Camera Raw 4.6 and DNG Converter Available

Camera Raw 4.6 and the DNG Converter 4.6 has been posted to for Mac and Windows. This will be the last Camera Raw update for CS3 customers and it includes support for raw formats from the following 15 camera models:

  • Canon 1000D (Digital Rebel XS/EOS Kiss F)
  • Canon 50D
  • Fuji FinePix IS Pro
  • Kodak EasyShare Kodak Z1015 IS
  • Leaf AFi II 6
  • Leaf AFi II 7
  • Leaf Aptus II 6
  • Leaf Aptus II 7
  • Nikon D700
  • Nikon D90
  • Nikon Coolpix P6000
  • Olympus SP-565 UZ
  • Pentax K2000 (K-m)
  • Sigma DP1
  • Sony A900

You won’t find this update listed on our traditional camera raw page as we are moving quickly towards updates specific to the Camera Raw 5 and the CS4 release. For our Lightroom customers, similar camera support can also be found in Lightroom 2.1 currently available on Adobe Labs as a Release Candidate.

47 Responses to Camera Raw 4.6 and DNG Converter Available

  1. dave says:

    Question: Why is this the last release supported in CS3. Is it a technical issue, or a ploy to further sales of CS4?[Dave, When we release a new version of Photoshop we update the technology and functionality in Camera Raw and cease updates for the older versions. This is the way Camera Raw has been updated since it was released during the Photoshop 7 cycle. No ploy, just business. -TH]

  2. kl says:

    I was hoping for support for the Panasonic LX3. Do you have any info on whether the support is on its way?I’m just hoping that I won’t be forced to upgrade to CS4 before being able to open LX3 RAW files 🙁[The last camera raw support update for CS3 does not include LX3 support. No estimate on when this may be available for Photoshop CS4 through Camera Raw 5. -TH]

  3. Matt from Australia says:

    Hey Dave,Any word on when Lightroom 2.1 is likely to be released?Seems odd to me that ACR 4.67 is out, but there doesn’t seem to be any movement at the LR station.IIRC, these two were traditionally released together.[Matt, as you mentioned, we typically release Lightroom and Camera Raw updates simultaneously or very close together. While we do have the Lightroom 2.1 release candidate available on, you would imagine that the final release would happen quite soon. -TH]

  4. Martyn says:

    Dave,How does Adobe justify dropping support for CS3 with regards to ACR? CS3 has only been out 1.5 years and presuming you purchased on the day of release that isn’t a great return on £480 worth of software.Granted I can still use CS3 but what do I do when just one of my photographers purchases a camera not supported in CS3?[Martyn, this has been the practice with every version of Photoshop since the first Camera Raw plug-in was introduced during Photoshop 7. Testing, supporting, and maintaining the Camera Raw technology for legacy versions of Photoshop is not our goal. -TH]

    • Jen says:

      Well then I guess a competing technology that converts new RAW files to files that can be supported by CS3 will have to be made. Shame Adobe is so obsessed with getting out a new version of software that they let their only slightly outdated software (and customers) languish in the wake.

  5. Geoff Weston says:

    Are you ever likely to add the Panasonic LX3 to the current RAW or are you expecting customers to buy CS4?[The last Camera Raw update for CS3 was Camera Raw 4.6 and it does not include support for the LX3. Camera Raw users will need to upgrade to CS4 in order to have access to future camera support. -TH]

  6. Matt Ginzton says:

    Another LX3 owner who wants to see its .RW2 files supported in Lightroom/Camera Raw. I don’t really care whether this is available in LR 1.x/CR 4.x or whether it’s only for the 2.x/5.x versions since I’ll upgrade anyway, but please bring this soon![Matt, we’re well aware of the need to add support for this camera. -TH]

  7. Allen Schlossman says:

    Regarding the lack of raw support for the LX3: I guess by “business” Tom H means “any opportunity we can force consumers to buy a whole new product instead of offering even minor support for a perfectly usable existing product, we will do so”. CS3 is not that old, and completely, wonderfully still perfectly usable to most of its users. To cease offering even minor updates or support for a program that many thousands of people still rely on, without any need for a whole new program is a slap in the face. I have absolutely no need to pay hundreds of dollars for an upgrade that doesn’t offer anything to me—however, I would like and expect Adobe to simply offer plug-in updates that keep my program compatible with digital cameras that have hit the market while CS3 is still in use.

  8. Santos says:

    Absolutely!I can’t emphasize more the last comment.

  9. casper says:

    when can i expect raw support for my lx3 – i’m tempted to take the camera back since i hate using their software.[Casper, no guarantees but we’re working to add support for the LX3 by the end of the year. -TH]

  10. Anders Blomqvist says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Allen Schlossman and Santos – it is really not acceptable to immediately discontinue support for previous Lightroom and CS3 versions. You are much worse than M$ – Win 98 support was only discontinued 5 years after XP was released. At work, I’m still using XP and Office 2003.I have planned to get the new Nikon D700, but that is not supported in Lighroom 1.4. This in practice means a hefty $155 additional price for the camera (I live in Europe, hence the steep upgrade price to LR 2) :-(BTW, the price discrimination of European customers is another thing I have no understanding for.

  11. Ed Knight says:

    Another vote for supporting the LX3. I use Lightroom 2.1 and sorely need the raw support for this camera.Next Lightroom upgrade?? Please Tom!

  12. Joseph Schutz says:

    I just bought a G10 only to discover CS3 does not support the RAW format and never will??????Why do I buy Photoshop at all?

  13. Gordon Webster says:

    I agree with the people who are pissed off with Adobe dumping RAW support for a version of PS that’s only 18 months old. I am really disappointed and saddened by this policy and may contemplate taking my future business elsewhere as a result.

  14. Eryn says:

    I am currently using CS3 at work so it looks like I will have to upgrade in order to receive support for my LX3. I wanted to be sure that Lightroom 2 will work with CS3 if/when Adobe adds support for my LX3.[The Lightroom Photoshop integration features will require the latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in for full compatibility. This will be Camera Raw 5.2 for the LX3 which is only available with CS4. -TH]

  15. tim says:

    I wonder if I am missing something?I have the LX3 (it’s mentioned on the Adobe site as being in the C.R. – 4.6 download), & having manually loaded the 2X ZIP files (DNG Camera RAW 4.6 and now the Camera RAW 5.1 (from this site’s link which contains a new Camera RAW 8BI that comes with the 5.1 download) onto C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS3\File Formats and having purged the Cashe, nothing!BooHoo!Please advise what I’m doing so wrong!ThanksTim[The LX3 proprietary raw format is not currently supported or referenced as supported on any Adobe web site. The camera’s raw format will be supported in November. -TH]

  16. Gregori Peck says:

    When rw2 for adobe?

  17. Ian says:

    I cannot believe what I am reading. Following the purchase of CS3 less than a year ago, I obtained the latest Camera RAW for supporting my Nikon D60. So what happens when I change cameras that are not listed in my current Camera RAW? Shell out for the next version of CS? I do not think so. What an appauling company. Perhaps trading standards would like to hear of this.

  18. Disappointed loyal Adobe user says:

    I forked out the cash to buy the Production Suite CS3 as a student and recently bought the Canon G10 only to find out that I wont be able to use it in Photoshop.Very Very dissapointed!! Why do I have to upgrade a complete PS version just to get CR Plugin support for G10 RAW.I dont need PS CS4 as the main upgrades are for 3D layers, etc and am very happy with CS3 for now.I am a loyal user of Adobe products especially AE and PS but very disapointed in the way they do business!!!!!

  19. Arnaud says:

    I bought CS3 at the end of August, installed in January. A month later, I heard that CS4 will be launched. OK, I will keep CS3 as I only need photoshop and considering that Adobe refuses to give me CS4 update.Today, I bought a Canon G10 and what is my surprize: Camera Raw does not support G10 and will not be updated.It is outrageous!

  20. Timo says:

    Hello, please release CS3 raw update soon. I just got LX-3 with superb features and then…! The premiere photo editing software (ok, just CS3 not CS4) will not open my camera files.Oh, my, god! I could not even imagine a situation like this. Adobe: get our act together soon, please./another disappointed Photoshop CS3 & Lightroom user[Timo, Photoshop CS4 already supports the LX-3 through Camera Raw 5.2. Camera Raw 4 as part of CS3 will not be updated with any additional support although you can use the free DNG Converter 5.2 to convert the files to a format that Camera Raw 4 will read. Lightroom 2.2 will be updated shortly with support for the LX-3. -TH]

  21. Fer says:

    Panasonic!! Adobe doenst give support for camera raw cs3 ussers. Adobe adobe adobe, very bad.

  22. Morgan says:

    Although I am disappointed to see that I can’t use CS3 for my new Canon Mark II, I’m more frustrated with Canon that Adobe- fellow posters- this is exactly why we should all be demanding a universal RAW format, such as DNG. I’ve written Canon- please do the same for your manufacturer. There is not a great reason to have a thousand constantly changing RAW formats.

  23. David Prime says:

    I have just purchased a Canon 5D Mk2 and discover that my Adobe CS3 extended is not going to be updated to include support for this camera; is this really true?Luckily I also have Aperture and therefore have there latest update for my Canon and can pass files from Aperture to CS3 but this really is not very satisfactory for a piece of software that cost nearly a £1000.

  24. Zach Stern says:

    I was shocked to learn that my hefty investment in Photoshop CS3 was wasted because it does not and will never support the Lumix LX3!!! Adobe really should offer some mechanism to add this capability – I would understand paying a small fee, but it is ridiculous to require purchase of an entire new product to obtain support for a new camera.[Zach, you can use the DNG Converter ( to convert the Lumix LX3 files the the DNG Format which is readable by Camera Raw 4 available in Photoshop CS3. Unfortunately, we do have an exception in our DNG file handling for that particular model that will increase the file size in the interim. Please read the note on the following page: -TH]

  25. anon says:

    And Adobe wonders why piracy is so rampant. Hmmm…I paid for CS3, and a year later, purchase a new camera, and can’t edit the camera’s RAW files without upgrading to CS4. You should at least offer ACR support for CS3 users as well. This is too soon of an update to justify dropping any support for it. That’s ridiculous. [This has been the policy since Camera Raw was introduced for Photoshop 7. You can use the freely available DNG converter to convert new raw file formats to a standardized format readable by Camera Raw 4 in Photoshop CS3. -TH]

  26. Yallu says:

    I wonder why Adobe is pissing on their own ankles? By not supporting the raw files of newer cameras on CS3 will affect on their sales.. CS4 is NOT THAT much better..

  27. jimgior says:

    Who cares if it’s been a policy since Photoshop 7, your clients are telling you it’s not a good policy. People are not stupid – you company is greedy. Let client upgrade because they want new features – not because you are holding them hostage.

  28. Charles U Farley says:

    What a load of crap… New Camera, and I expected it to work with CS3… I can see Adobe’s greed.. The camera was out before CS4 was released and no support for it.Pissed beyond belief.[FYI, Photoshop CS3’s last Camera Raw update included raw support for the vast majority of raw formats *shipping* at that time. -TH]

  29. VP says:

    I agree with all of the posts here that it is shameful that we can’t get simple plug-ins for our new cameras.I purchased CS3 in August 2008 only to find out that CS4 came out 2 months later! I have been desperately trying to figure out how to view my Mark II photos and see now from this forum that I can’t. Won’t be able to until I pay for the upgrade to CS4- which will also entail re-learning the new system!I agree with Yallu that we really don’t care that you have had this policy in place since whenever- it sucks as a policy![You can convert your files to DNG to open them in the Camera Raw 4 plug-in. -TH]

  30. John Lande says:

    I agree that this really sucks. In fact until CS4 was released I was able to open CR2 files from my Canon 5D Mark II then mysteriously that ability went away. Now I have to buy upgrade to CS4.I wonder what the outcry would be if all JPG files could no longer be viewed, edited by CS3 or CS2 users. Huh? This is not a policy matter, it is a good business common sense matter. My 2 cents and I’m disgusted with Adobe for this kind of piggy behavior. May the CEO suits and decision makers suffer the fate of all who screw the little people.[John, You cannot open 5D Mk II raw files in any version of Photoshop earlier than Photoshop CS4.(Not sure what application you were opening those files in before the capability “disappeared.”) The 5D Mk II only started shipping after Photoshop CS4 was available. Your analogy to JPEG files is incorrect because that format is publicly documented and did not originate or change after the appearance of the latest version of Photoshop. Please feel free to use the DNG converter to convert, then open those files in previous version of Photoshop, free of charge. -TH]

  31. Dominique says:

    I just purchased a Canon G10 with all the intention to use Photoshop CS3 for my work. To my very big surprise Photoshop does not recognize CR2 files.What is the solution to be able to work my CR2 files (raw files) from my Canon G10 in Photoshop CS3?I hope you have the answer to my question.[Dominique, the G10 started shipping after we released CS4 so if you’d like to view the proprietary raw file in Photoshop you’ll need to upgrade to Photoshop CS4. You can also use the Adobe DNG Converter 5.3 ( to convert the proprietary raw files to DNG to read them in Camera Raw 4 in Photoshop CS3. -TH]

  32. susan Schelling says:

    Ok, I am among the dinasours…I need to convert Canon 50D images and I am still in CS2. Is there a DNG converter to download? [ -TH]

  33. Mike Leonard says:

    That Adobe doesn’t offer Camera raw support to older versions of their software as a ‘practice’ is Not entirely true as evidenced by their support of upgrading the Raw for both Elements 7 and the legacy version 6. Try as they may it’s tough to unring this bell.I have to believe CS3 has a bit more power than Elements 6 when it comes to RAW. I wish Adobe would release just one more version for CS3 – this would certainly solve a lot of problems and win them some brownie points.[Photoshop Elements 7 was not generally available when the Camera Raw 5 plug-in started shipping with Photoshop CS4. It is Adobe’s practice to support the most current version of each product that utilizes the Camera Raw plug-in. This means that Camera Raw 5 needed to work with Photoshop Elements 6. Do you think it would be good practice to stop supporting new raw file formats for Photoshop Elements customers and require that they upgrade to a new version that isn’t available yet? -TH]

  34. Michael Gockel says:

    i’m another very frustrated G10/CS3 be honest, when i was a student, i always used the latest version of photoshop. illegaly. that i’m earning money, i bought CS3, but i didn’t make the upgrade to CS4, because i thought it offered not enough for me to justify the upgrade price. i planned to take the next major upgrade.couple of weeks ago i got a new camera and i can’t use it with photoshop? this is soooo sad, adobe. unfortunately this is not the only bad experience i’ve had with your company since i’m a paying was all better and more comfortable when i was using cracked software. you should think about that.(and yes, i know about the DNG converter… )

  35. Derek Thomas says:

    Like a lot of large business’s these days. They merely pay lip service to the concerns of loyal customers and followers. And Adobe is no different in this policy. The constant drive to offer newer products, and then alienate the many loyal users, is a decision made in the interest of the shareholders and business leaders. Why continue to support a product that no longer brings in an income? This is straight forward business sense. Employing resources to write updates for obsolete software? No matter how many of us are users of CS3. And then patronise us by declaring that we always do this with new version. I haven’t once heard a word in favour of the millions of CS3 fans. Down right disgusting, Adobe should be ashamed of themselves. (but they won’t be!!)There is never any justification for piracy, but this is hardly the attitude that would serve to reduce it. So look for other titles that can produce the results. How many of us comprehensively make use of the overwhelming array of CS tools anyway. The answer, if Adobe don’t listen, is to vote with your feet……

  36. Philip says:

    No G10 support for CS3?Well, I’m buying a new computer soon for which I was going to buy the latest version of CS. Based on this policy you have just lost a customer for life.

  37. Jamie says:

    I’d like to add my complaint to all those above. Having paid the high price for genuine adobe software I expect it to be supported with minor compatibility updates for several years. It’s a disgraceful attitude from Adobe. I suppose they think they can treat their customers poorly simply because there is limited competition. Well, goodbye Adobe, from here on in I will be using pirated versions and encouraging everyone I know to do likewise. If you want to rip us off then we will do the same to you.

  38. DrG says:

    This is ridiculous. Why would Adobe drop support for a product that is just two years old? Why would anyone purchase a legitimate copy of Photoshop when they won’t support their customer base (especially when you can download a cracked version so easily). Adobe, I support you by actually buying Photoshop but with the upgrade from my D40 to a D5000, I see you don’t support me. Just because you have always done something one way, doesn’t mean that you should always do it that way in the future. That is a very lame justification – especially when it so obviously ticks off your customers. Cameras are getting cheap and upgrades are going to happen yearly. If Adobe can’t support their customers, then I would be first to encourage their customers not to support Adobe.Come on Adobe, quit being so petty. I paid a bundle for your software. tell me why I should continue to do so by way of upgrades when I will upgrade my camera only to find that your software is broken (hey, if it doesn’t work when we know darn well that it can, it’s broken)

  39. David Vaughan says:

    I have to agree with DrG… all this upgrade nonsense is wearing me out. Great… you got us all using your software; now you meet us half way and ensure it all works. My problem is reading NEF files out of a D5000. Latest work-around for NEF images (using the DNG converter) is a bust too. Nothing I try seems to work, always the “can’t parse” excuse. Can anyone enlighten me on a solution? I have mac CS3 currently (afraid to upgrade to 4 because I know I’ll be burned for CS5 10 minutes later).

  40. Jon says:

    just got a 5dmkii and V frustrated my cs3 won’t open the cr2 raw files in cs3.I have read elsewhere that adobe did release a converter later that 4.6 which would open 5dmkii files for cs3 but removed it shortly after. Does anyone have this file?read it here: also don’t think using the DNG converter is a satisfactory solution on a number of levels.[The Canon 5D Mk II started shipping after Photoshop CS4 began shipping.(Please note when cameras first start shipping not when they announce as there is usually a large gap between those two dates and the announcement date is meaningless in terms of our ability to add raw file format support) We provided as much camera support for Photoshop CS3 as possible including a Camera Raw 4 plug-in update released only days before we shipped Photoshop CS4 but once we need to start supporting the new version of Photoshop and the new Camera Raw plug-in, we’re unable to return to previous versions of the plug-in to add additional support. Contrary to the conspiracy theory you reference, the 5D Mk II was never supported in the Camera Raw 4 plug-in as part of Photoshop CS3. -TH]

  41. Jon says:

    Dear TH,Thank you for your response and even though I understand your position I think that even when you have a new release it is politic to continue support for a reasonable amount of time for the last release which, also considering cost of an upgrading to new versions, I’m not convinced is the case. I very much appreciate your taking the time to respond. Also clearing up the ‘conspiracy theory’ notion of a update being retracted not actually being the case.However, I have been a long term user of adobe software and on the whole its excellent and a pleasure to use. I will continue to use it and even though I am not intending upgrading yet because of this issue and cost constrictions I hope to in the regardsJon

  42. Dean says:

    After reading those posts i am appaulled that Adobe still dont seem to care about consumer concerns.You can go back and release an update nut clearly do not want to, so that people need to spend another $500+ on CS4.Any other smart business operator especially in I.T releases updates to keep consumers on side and feel supported. Your responses make poor business sense and are pathetic really!Looking forward to another company taking over your market one day….. it will happen.

  43. jackdab says:

    Guys,Like many of you I am stuck with my Canon 5D MKII and cannot read my raw files. Good news is you can forget updating Photoshop for good and their poor business standards. Download the new Phocus 2.5 software from Hasselblad. Its a marvelous piece of software and it handles all kinds of Raw files. More interesting: Its is free.

  44. Gina says:

    I have the Lightroom 2.7 and Photoshop CS3. I used the DNG converter in Lightroom to convert the RW2 Raw files from my Lumix LX3 to DNG format and it works fine in Lightroom. However, when I try to open this DNG file with Photoshop CS3, I receive an error message that the file is not compatible and it can not be opened! I’ve tried converting other RAW files from my LX3 (with Lightroom) and reopening with CS3 and I get the same results, can’t open the file! I thought the DNG format was ‘universal’ so my CS3 should be able to open it, but it can’t. 🙁 Any suggestions? Thanks.

  45. mystafyxa says:

    Isnt it interesting that each of the photoshop products is vertually the same as the previous one, minor changes etc. Its almost as if you change the product just to confound new camerasales. You keep saying “this is what we’ve done since the start” This does not make it right. If someone buys the creative suite its a big investment, by the time you’ve figured out the nuances you have to buy another one. that means another colour fx pro, another silver efex, and so on. I will be waiting until about Photoshop 76 before I buy another creative suite from you guys. the Nikon software looks like a nice alternative!!

  46. Jacob says:

    download adobe 4.6 update at:

    unzip file and then replace the raw plugin that photoshop cs3 uses in the folder:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS3\File Formats

    overwrite file (backup old one just in case) and start photoshop, my nikon d90 raw files load again thank you Adobe!