom, which always outputs images with a green cast. I expect to be told that I have a driver issue, as this would make perfect sense, as all my other applications are printing without issue!?![Jason, what printer and printer profile are you using? -TH]

  98. Fortunately, when I upgraded to Leopard, I did an archive & install to an external bootable disk drive. I am so glad I did as ever since, the only way I have been able to produce prints of a satisfactory standard has been to restart in Tiger from that external drive and print from that version of Lightroom to my Canon IPF5000. I spent days installing updates and trying all sorts of ‘workarounds’ but had no success. Canon were very unhelpful. I will just keep dual-booting until between them, Apple, Adobe and Canon resolve this issue.

  99. keith says:

    Wow!I picked up a new imac, updated my lightroom version and BAM! Insta chaos and a grinding halt to work.My whole world has gone to pieces because my Epson printer, Leopard and Lightroom seem to be at odds.I wish I had color issues. I can’t even get it to make a print from lightroom. It says sending data…then the file shows up in the Print Queue…then it vanishes from the print queue…then nothing.Come on guy’s! You have got to be kidding me! it’s some kind of programmers april fools thing right?

  100. Jay Chugh says:

    I have the exact same problem as Denise from April 20. I have a brandnew mac with Leopard, a brandnew Epson 1900 and downloaded the upgraded drivers but can’t even get a print out of Lightroom 1.4.1. My print queue says printing and then “completed” without the printer even making a sound. I have no trouble printing from other applications. But I only want to print my photos from Lightroom. Has the problem been identified and solved yet? If not, I’d like a refund for Lightroom.[Jay, not sure where you’re setup is going astray but you’re working with components that have all worked together properly for vast majority. Have you checked out this article: -TH]

  101. Syd Atkins says:

    Just purchased a Mac Pro 2×2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon. 16GB *00 MHz DDR2 FB- DIMMIn the past I have been running my Epson 7600 direct from my PC. printing from Q Image and Photoshop Lightroom 2 with fantastic results.It has been frustrating to find out that the Leopard Driver version 3.09 from Epson will not work regarding positioning the image on the sheet (using roll paper). Epson and Apple do not seem to want to help, even Epson state on their site that the printer driver is not a full featured driver for Leopard.I then discovered Gutenprint, I have downloaded the driver and have my Mac conected via USB I am printing out of Photoshop Lightroom.This has corrected the image positioning problem, the only problem now is the I am getting poor colour, can you tell me if I can still allow the the printer to manage colour ? in the Lightroom settings I have tried different settings to no avail.My files are profiled for Adobe RGB 1998.If anybody could let me know their workflow it would be very much appreciated.

  102. Scott Mahrer says:

    MY issue was with a G5 PPC, Photoshop CS4 & Leopard & an Epson 2200 using X-Rite’s ColorMunki to fully calibrate my system. I was getting dark prints. Opening my images in Photoshop CS3 & still using Application Managed printing DID THE TRICK! WHo’s to blame – Adobe, Epson or Apple????

  103. John says:

    I’m still trying to get useful prints from LR2 with an Epson R2400 on OS X 10.5.5. Epson’s profiles are not even available as options in the LR print window (under “Other”). Is this issue still being worked on or have I missed something? Thanks.

  104. iain gunther says:

    My problem seems rather simple. With my Epson 3800 I cant print A2. I set the size as 42 x 59.5 cms but the print is A4 in the top left of the A2 paper. Everywhere I can I select custom size 42 x 59.5 ( I dont have a preset saying A2). Lightroom 2.4 OSX10.5.8Thanks