March User Group Event

The Twin Cities Lightroom User Group will meet this Wednesday, March 11, 2009, from 7-9PM.

Topics and speakers include:

Rikk Flohr, professional photographer and trainer, will discuss installing and configuring a custom PayPal web gallery in Lightroom’s Web Module.

Steve Bye, Adobe Certified Instructor and Lightroom beta tester, will share some Library/Develop tips and tricks.

Jeff Tranberry, Photoshop Product Lead and Lightroom Evangelist, will talk about 3rd party plug-ins, Plug-in Manager, and the community around Lightroom Extensibility.

More information on the group’s website and Facebook page.

2 Responses to March User Group Event

  1. fretbuzz says:

    Any chance of getting a blog post or other info on the “installing and configuring a custom PayPal web gallery in Lightroom’s Web Module” speech by Rikk Flohr?[I’ll talk to Rikk and see what we can do. – JT]

  2. Igor Levicki says:

    Sorry for a slight offtopic but I couldn’t find another way to contact you.Since you guys do not want to enable real plugin API (like the one in Photoshop) for Lightroom, and using external applications is cumbersome and slow I have an alternative idea.How about exposing some hooks for developers from Camera RAW itself?We need the following:1. Noise Reduction hooksThere can be two of them — one before demosaicing for those who want to process completely RAW data, and one at the same place in the processing pipeline where your own noise reduction is. Basically, whichever hook developers chose to use built-in noise reduction gets replaced. Of course the user should be able to chose which one they want to use.2. Tone mapping hookIt should be able to access full dynamic range from the camera (16-bit) and to replace existing brightness/contrast/blacks/exposure/curves.That way plugins such as Tone Mapping by Photomatix would be possible. They can give better results because they are able to perform local contrast adaptation/smoothing.Exposing those hooks in Camera RAW instead of in Lightroom would allow you to keep non-destructive editing paradigm, and we could still expand the functionality and avoid passing a lot of data through the HDD which is the slowest part of a computer. What do you say? Is it doable?