Lightroom 2.1 and Camera Raw 5.1 Now Available

Lightroom 2.1 (Mac, Win), Camera Raw 5.1 (Mac, Win) and the DNG Converter 5.1 are now available on  Both releases include new camera support for the following models:

Canon EOS 1000D (Digital Rebel XS/EOS Kiss F)
Canon EOS 50D
Fuji FinePix IS Pro
Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS
Leaf AFi II 6
Leaf AFi II 7
Leaf Aptus II 6
Leaf Aptus II 7
Nikon D700
Nikon D90
Nikon Coolpix P6000
Olympus SP-565 UZ
Pentax K2000 (K-m)
Sigma DP1
Sony A900

Lightroom 2.1 also includes a number of fixes for issues that were introduced with the Lightroom 2.0 release. The details of those fixes are listed in the Read Me file associated with the update.  I’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the release candidate of Lightroom 2.1 that was posted to Adobe Labs.

The beta versions of the Camera Profiles and DNG Profile Editor on Adobe Labs have also both been updated.  The Profile update includes additional profiles and incremental improvements to the previous beta profiles.  The DNG Profile Editor update includes minor enhancements.

13 Responses to Lightroom 2.1 and Camera Raw 5.1 Now Available

  1. RH Cosgrove says:

    From the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.1 Readme: “Adobe applications must be updated with the Camera Raw 5.1 plug-in in order to ensure compatibility with Lightroom 2 develop module settings.”Since Camera Raw 4.6 is the last update for Photoshop CS3, does this portend any potential problems when going back-and-forth between Lightroom 2.1 and Photoshop CS3? Does this essentially mandate an upgrade to Photoshop CS4 to obtain full compatibility in Lightroom 2.1?[RH, Camera Raw 4.6 will represent all of the adjustments you’ve made in Lightroom 2 but you won’t be able to adjust the new local adjustments or post crop vignettes in the Camera Raw experience. That’s the extent of the lack of compatibility. -TH]

  2. Karsten Jensen says:

    After having gone from LR2.0 to 2.1 I still use Camera RAW 4.6 in LR2.1 – how can I upgrade the 5.1 in LR?[Karsten, the latest version of Camera Raw is built into Lightroom, no need to update the plug-in. -TH]

  3. Joop Snijder says:

    Hi,The Camera Raw 5.1 page does not describe how to install the new Camera Raw in Lightroom 2.1. Can you tell me how to update?Thanks,Joop[Joop, Lightroom includes the latest Camera Raw code. -TH]

  4. Vini says:

    Hi, what this update bring to Nikon D700 RAW files as it seemed to be already supported by the original LR2 version?[D700 support hasn’t changed, we have just updated our support status to “official” given that we were able to fully test our support with a physical camera. -TH]

  5. Nigel Andrews says:

    Just downloaded the 2.1 update. I currently have the 2.1 RC loaded. I run the installer, it loads and completes. But when I launch it it still shows on the splash panel tha tit’s the 2.1 RC version? [Feel free to uninstall Lightroom 2.1 RC and make sure that you’re not clicking on an old shortcut. -TH]

  6. David Eagle says:

    Thanks for the update on LR2.1, unfortunately its still dog slow, especially with localised adjustments. Are there further performance changes yet to come that will take us back to LR1.4 performance?[Can you be more specific? As I mentioned in the readme, we’re still working on localized adjustment performance. Everything else about Lightroom should be faster than Lightroom 1.4. -TH]

  7. SILENCE says:

    Do I need to re-install 2.1 if I am still using 2.1 RC1 ?

  8. Jarno says:

    Does Camera RAW 5.1 work with LightRoom (2.1)? How do I install the update? There are only two .8bi -files (32bit & 64bit) in the ZIP-file. I use LR 2.1[Jarno, Lightroom includes all of the Camera Raw code you require. We recommend that Photoshop CS4 customers update to Camera Raw 5.1. Photoshop CS3 customers should update to Camera Raw 4.6. -TH]

  9. Tim says:

    Please add RH’s question about CS3 and the resulting answer in the README and knowledgebase. It took me almost half an hour to find this answer.

  10. Michael says:

    Does Lightroom 2.0 support the .NRW Nikon P6000 RAW format? If not – when? Thanks![Michael, yes, Lightroom 2 does support the P6000 raw format. You can always check the following page for Lightroom 2 camera support and be sure to update to the latest version of Lightroom which is currently version 2.1. -TH

  11. Mike Browning says:

    Will Lightroom 2 read RAW images from the Canon 5D Mark II?Thanks,Mike Browning[It already does. Check for updates from the Help menu. -TH]

  12. John Warden says:

    I have just purchased a Canon 5D Mr II and am looking to a patch or upgrade for Photoshop Elements 6. Can you help?[Please visit the camera raw page for more details. -TH]

  13. Gary Von Neida says:

    Just purchased a Nikon P-7000 that uses the NRW Raw format. I currently use both Aperature 2 and Lightroom 2. What plug in’s, if any , are available?