Photoshop CS4 with Camera Raw 5 Now Shipping

The 5th major iteration of the Camera Raw plug-in is now shipping as part of Photoshop CS4.  Camera Raw 5 has a number of new features:

  • Local adjustment brush
  • Graduated Filter
  • “Post Crop” Vignetting
  • Opacity for the cloning/healing tool
  • Improved Auto Adjustment
  • Support for the new Camera Profiles that are still in beta form

The Camera Raw code is the ‘engine’ that drives the non-destructive adjustments in Lightroom’s Develop module so you’ll see that the two products are now aligned in terms of image adjustment capabilities. 

Camera Raw 5.0 is installed automatically with Photoshop CS4 so there’s no update process beyond installing Photoshop.  One important note is that the new camera support added in the last Camera Raw update for CS3 is not currently available in Camera Raw 5.0.  We’ll be providing a Camera Raw 5.1 update next week that will include additional camera support. 

12 Responses to Photoshop CS4 with Camera Raw 5 Now Shipping

  1. Al Golub says:

    Tom, maybe you have discussed this already but I want to know when Lightgroom 2.0 will use the new ARC 5.0 or 5.1? Along with Photojournalism I teach Lightroom at a local junior college.Old Al[Al, Lightroom 2.0 is already based on the equivalent of the Camera Raw 5.0 code. The Lightroom 2.1 release is aligned with the Camera Raw 5.1 release. -TH]

  2. Paul Simison says:

    When might I expect a raw converter for the Canon G10?Thanks[I’ll let you know on this blog when we have support for the G10 in Lightroom and Camera Raw. -TH]

  3. Troy says:

    Curious, before I upgrade. Will CS4 with ACR 5.0 and Lightroom 2.0 with its Gradient, burn, clone tools be completely cross-compatible? Can I edit in either one and then edit in the other if I choose as well.Thanks!Troy[Yes, completely cross-compatible. -TH]

  4. Nick says:

    Tom, Pleased to see the new support coming; will you be able to offer Canon G10 RAW support / 50D / 5D MkII in the 5.1 release? I’m using RC 2.1 and CS4 Master collection is due here any day.Nick[Nick, no specifics just yet. -TH]

  5. Jason says:

    Does the fact that you are releasing ACR 5.1 for CS4 only mean you will no longer be providing ACR updates for CS3?[Yes. -TH]

  6. Don says:

    Will LR 2.x take advantage of the video card processing capability that CS4 has?[Don, Lightroom uses the GPU or video card processing to the extent that it will help us display images as quickly as possible. But ultimately, no, the new GPU acceleration available in Photoshop CS4 is not a feature of LIghtroom. -TH]

  7. Derrick de Alwis says:

    I recently got the canon G10 but find that I cannot open the Raw files in CS3 or CS4. Will there be a plug in for this soon ? How can I get it ?ThanksDerrickSingapore[Derrick, we add new camera support on a regular basis and the G10 is definitely on our list for a future update for Photoshop CS4. Just keep Adobe’s Automatic Update Manager turned on and you’ll see the release as soon as it’s available. -TH]

  8. Joseph Schutz says:

    When will CS3 support the Canon G10?[Photoshop CS3 will not receive a Camera Raw update to support the G10. You will be able to use the DNG Converter 5.2 update to convert G10 proprietary raw files to DNG and read them via Camera Raw 4.6 in Photoshop CS3. The DNG Converter 5.2 update is not currently available but will be released in November. -TH]

  9. Please, please, please, give us an update so we can know when to expect support for g10 raw conversions!

  10. stuart mullenberg says:

    Hey all…if you’ve been following this thread as closely as I have, you’ll be happy to know that version 5.2 of Adobe’s DNG converter was released yesterday and claims to do G10 raw conversions. I’m downloading it now, and if I have trouble I’ll let you know in another post

  11. Ed Cowan says:

    Upon renumbering during export lightroom begins at 1 then 2, etc.It confuses printers commercial printers with this numbering and wedding proofs come out jumbled with about every tenth print being misplaced.Will Lightroom plan a modification for numbering exported files with the standard 00001 then 00002 sequencing?[Ed, you can set up to 5 digit sequences in the export dialog. Try editing the file naming template and change the sequence selection to ‘00001’ -TH]

  12. Gerald Mitchell says:

    I have a new Canon 60D camera, but it is not supported by Photoshop CS4 ro Camera Raw. Will it ever be?