Invite Some Friends

The Lightroom 2 beta has two expiration dates.  If you already own Lightroom it’s August 31st.  If you don’t own Lightroom it’s 30 days after you started testing the beta.(A 30 day trial)   I don’t think anyone disagrees that it’s important to reward the current owners for their purchase and use of the first version of Lightroom but we also don’t want to discourage new customers from providing feedback on the future of Lightroom.  To that end, we’ve provided current Lightroom customers with the opportunity to invite friends or folks they meet on the forums to enjoy the beta through the end of August.  Don’t be shy.  If someone has taken the time to provide feedback on the forums and wants to continue using the beta beyond 30 days, send them an invitation.  It’s a quick process and I’ve already sent many invitations myself. 
The invitation link is here:
Enter your Lightroom 1 serial number to authenticate the process and you’ll be able to send up to 5 invitations at a time. (The invitee will receive an email with a serial number for use with the beta)

5 Responses to Invite Some Friends

  1. Kory says:

    Hi. I have Lightroom 1.4 and I attempted to send invites to two co-workers for Beta 2.0 through August (as indicated on Adobe’s website). I immediately received an error message saying these two emails had already been invited (but they had actually never been invited). Adobe Technical Support and Customer Service have been less than helpful and could only point me to this blog system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.[Kory, I’ll follow up offline. FYI, the beta, as a free product, isn’t supported by Tech Support or Customer Service. -TH]

  2. Travis Hill says:

    It would be cool if I could burn a dvd of jpegs right from the export menu. Instead of having to export them as jpegs. Would save allot of time.Travis[Travis, try the post processing option at the bottom of the export dialog to burn the files immediately to a CD or DVD. -TH]

  3. Leon Kendrick says:

    Tom.I purchased LR 1.0 and have updated to 1.4.1. I downloaded Beta 2.0 in the 32-bit version. I’ve since then purchased a laptop with Vista Home Premium, 64-bit version. I downloaded the 32-bit version of the 2.0 beta. I wanted to try out the 64-bit version of the beta, so I downloaded it and put in my LR 1.x serial number. Each time I open the 64-bit beta, it asks for serial number and informs me I have “x” number of days left in the trial. How can I correct this? I’m putting this on the forum also, seeking help.Thanks.Leon Kendrick

  4. Just want *any* Adobe rep to be aware that I gave up on my trial because the type was either too small, gray against a white or black background,or both.Pity, it looked useful but squinting at the screen defeated me.I wish it was a cleaner interface.[Stratis, did you try changing the preference that increases the font size? -TH]

  5. Bob Zimmerman says:

    Same problem as Kory earlier. I entered 5 email addresses, and was told that they had already been invited. Then tried just one, who as of 5pm yesterday had no knowledge of the invitation option – and was told again that the address has already been invited. I suspect a problem with your processing system?Thanks,Bob