New Lightroom community help system

On behalf of Anita and the rest of the Adobe Documentation team, I’m pleased to announce the new Lightroom community help system, which provides core Adobe documentation for Lightroom as well as links to additional learning content from around the web. The URL for the Lightroom community help system is

The new site takes the current online help—LiveDocs—and makes it more useful and interactive. You can still navigate to topics using links the left side of the browser. But now, when you click a topic to read about it, you’ll find a Basics panel with Adobe documentation as well as a Learn More panel that offers links to tutorials, white papers, technical articles, and other instructional content.

This site is administered by Adobe, moderated by experts from the community, and developed with the assistance of a panel of Lightroom Learning Advisors. So you’ll also find links to the moderators’ and advisors’ favorite Lightroom sites, plus links to troubleshooting sites and a page that lists third-party presets, galleries, and extensions.

We invite you to visit, comment on our documentation, add links to your favorite tutorials and articles, and share your opinions by commenting on the links that others have posted. And feel free to send feedback on the site to us at

7 Responses to New Lightroom community help system

  1. Jeff Franzen says:

    I have home and office installs of Lightroom.Master photos and catalogue are kept at home machine.Once I bring photo’s (1 terabyte!+) to the office what is the best way to manage the database or catalogue settings? i.e. keep all the tags, keywords, collections current and both places? When I add photos to home database / catalogue how do I bring those updates to the office?

  2. Rick Thomas says:

    Lightroom over exposes all of my nef files regardless of what camera they come from.When I use Nikon Capture to import the same files they are perfectly exposed.Can you help with this? I do have version 1.3 and am using a Nikon D2X and a D300

  3. robert jacobs says:

    I have tried to upload a flash website. I get a window indicating “export did not complete sucessfully”and then lists the images and states” JPEGS files were generated using he best pixel data available in the image cache. What gives? what am i doing wrongthanksRobert[Robert, are all of your image files online? Do you have sufficient disk space on your hosting server? These are some of the common causes of upload failure. -TH]

  4. jespes says:

    Apologies, am not sure where to ask this question, but it’s been addressed here before:Does Leopard 10.5.2 fix the apparent(?) conflict between Time Machine and Lightroom? Currently I turn off TM when in Lightroom. Is that still necessary.Thanks and best.[Melissa adds: No, Leopard does not fix the conflict between Time Machine and Lightroom. It is still necessary to turn off TM while running Lightroom]

  5. Jon says:

    I have been using Scott Kelby’s Lightroom book which I think is very helpful. I am having a problem with boosting/decreasing individual colors within the photo. I’ve used the target tool as instructed but when I scroll, the common colors All adjust, not just the targeted area so it seems that my target tool is really not functioning….is there a setting somewhere that I need to change?ThanksJon

  6. Julie says:

    I am wondering how and if I can synchronize the metadata created in Lightroom between two computers if two different catalogs (Libraries) are being used. For example, I have my master 2008 library on an external hardrive and work directly from this catalog. But I have an assistant who does my preliminary rough edit and adjustments. I know how to create new catalogs and figure I can just copy the catalog from my assistant’s external drive to my drive but what happens if I have made some changes to some files and she has made other changes to different files but from the same catalog? Won’t my edits be overwritten or her edits ignored? Is there some way to sync the information?[Julie, you can use Lightroom’s catalog import/export functionality to synchronize catalog’s but it sounds like your workflow would be simplified by sharing an external hard drive with the active catalog and images. -TH]

  7. basil says:

    Why in heaven s name not just good old interactiev F1???????

    this does not work at all!!!

    just installed lightroom 3,5 and no help!!!!