Lightroom Tweets

Melissa Gaul, Lightroom Technical Evangelist and the Melissa in MelissaRGB, has begun posting nuggets of Lightroom goodness to Twitter.

Other Lightroom team members on Twitter (in a personal and/or professional capacity):

Eric Scouten – Computer Scientist
Tom Hogarty – Product Manager
Troy Gaul – Project Lead
Philip Clevenger – Experience Design Manager
Kevin Tieskoetter – Computer Scientist
Jeffrey Tranberry – Photoshop QE Product Lead & Lightroom Evangelist

Adobe TV tweets updates to free video content featuring expert insight, tips and tricks for Adobe products including Lighroom.

For those interested, Serge Jespers has compiled a list of Adobeans on Twitter here.

3 Responses to Lightroom Tweets

  1. Lyn Fisher says:

    Looking for a good book for using Lightroom. I want a lot of focus on the DAM aspect. Any suggestions?

  2. Sarah Lomax says:

    HiI have recently purchased Lightroom 2. Have also purchased two books – Martin Evening’s Lightroom book and Peter Krogh’sDigital Asset Management for Photographers. The latter was recommended by Evening. I have read the relevant chapters in both books and check Lightroom’s online help but still don’t fully understand the archival process. I have a new iMac with a 1TB hard drive, so am not unduly concerned at the moment that I will run out of space to store my photos, but know that at some point in the future I will need to move photos/files off my iMac onto some kind of external drive in order to free up HD space.Have just had a go moving a couple of photos on to a CD using Lightroom’s Export command. This worked fine – the two photos were still appearing in my iMac’s Lightroom Catalog and when I clicked on ‘Show in Finder’, Lightroom told me the photos were on an un-named CD. But what would happen if I did the same with a large number of files? I understand that I would need to have ‘Export negative files’ and ‘Include available previews’ ticked as I did so. It’s at this point that I don’t understand what happens. I am thinking ahead, potentially years hence. What if, for example, I wanted to find photos which I took 10 years ago which I had moved to an external drive? Would the thumbnails/metadata still be showing in my Lightroom Catalog on my iMac and would Lightroom tell me if I clicked on ‘Show in Finder’ what device the original file/s were stored on?It’s really important that I understand the archiving process properly so that I can find photos easily in the future.Thanks in advance

  3. cordia says:

    if i have an external hard drive that contains backups of my iPhoto library, how can i import these into Lightroom? LR won’t let me select those iphoto libraries as an import option.also, i keep starting catalogs and then not being able to find them…???thank you so much