Lightroom 3 beta now available

The Lightroom team is proud to introduce the third public beta program of our application designed by and for digital photographers. We’ve come a long way since our very first public beta on January 9th 2006 at MacWorld.(We didn’t even have a crop tool in the first release!) For this latest release we went back to the drawing board and revisited what we believe are the fundamental priorities of our customers: Performance and Image Quality. Lightroom has been stripped down to the “engine block” in order to rebuild a performance architecture that meets the needs of photographers with growing image collections and increasing megapixels. The raw processing engine has also received an overhaul right down to the fundamental demosaic algorithms that now allows unprecedented sharpening and noise reduction results.

Revisiting the success of the first Lightroom public beta, we want to provide photographers with early access to this new technology so that we have adequate time to respond to feedback. While we’re not going all the way back to a 14 month, 4 version public beta like we did for Lightroom 1, we do want more flexibility than we had in our public beta for Lightroom 2. Here are a few key details on what we’re looking for feedback on:

We’ve redesigned the Lightroom import experience to make it much easier to visualize how Lightroom allows you to manage your files. You’ll be able to see exactly where you’ve asked Lightroom to copy your files off your card and then use import presets in compact mode to get fast repeatable results every time. You can also quickly browse your hard drive to find exactly the right file you need to work on.

Publish Collections
We live in a connected world so you need direct access to publish your photos on your favorite sharing site from directly within the Lightroom Library. In the Lightroom 3 public beta we’re providing direct access to the Flickr photo sharing site so that adding images to your Photostream is as simple as a drag and drop. You can see all of your uploaded images and if you make any changes to those images you can have them updated on Flickr automatically.(Pro accounts only) When a visitor comments on your images, Lightroom can pull that comment right back into the Library so that you can see feedback on your files where it belongs, next to the image in your Lightroom library. We’ve built this functionality with the same extensibility designed for our Export Plug-ins so if Flickr isn’t your cup of tea we’re working hard to support developers who can create connections to any of the popular photo sharing sites. Publish collections can do more than just publish to a photo sharing site. You can have a publish collection that allows you to publish images to my iPhone sync folder with drag and drop simplicity.

Image Quality
Sharpening and Noise Reduction
In the Develop module we’ve focused on tuning our raw processing algorithms to extract incredible detail and quality from your images. Capture sharpening and Color Noise Reduction improvements work together to give you incredible noise reduction results without losing that fine detail. We’re only halfway through our noise reduction efforts but believe that you will be very pleased with the results so far. We’ve actually disabled the previous Luminance Noise Reduction so that you can focus on evaluating the Color Noise reduction implementation.

While Lightroom’s improved noise reduction will give you incredibly smooth images, sometimes you want a little texture or grain in your images. We’ve added a grain tool that can add a natural film-style grain to your images to get that perfect look for your photo.

The Lightroom team received quite a bit of feedback on our post-crop vignette tool in Lightroom 2 that allows photographers to apply beautifully styled vignettes after cropping is applied. While the tool was received quite well, we found that photographers wanted a more natural vignette that utilized an exposure or brightness effect rather than just painting black and white on the edges of images. We’ve added two vignette modes in Lightroom 3 beta, Color Priority and Highlight Priority that attempt to provide the natural vignette that photographers have requested. Let’s not get hung up on the technical details of these models but rather focus on which you prefer for your images and why.

Process Version
The changes above are so significant that for the first time since the Camera Raw plug-in was introduced in 2003, we’ve needed to add the concept of a process version. The process version specifies which version of certain Camera Raw image processing elements should be used when rendering and editing files. Process version can affect raw, DNG, TIFF, JPEG, and PSD files. The process version is incremented only when major changes to the raw processing or features are changed. In Lightroom 3, the demosaicing, noise reduction, sharpening, and post crop vignette were all updated. Depending on what is applied to the image, different image characteristics will change more dramatically than others (i.e. sharpening should change sharpening characteristics etc.), but the demosaic changes apply across the board, so there will always be some change. By default, we’ll leave your images just as they were but if you want to take advantage of the latest processing technology, just update to the current process version. You can update to the latest process version by selecting the notification triangle that includes an exclamation point above the left hand side of the histogram. (Or from the Settings -> Process Version file menu available in the Develop module) By default, all new files in Lightroom 3 beta will receive the latest process version.

Slideshow Export
One of the most elegant ways to present your images is in a slideshow accompanied by music. But until now, you could only share that slideshow with music when playing it directly from within the Lightroom application. But with Lightroom 3 we’ve added the ability to export high quality movie files that include your detailed layout and the music track you’ve selected. By utilizing the popular H.264 movie format you can share these movies on many popular video sharing sites or optimize it for mobile media!

Custom Print Package
Lightroom 3 adds a new custom layout option for photographers who need complete control over their print layouts. Add as many different images in whatever configuration you desire on a single or multiple pages.

Lightroom 3’s new watermarking function lets you embed your identity or other information in your images themselves. You can apply text or graphic watermarks to a photograph with adjustable size, position, and opacity. Available in the Print and Web modules as well as the Export dialog, your identity can now travel with all of your images.

What’s Next?
We’re not even close to finished in terms of features, performance or image quality but we want early feedback on our improvements so that we have time to make sure Lightroom 3 is your ideal workflow assistant.

Additional Details

  • On Mac, the ‘hit zone’ for the right scroll bar in the grid view has been expanded so that a closed right hand panel doesn’t automatically open too easily. The automatic panel opening experience has been modified so that it takes a longer amount of time for the panel to open in cases of overshooting the scrollbar. (Mouse towards the white triangle for instant opening) Please provide feedback on this new behavior so that it can be modified or added to the Windows version of Lightroom.
  • Images can be sorted by aspect ratio
  • The catalog selection dialog has been expanded and improved


  • You can backup your catalog when you quit Lightroom instead of on launch
  • A volume can be ejected or un-mounted from your system directly from the volume browser in the Library module.
  • Collections can be created directly within a collection set by right-clicking on the collection set
  • Images can be sorted by aspect ratio
  • The name of a collection is displayed when an image is added to a target collection
  • Stack badges can now be toggled on or off independently in the filmstrip via an interface preference
  • Erasing with the spray paint tool now requires the use of the Alt key
  • Select a folder in the Library module and choose a new option “Import to here” to launch the import dialog with that folder preselected as the destination
  • The import dialog provides source folder and destination volume capacity information
  • The option to include items from subfolders has been included in the primary Folder panel drop down menu
  • Choose Library -> Show Missing Images to locate offline or missing files
  • A lock icon has been added to the metadata filter bar in the Library module to make filter selections “global” across folders or collections
  • An icon has been added to grid thumbnails to indicate that an image is part of a collection. Click on that icon to view and/or visit the collection
  • Favorite sources can be added to the filmstrip source pop-up menu for quick access to specific collections or folders
  • Flash state is now included as part of the smart collection filter criteria
  • When the ‘spray can’ is used to add an image to a collection, the collection name is now displayed upon application
  • The optimize catalog feature is now available in the File menu
  • Lightroom now imports CMYK files. Any output, with the exception of export original, or adjustments to these images will take place in an RGB color space
  • Filters are now longer automatically “sticky” on folders or collections


  • Crop presets choices have been edited for clarity
  • A checkbox has been added to the toolbar to turn on/off overlay visibility
  • All adjustment brush and graduated filter sliders can be reset by holding down Option/Alt and clicking on Amount
  • The color setting for the adjustment brush and graduated filter clearly display an ‘x’ overlay when no color is selected
  • The Collections panel is now available in the Develop Module
  • The targeted adjustment tool is deactivated when switching to a new Develop panel
  • The local adjustment brush and graduated filter panel have been simplified to a single mode (Previously there was a button and slider ‘mode’)


  • The music selection in the Slideshow module has been decoupled from iTunes on the Mac
  • Click the track duration to sync the length of the slideshow to the length of the music track


  • Black or a custom color can be selected for a print layout background
  • The Identity Plate can be moved in small increments by selecting it and using the arrow keys
  • Match photo aspect ratio is now a persistent option in the Cell panel


  • The file extension case(UPPER/lower) can be selected in the export dialog

Full release notes are located here:

146 Responses to Lightroom 3 beta now available

  1. Kurtis Kronk says:

    Cool stuff – just watched the videos.One thing I’m wondering – any shot of getting an easy way to sync catalogs between multiple systems in LR3? For example, between my MacBookPro and MacPro, or between a couple of MacPro systems in a studio environment?

  2. As a product manager in the valley and a professional photographer, I can’t wait to play with the Beta. I love that you are reworking the architecture in light of the unfortunate megapixel race as well as providing a grain option (I’ve been using photoshop for that).One feature I’d love to get is the ability to have presets be relative (e.g. add a stop to exposure) as opposed to absolute. It might be a little weird for some, but for me I like to tweak the exposure and white balance (for example) and then apply a preset that overexposes and warms up the image a bit.Once again, thanks for the Beta program.

  3. I can’t wait to play with the Beta! I love the idea of a grain feature and look forward to the better vignetting.One thing I’d love to see in Lightroom is the ability to add keywords in the Develop module as well as in the Library – even in one of the menus. I’m always wanting to add which preset I’ve used into the keywords, but don’t want to have to switch to Library to do it. I also love the idea of relative presets that Phat Photographer mentioned – I could totally use that!Thanks again!

  4. JJFlash64 says:

    Great nGreat improvements! I’m particularly excited about printing and slideshow module!There are still 2 things which keeps me using Apple Aperture:- Library visible in Front Row and possibility to share it via iTunes with Apple TV. I wish that be possible with Lightroom- Still left side of the screen layout is a bit messy to me. All projects, catalogues, collections – all that is much more clear in Aperture. I can see there the whole “tree” from up to down while in Lightroom this is a bit hidden to me. Plus the import arrow in Aperture which shows clearly from where and to which place photos will be imported is something I really miss in Lightroom.But nevertheless congratulations. Great improvements.

  5. Nice new features, but native tethered shooting support is still missing. This is a big disappointment, especially for Nikon users.

  6. Markus says:

    Thanks a lot for the changes, looks very good so far!- The Retouch Brush tool in LR2 was a huge step already and I appreciate this tool a lot. I used to work with Nikon Capture a lot and the U-Point Tech is such a great and time saving tool that I miss a lot.Any chance to get a U-point in LR3.- It would extremly usefull to have FILL LIGHT, BLACK and RECOVERY on the retouch brush- How about a freeform and a radial Graduated Filter Tool. I live in Switzerland and we have lots of mountains and the gradient tool doesn’t work very well for me with all the peaks and hills.-it would be also helpfull sometimes to be able to compare more than 2 pics and zoom in on them.thanks again for the amazing software and thanks for improving. It made my life much easier already!

  7. David Naylor says:

    “Filters are now longer automatically “sticky” on folders or collections”YAY! But can I make them sticky across folders?

  8. Great news. I’ll be trying this out next week.One thing I would request though: When synchronising folders within the disk tree (like importing missing photos), can LR be configured to import empty folders into the catalogue? I often create folder trees programmatically, outside of LR, then want to place files into these folders.Currently I have to copy a sample image into each folder, import the images, then delete them all, leaving just the empty folders. This is a bit of a faff, and takes longer than just importing the empty folders. I would imagine it could be a checkbox so that users not like me could switch it off.

  9. Stecki says:

    Really great news, especially the better performance!One thing I really miss though would be face recognition/auto person tagging like in picasa 3.5 (which is unusable in almost all other aspects).

  10. Arno says:

    New stuff looking good. Haven’t had the time to install and run the Beta yet, so I don’t know what other things are new or implemented other than what’s mentioned in the release info.Has anything happened to the cross-catalog compatibility in regards to the smart collections?If images in different catalogs are part of the same smart collection, will all images show in all catalogs?Identity plate sticks? Or does it still default to the Lightroom text in new catalogs?Instead of the need to open a new catalog and having to copy old images that I want to leave in this new catalog, is there a File-Save Catalog As function in the software?Running the scanner for scanning pictures/slides straight from Lightroom instead of having to go through Photoshop first?

  11. pwnell says:

    PLEASE allow us to create stacks in smart collections. It drives me insane to have to go to a catalogue or real folder before the stacking option is visible. I want to be able to create stacks from any location – even smart collections and collections designated as target collections.

  12. Jan Morovic says:

    I have just tried the new noise processing and it is great! The question I now have is whether I will be able to import the work I’d do in LR3 Beta into the release version of LR3 and then merge it with my LR2 catalogue. I love the LR3 processing but am hesitant to switch to it if I then end up with two catalogues that I cannot consolidate in the final LR3.Thanks.

  13. +1 for relative presets, it would increase usefulness immensely.It would be nice to have some kind of “copy tone” and “paste tone” that converges the image(s) tone to the one copied.Tagging in Develop mode would be nice, but I don’t mind switching modes.Speaking of switching modes, cmd+alt+1 and cmd+alt+2 is quite complicated. I use e to switch to Collection and twice r to get back to Develop.I miss custom shapes for local adjustments, i.e. a path tool, and some simple algorithms for making selections illegible, e.g. for license plates.I would also suggest to provide a detailed feedback form (especially on new features) with the chance to get a free version of LR3 for those participating. You’ll definitely get more feedback this way. :-)Thanks for this great piece of software.

  14. Ron says:

    Hi Tom,Great news…Go Adobe!I have but one question,I noticed in system requirements it saidXP with sp3Does this mean it wont work with XP sp2?Ron

  15. vit says:

    Sorry but there was a hope to beat Phaseone’s Capture One…Nope. Where are these features?1. Tethering with the overlay.2. Delicate developing sliders: compare Clarity with the one in Capture One!3. Profiles. Compare how C1 does RAW processing, compare the results…Sad, LR seems remain the same – cool and fast – but just a catalogue software…

  16. The skin tone selection of Capture One would be a great addition to LR, but zooming and scrolling an image is much more intuitive in Lightroom.

  17. timofej says:

    I wish so much that you could implement more control for sharpening during the export. Let us choose amount and radius!

  18. Bob Pappas says:

    Lightroom team:Congrats on your next public beta and here’s to a great LR 3 release!Well done!-Bob Pappas

  19. jitpleecheep says:

    Pleeease (with sugar on top) include email in the Publish Services menu.

  20. Christian Schormann says:

    Have you done any performance work with large image collections? I tried LR with a collection > 100k images, but it got too slow for practical work. I’d love to use LR for everything else it does….

  21. Taksta says:

    I’ve 2 asks – Can we have face recognition/tagging as per iphoto or picasa – Keywording people names into LR is still a real pain and any automated help would make a big difference. Is there a way to have multiple catalogs sync across many systems. Ideally I’d like to have the ability to use LR on both my desktop and my laptop when travelling…

  22. Jeremy says:

    Tom- any chance of adding video support for LR catalogs? With all the DSLRs shooting video now, I think its needed. Bridge downloads videos from your cards, but LR ignores them completely.

  23. casimir says:

    Will we find in the Lightroom 3 a support for the 16-bit printing in Windows as it is the case since the version 2 in Mac?Windows 7 has a great printing technology…Regards,cas

  24. casimir says:

    Do you intend to support XR JPEG in Lightroom 3 ?Regards,cas

  25. Scott Griswold says:

    One feature I would like to see is the ability to sort folders by dated folder name. I import all my photos into new folders that are dated using one of the standard lightroom date schemes.(ie. 2009 Dec 19)It would be nice if Lightroom could recognize those various date schemes and allow sorting by the date rather than simple by alphabetical order. Currently I need to hunt my folder structure for specific months. It would be much nicer to be able to look at the bottom most folder and know it was my last import based on the dated folder name.[Have you tried browsing dates via the Metadata Filter bar at the top of the Library grid? It provides me with a powerful date hierarchy view. -TH]

  26. Michael Tuminello says:

    The only thing I really feel like Lightroom 2 was missing is better integration with some kind of photo printing service (or multiple photo printing services).That’s one thing that iPhoto has that is quite handy. The process for getting my photo from Lightroom to Snapfish or whatever is still quite a pain. I’d rather just select them and hit print, and not worry about anything else. I’m surprised you have not yet jumped on this opportunity since I imagine it’s also an untapped revenue stream for the product.Michael

  27. Scott Griswold says:

    I second this. I keyword everything and all people and often wish there was a way to add a call out box to associate the person to the keyword. I don’t care if it is recognition, just a simple way to attribute a name to a face or object. When the keyword is typed, the cursor automatically allows you to draw a box around the person’s face or even a specific object you wish to label. Interaction with the callout box would also be nice. The ability to resize or reposition it. Also the ability to just copy and paste it from image to image. Perhaps even have the name float just above the box. Also a general interface switch to show or hide these callout boxes.Also, give the ability to make them circles or squares or even custom drawn shapes. This would allow photo markup for other purposes as well. Like keywording the images that need retouching or areas that need lightening or color correction. Then you could sort by these marked up keywords and see the specific areas that need work labeled directly on the image.

  28. Scott Griswold says:

    How about direct integration with with the ability to print pics from there. Seems to be the most logical way to approach this.

  29. Bob Hewitt says:

    Hi,Overall I like lightroom. I am excited about the noise controls and since v2 the output sharpening. One thing that prevents me from having my students use it for printing is it’s lack of a soft proofing feature. What’s the story with that?

  30. Dan Gerges says:

    On first blush there are lots of good features and improvements; am happy that the slideshow recognizes iTunes library. I was plenty happy with LR2 so the improvements here are icing on the cake.

  31. Dave B says:

    Tom- quick comment on the LR3 forum. Could you split up the forum into smaller segments, i.e.-Library, Develop, Print, etc. with a catch all Misc. Just since this morning there are 3 pages of comments, and many folks haven’t even downloaded.[Good point. I’ve tried this in the past and over-segmenting the forums ends up with less discussion and collaboration. -TH]

  32. Arvin says:

    I was waiting for LR 3 for tethered shooting support.But I see that its not in the feature list.Thats not good…

  33. Kevin says:

    I’m desperate to give this a try, but is there anyway to import a Lightroom 2 catalogue into Lightroom 3. Its telling me my LR 2 cat needs to be upgraded and this isnt currently supported. Is this something that will only be available in the non Beta version?[During the beta cycle we don’t support catalog upgrades. This is intended to reinforce the fact that Lightroom 3 beta is not designed for production work with your entire image catalog. We will upgrade your Lightroom 2 and Lightroom 3 beta catalogs into the final version. -TH]

  34. Erland Flaten says:

    Library mode.I would like to have a split or two windows in grid mode. Then I can pick from a folder and drop to a collection.I need to see both grids of images because selection is based on whats in the library folder and whats already picked. Selection and sorting is context depended and the context is the other images in source and destination folder.

  35. Brian says:

    Can I install Lightroom 3 Beta alongside a retail version of Lightroom 2? (v2.5)[Absolutely. -TH]

  36. Liam says:

    No tethered shooting facility, its the one improvement on Lr2 that I have been waiting for!!! Come on guys give us what we professional studio photographers need….

  37. Please, please, please let external editors edit the image in it’s native RAW format or at the very least let Photoshop do this! I don’t want/need additional TIFF or JPG files sitting on my hard drive.

  38. John Ferreira says:

    Interesting and useful minor edits – some more interesting than others but all minor; this version does not appear to bring much innovation or new thinking. What I would really like to see is:1) extensive masking control – specifically the ability to apply any of the Develop module settings to a mask rather than just than just a small sub-set of gross controls currently present2) Improved, streamlined integration or synchroniztion between my laptop catalog and the desktop catalog3) Soft proofing – this is critical

  39. netbees says:

    I’m missing one extremely important feature: geotagging!

  40. John says:

    Will the ugly hue shifts suffered when using, highlight, shadow and other sliders, be fixed ?Will we still need to use DCPTool to fix the camera profiles ?

  41. nh says:

    I like the new Import features, would like to see some more flexibility there such as adding options to rename folders and files with tokens or variables derived from IPTC and EXIF. (Camera owner/Camera comment is a strong candidate)Would like to see a way to define the values of the clipping warnings.Improved performance with large collection of photos- I’ll drink to that. How big a collection are we talking about?

  42. Do you expect to add a perspective correction. I will be the only feature missing for me. I have pay the LR2.5 and all of the feature annonced look like 2.6’s features….

  43. Jen Stewart says:

    The updates look great, but one of the biggest ones we have been waiting for is being able to point more than one computer to the same catalog. We are in a studio setting and have our lightroom catalog on our external. We need to be able to have the ability to point any computer in our office to it, and have the ability to access the catalog and edit with the rest of the studio able to access the catalog in real time.

  44. Looks good so far… However, I’d like to see some more automation improvements.1. I’d like to be able to add external processing steps. As many as I need. Kind of like actions, but calling apps. For example. I can have the final step of an export be to run a droplet. But that’s it. If it can’t be done with the droplet, then I have more work to do. So for example. I can also choose to send my images to my “Mail” app for that last step. Cool! But what if I want to run the droplet first, THEN send the image to the Mail program? That’s what I want to see. Let me daisy chain as many of those “last steps” together as I choose.2. I’d like to be able to call non-image editing scripts at any point along the work flow. This could be automator scripts or in my case a UNIX shell scirpt. Or whatever. I could even be a non-editing app. For example…. In the export process, I may want to inject a script that creates a new folder and duplicates the image to that folder. I may also want to run a script at the end that cleans up my temp files.3. I’d like to see more flexibility with the open and save functions. I’d like to be able to be able to backup in a directory path. Like “../Blog_files/” where that would backup one directory from where I opened an image, and save it in a peer folder called “Blog_files”. Of course… push came to shove, giving me #2 (above) would solve this as well.

  45. James Rice says:

    Another call for face recognition / auto tagging please…

  46. David Barrett says:

    Lots to commend.Biggest omission: softproofing

  47. jay Bransfield says:

    Can you add book publishing and print sharpening?[Powerful output/print sharpening was added in Lightroom 2 -TH]

  48. Chris says:

    Can’t wait to try it but what about a clone tool, the ability to fix converging verticals and geotagging?I only go to photoshop to clone or fix verticals & it would be great to have them in LR.

  49. Please remember: This is a beta which is explicitly NOT feature complete. I suppose Adobe needs input on those new or changed features, that are IN the beta, not another wishlist.Would you give out all the new features you want people to pay for in a free beta? There will be other features in the final release, that are obviously either indisputable or not finished yet. Be patient. You will not charge us a full update price for these few additions and improvements, will you? 🙂

  50. I’d like the ability to change the angle at 100% viewing when in the crop tool. Or at least at something larger than FIT size.

  51. Oh noes. Still no old collection styled system back. Please, someone explain me why current collection/collection set system is supposed to better than original collection system? Current system cripples whole collection idea if collection tructure may live during process.E.g. I have collection “animals” and I would like divide it to, “mammals” and “birds”, which are child collections to animals. I cannot create mammals and birds to subcollections to “animals”. I have to copy content of animals, to appropriate collection (mammals, birds) and then I have to remove animals and create collection set named animals, and move mammals and birds underneath.IMO, It was best done in 1.4.*.

  52. Markus Senn says:

    only one feature missing to this point of testing: perspective control! this is the only correction for which -in usual, daily workflow- i have to leave LR and edit the picture in GIMP. would be VERY NICE to have in LR!!!

  53. Ellis Moore says:

    I’m working with LR3 Beta; the delete photo is not working from the filmstrip or from the full photo in the Library Module; 64bit Windows version.

  54. steve says:

    Face recognition please!

  55. Peter Ebel says:

    Some great atvantages, but:I am really missing Geotagging!!!!- adding geotags to existing files manually by map- filtering files by mapWithout best available metadata finding THE file is a hazzle.And support for synchonizing libraries between PS (i.e. macbook and iMac) is a urgent needed must!!!I think not only myworkflow is-imorting from the DSRC to a laptop on location- may be some work within the library on the laptop- doing all the long time storage and data backup on a desktop- carrying some expertise out of the lightroom library on the laptop even on locations without any internet access (Nature Photographer)

  56. markElliot says:

    Any way to set up a publish directly to

  57. Mike Mahaffey says:

    Is anyone else having trouble doing a multiple delete? I select several files and try to delete and it only deletes the first picture in the sequence.

  58. Rob Sylvan says:

    Mike, Select multiple photos in Grid view (while inside a folder) and press Delete. If you select multiple photos in Loupe view via the Filmstrip and press Delete only the active photo will be deleted.

  59. Ilya Birman says:

    Multiple delete is definitely broken in 2.*Hopefully the new watermarking feature supports transparent PNGs as a source of watermark 🙂 Also, I would like to be able to apply a watermark with Develop panel on the right for each image. I try to put my name in such a place of a photo so that it does not distract you from the picture itself. So ability to just “stamp” it onto the image with ajustable transparency and “Invert colors” checkbox would be great.

  60. Fletch says:

    Looks promising and “publish” has lots of potential. However its doesn’t really improve my workflow yet so needs imrovement. It goes like this:Import >Tag >Pick/Delete >Develop >Export >Upload >Geotag >Face tagTherefore the geo and face tags are not present in LR and have to be repeated if necessary. It would be worth an upgrade if LR could incorporate the Geo/Face tags into the LR workflow and/or receive this information back via the publish options.

  61. Gildahl says:

    Please, please, please. Since version 1 I have wanted better support for manually entering dates, and support for partial dates. I use LR for a lot of scanned slides/negs/prints. I also have accumulated quite a few digital images with wrong or missing dates. Often I only know the year or month the picture was taken in and there is no good way to enter this kind of partial date information.I will also second the requests for geotagging and perspective correction.

  62. John Herowitz says:

    One thing I still miss is the possibility to export a slideshow to flash (*.swf) format. It looks far better than the export to video and it’s so easy to integrate into a webpage.

  63. Don Couch says:

    I would love a way to hide missing/offline images. Showing “online images only” as a means of sorting.

  64. ciaran rooney says:

    In the Print module I would really like to see a similar feature to Photoshop where you can drag guidelines out from the ruler.Better still dragable rulers would be a real treat.

  65. Steven Decroos says:

    One feature I’ve been hoping for for years is pincushion and barrel distortion correction, together with perspective correction. No lens , not even Hasselblad’s are perfect, and it’s such a waste of time to have to go to Photoshop each time to correct this. I guess every architecture photographer would love to see this in the final version. And a radial gradual filter.

  66. John Beebe says:

    Tethered shooting would make me move to lightroom in a heartbeat. Even Aperture has this feature.

  67. John says:

    No Native Tethered Shooting? Where are you guys on this? I’ve gotta give the bucks to Phase one.

  68. uh6f6m says:

    + pincushion and barrel distortion correction+ face recognition and tagging+ geotagging

  69. Carter says:

    Am I the only one here asking for the ability to share libraries on the network with other LR users?There are tons of users looking for workarounds to this limitation on the ‘net.

  70. Mike Mahaffey says:

    Where should we post bugs that we find? Here or somewhere else?

  71. Gervaise Davis says:

    Same question, please tell us where to send bug reports on LR3beta.There is a bad bug when you convert to black and white, you cannot reset it and you get an error that the history is not correct.

  72. * Cross-platform and Cross-computer library functionality* Match total exposure-function also in grid view !!* Lens correction-function extended to: pincushion and barrel-correction* Perspective control

  73. * Possibilty to open multiple libraries at the same time, giving the ability to continue working on another job in another library when exporting huge amounts of images.(* Possibility to Import movies)* Tethered shooting !!* Add fill light, blacks, … to “adjustment brush”

  74. * Improved masking control: freeform would be nice* Must be able to “paint” with retouching brush.* Skin retouching possibilities insufficient, must be improved.* the list goes on…Times are changing and so is the photographer’s job. C’mon Adobe… Meet these demands and it’s bye bye Aperture…

  75. And that were only some ideas on the library and develop modules…Wait till i get started on the print and web module…Throw out the slideshow-function if you’re not gonna move to an integrated “movie-photo-text-sound-music” type of module… Imovie or others do this much better…

  76. Could anybody plz tell me where I can find the LR3-feedback-forms?

  77. Tethering and overlay please.

  78. BC Dozier says:

    Toying with the color noise reduction. LR3 did a better job than a stand-alone product I have. Noted a slight loss of saturation which was restored with 15 units of Hue in Hue/Saturation.In this specific case in red berries. Normal?bcdozier

  79. Dick Lavine says:

    Is there any chance we can get soft proofing?

  80. Chris Deppe says:

    The greatest dissapointment to me is the missing native/integrated tethered shooting… CapOnePro is way ahead in this!C’mon Adobe – this is just a few lines of code!Chris

  81. Mike Mercer says:

    Three issues with identity plates1. I went to modify a saved Identity Plate and cannot save the changes.2. The text box is too small to show all the text I typed in and does not scroll.3. I was not able to add a second line to the identity plate. I would want to add another line in a different font.

  82. Cysewski says:

    I agree with the converging verticals, the only reason I use Photoshop now is to work with converging verticals, please add it to the develop module. I also have been addicted to Nik Software, I wished you would include their technology into Lightroom, especially U Point technology.

  83. Mike says:

    When you send a photo to Photoshop and then return to lightroom, it updates the files, but not the collections. I’m a newbie, but it still drives me crazy to have to update all the collections.

  84. Mike says:

    Was playing with the import capabiltiy…it seems that when I click on card reader and then go to check or uncheck the photos – the source deselects itself…is this a beta limitation or a problem?

  85. Larry Lawson says:

    This obviously isn’t the place for answers!

  86. paul atherton says:

    downloaded the beta version but have a msgsaying I cant run in on the architecture I have – running on a Mac version 10.5.8 – any ideas ?

  87. Jason Bax says:

    One thing that has always bothered me in Lightroon…In the processing module, (while cropping) it would be nice to be able to adjust the grid lines when straightening an image. By using a slider to tighten or losen the grid you could match the lines perfectly with the horizon line on your image. Either that or add a simple pull-out-guideline feature like photoshop.Thanks! Look forward to the full release!

  88. If you were only going to make one, single upgrade from LR 2 to 3, I would’ve wanted it to enable native tethered shooting. I’m so disappointed that this essential feature is missing, which a majority of the pros need. This means that I have to keep giving my money to Capture One Pro, which gets the job done well, even though I’d prefer to use LR. I sincerely hope that you decide to add this before shipping the finished version of LR 3.Again, for emphasis:NATIVE TETHERED SHOOTING PLEASE!!!

  89. German User says:

    Why don´t you let the user more choice whether he wants to use keyboard or mouse with more functions. Not everybody is that smart in using numberless shortcuts in “notime”.Thanks in advance

  90. rushi says:

    The all new PRINT MODULE is just awesome.Having tested lightroom ever since its first public beta, the print module was always lacking.Now with the new CUSTOM PACKAGE making an entire album is easy.But i would like to report a few BUGS in the CUSTOM PACKAGE module. (No idea where to report, so please point me to the right link)1. Everything works OK till i make 6 pages. After making 6 print pages when i include a 7th page. Any image added goes to the 1st print page. And on 8th page goes to 2nd print page. (probably because of the overlaying of 6 pages on top of each other)2. There should be a way to click (select) the print page where user can ADD TO PACKAGE.3. One new possibility to consider is for test printing on PDF.For example if i am making a wedding album of 200 images. I print a PDF using the CUSTOM PACKAGE for A3 size. Now i want to get my photographs printed from another commercial photo LAB.Most Photolab print A4 sizes. My photographs should be auto fitted into A4 size sheets.

  91. I was surprised when Lightroom 2 came out with cloning/healing and brush masks, yet left lens distortion (barrel, pincushion, perspective) unaddressed. To me, correcting lens distortion is much closer to the philosophy of Lightroom as a RAW workhorse. After all, this is something so fundamental that some manufacturers do correction in the camera itself during JPEG processing.The new export and presentation features in Lightroom 3 are certainly convenient, but when it comes to it they’re just icing on the cake and easily handled by an external program. I’m pleased with the changes but still eagerly awaiting distortion correction in Lightroom.

  92. Andy Graham says:

    Nice but I still would like to have seen tethered support included. The need to use Canon clunky software and make a klutzy job of using a “watched” folder is not pretty.For Nikon users this is an even bigger issue

  93. Jon Johnston says:

    I’m stunned not to find any evidence of supporting video file management. Is it possible that Adobe is that far behind the curve? Ansel Adams would have video assets to manage by now, and not mentioning that you are even thinking about it shows a head in the sand approach. Not being an A**, I’m just shocked the LR3 team hasn’t realized this logical next step and made it a priority for us that were going to use LR.

  94. William Pummell says:

    Export would be improved if:1. On conversion of RAW to say JPG it recorded the original RAW file number so that you can go back to the original file.2. On export that you can set the file size and dimensions in the same way as in the Photoshop Image Size panel. It is easier in Photoshop to reduce files to a known file size – using % numbers in Lightroom is not very helpful.

  95. Frank Kloskowski says:

    I was very excited about the improvements to the noise reduction tool. In version 2 the tool had hardly any effect that I could see. The performance of Lightroom version 2 is terrible on my older Windows XP PC so I was also exited to hear that the application was refactored with performance in mind.I tried the noise removal tool on some pictures and it is certainly much better than the old version but it’s no silver bullet for getting rid of noise.I installed the beta version on my new quad core PC with Windows 7 64 bit and the performance was outstanding. I have Version 2 on this PC also and the beta version does perform better.I love the feature to interface with Flickr as I do have a pro account and this will save me a step or two.I am disappointed I can’t import some of my Lightroom 2 catalogs to play with and test with Flickr I am no dummy and I realize this is a beta program so the statement “This is intended to reinforce the fact that Lightroom 3 beta is not designed for production work with your entire image catalog.” Is a lame excuse for not including the functionality in my opinion. After all, a beta program is to identify and resolve defects. Better to find out now that the new version has an issue with large catalogs or importing catalogs from a previous version then find it out after release and perhaps trashing someone’s hard work. I strongly recommend Adobe reconsider this decision and allow the import of version 2 catalogs.Thanks again for the release.

  96. James says:

    The one thing which prevents me from moving from Aperture is the lack of soft proofing. Why on earth isn’t it in here? I was really expecting it to be in LR3 and was intending to make the move.I don’t need Photoshop, just a good raw developer and I absolutely refuse to buy PS just to soft proof my shots! I like almost everything else better than Aperture, but I find this an inexcusable omission in what is supposedly pro software.I know you must have worked hard, but I’m disappointed because people have been lamenting this omission for a long time, so either you aren’t listening to potential/existing customers, or some misguided belief that people will go and buy photoshop as well is guiding this decision.

  97. Greg Vaughn says:

    Why does Lightroom alphabetize keywords? Please provide the option to have keywords recorded in the order they are entered, as is possible in Bridge and PS.I submit photos to several stock photo agencies. Most want keywords in order of importance, not alphabetically.As it is now, I can do all image processing in LR for most images, but have to go into Bridge to do the keywording. Big bottleneck on the workflow.

  98. Andrew says:

    Hi,I would like to see the following added to Lightroom 3:* Ability to catalog videos shot from DSLR and point and shoot cameras.* In addition to Flickr support add “Mobile Me” and SnapFish* Easy way to export photos for use on Apple TVThanks,Andrew

  99. Jezz says:

    Will LR3 be able to import catalog from PSE7? I cannot find a foolproof way to swicth from PSE to LR at present…writing tags to EXIF does not work 100% per all the postings I have seen.

  100. Laura Jones says:

    I really would like to be able to set the center point when using the vignetting tool. Sometimes the brightest point in the picture isn’t dead in the center.

  101. John R. Ellis says:

    Jezz, to get your PSE 7 tags and other data correcly written into your photos (or XMP sidecars), see the free utility psedbtool:

  102. Brad Swonetz says:

    I think that this new version is amazing and my DNG’s from hasselblad and phase files look amazingly better. I really want to use it and help developers work out the bugs, but the fact that I cannot import my lightroom 2 catalogs makes it impossible for me to use. I can’t be going between LR 2 and 3, it takes up too much of my time. Is there any concrete date when you will be able to do this or do I have to wait for the full version?I suggest making this possible before you release another beta version, so that heavy users are able to help you work out the bugs.Thanks, Brad

  103. Erik G. says:

    Apple’s Aperture Custom Page Design for Printing is a light year ahead of Light room:(Custom Layout:If I am making a book or an a wedding album in Aperture work on a custom layout in the same window very easily. Example: 12×12 wedding album and then I want to make a 12×24 full bleed layout is easily done and viewed in aperture(I can’t do this in LR without creating ALL of the pages in the window the same size )Adjusting photos in layoutIn Aperture I can adjust any photos while it is in the layout without having to create a variation. Example I click on any photo in the layout and I can adjust it’s color, opacity, grayscale, filters etcLR I can’t do this and even if I click on the photo in the layout and press Design it defaults back to the first photo I added to the layout!)Stability:In Aperture my album is saved and is always there for me to work on and make quick edits such as adding pages or deleting photosLR it is to easy to delete a layout and loose all of my album/book design workPlease, Adobe Light Room 3 catch up to Aperture 1 and 2!

  104. kingkong says:

    I think LR3 should add the function “sort by focal length”. This function is very useful if one wants to find out the focal length that they often use.Also, there are many comments requesting this function will be added to LR.I hope this function will be added in LR3.

  105. Jared Kipe says:

    Why not just tag all of them with “animals” and then tag only birds with “birds” tag. That way you can use the keywords selection to quickly get just birds.

  106. Nas Hamid says:

    Is there a reason why exporting a Quicktime slideshow at the 480 setting will play in Quicktime on my Mac and in iTunes but iTunes won’t sync it with my iPhone.Then I created a web page with the Quicktime slideshow but that won’t load on my iPhone in Safari. I was hoping this was the answer to not being able to view Flash content on the iPhone but clearly not.CheersNas

  107. Jamie says:

    I won’t buy lightroom until it has lens distortion correction included! I’m flabbergasted that version 3 beta is out and distortion correction is still being ignored. Seriously, do any of the lightroom developers ever actually take photographs? Forcing users to leave lightroom and edit in another program is far too annoying. Let me know when this basic feature is included and I’ll be all over it. Otherwise, great!

  108. Zach Hodges says:

    The LR3 beta made me think about switching from C1 for a day, I was genuinely impressed! But LR3 still turns people’s faces kind of a weird orange color when you boost contrast and it doesn’t have that wonderful skin tone (the color editor, not the color picker) tool that C1 has. It still falls apart a little sooner than C1 with most adjustments, but dang, it’s so close on many levels. Well done, by LR4 you may have me!

  109. Francesco Allegretto says:

    I won’t buy the update whithout lens correction too. Promise!

  110. mor says:

    heyfirst of all i love using l.r and i’m very pleased most of the times but one issue i’m alwayes having trubel with and thats color differnce between what i see in l.r and what i see in the same image in p.s or just waching in microsoft image shooting with d90 adobe rgb and i export it in adobe i doing something wrong?i had this problem with all the versions and unfotently with this one also..please help…thanks.mor

  111. JC says:

    What, no tethering? That’s what’s missing. Why hasn’t it been included in LR 3? I’m at the point where I am investing in other programs to tether shoot and I may not return to LR.

  112. BudG says:

    Lens correction and a fix for the contrast orange cast before I buy – DXO until then…

  113. Tether says:

    It is a shame that today there is no tethering in Lightroom. Every other photo software has it (Capture, Aperture, CameraControl, etc)The watch folder system is not a solution, it works very badly and very slowly.Come on Adobe! Wake-up!

  114. John D says:

    Automatic Face recognitions please!!!

  115. TR says:

    + pincushion and barrel distortion correction+ tethered shooting+ stacks across folders

  116. Rudi-Dan says:

    Sorry guys, but is this really a LR 3 Beta without the functionality to import my LR 2 catalog?Isn’t a beta supposed to identify bugs or any performance issues? Adobe, how do you expect us to do this with a new catalog??I’ll skip this one…

  117. Ben says:

    The improvements look pretty good, but I am disappointed that lens correction isn’t included. If you can get lens correction based on focal length and focus position, automated by metadata, into the package, I will upgrade instantly. I suspect that the vast majority of DXO users only use it because of the automatic corrections. I would even be willing to pay more money for an adobe brand plugin or to pay for each set of lens data I need.I can’t use DXO because I catalogue as DNG and DXO claim that the file format isn’t a true RAW as it strips out much of the information that they need to convert the file!

  118. Rene says:

    Hi thereI use a grey card(whibal) in my shoots and I hoping that eye droppers would be made available for black, grey and white so that I don’t have to go to PS levels to colour balance my Photo’s.RegardsRene

  119. Fred P says:

    I imported a bunch of pics that were shot RAW+JPG and only saw the DNGs. Afterwards, I found out about the Preferences\General option to ‘Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos’. I selected the option but I had to remove the already imported DNGs and re-import them in order for the JPEGs to appear.This option should be available from the import dialog.Or it should be an option available from the right click menu in the Library for selected files so that a user can after the Import decide on a per file basis whether to view JPEGs separately.

  120. Olivier says:

    Hi,Without automatic lens correction I think adobe will loose many potential customers and also actual users as me, just waiting for release and after then…

  121. arian says:

    is that any way to add watermark to selected photos and just easily export it? lightroom watermark works on web and print.i dont want to use these options for watermarks.thanks.

  122. pikto says:

    just viewed a live preview of adobe lightroom 3 and it will “probably” import and playback video in the libary, see this screenshot

  123. Norbert75 says:

    Well, LR 3 seems to be a great release. But please it will be very nice you can include a lens correction module first a possibilty to have a SOFT-PROOFING menu !

  124. Simon says:

    Great product – look forward to the formal release. Rather than list things that are great (or list the things that ‘ought’ to be included), I’d like to pass-on what I think is a small ‘bug’ (or at least a ‘feature’ that I cannot find a way to work-around) …If one publishes to Flickr, and then for whatever reason deletes one of the published-photos directly from one’s Flickr account (i.e. via the Flickr website rather than via LR3), the publish-collection in LR3 gets very confused because it can no longer synchronise the photo via the Flickr-API. It then gets even more confused if one says “oh well”, and tries to completely delete the photo from LR3.This ‘feature’ can, presumably, be avoided simply by NOT deleting photos from Flickr but once one has done such a thing there doesn’t seem to be anyway back to correct one’s ‘mistake’.As such, LR3 needs to include a way to avoid this ‘confusion’, perhaps simply the ability to delete a photo from the publish collection (and/or from LR3 entirely) even if LR3 has not ‘synced’ the photo in question via the Flickr-API.

  125. Simon says:

    Given the increasingly popularity of underwater photography, a useful development Setting would be underwater. I have tried to create one myself (lifting temperature, cranking tint to the max and then offsetting by dialing-down purple hue, throwing in some sharpening, etc.) but it would be so much easier if there were a preset for improving underwater photos.Another ‘ask’ is to the ability to have simple plug-ins, like Noiseware, Noise Ninja, etc. directly accessible in LR3’s Develop module rather than having to export a photo as a TIFF to Photoshop/Photoshop Elements and then flip back to LR3.

  126. Steve says:

    Thanks Rob! I was trying to apply multiple keywords to images in Loupe view and it would only apply to the selected, changing to grid worked.[No need to change to grid view in the Lightroom 3 beta. When you have multiple images selected in the Loupe view just flip the switch at the left edge of the Sync button and you’ll be in Auto Sync mode that will apply keywords/metadata to all selected images in the filmstrip. -TH]

  127. Mike Cooper says:

    Could you please advise how I can link a Lightroom gallery. to a Flash website Ive spent unbelievable time on this. The website in question is above. Thank YouMike

  128. Aconite says:

    No lens distortion control? You’re kidding? I was about to take a look at Lightroom 3 Beta and possibly purchase it when it comes out until I found out about this missing requirement. Guess I will stick with Capture NX2 for now. I may take a look at lightroom again at version 4.

  129. James Dyrek says:

    Beta 3_2 is causing my Mac to hang particularly when using the adjustment brush. This requires me to manually turn the computer off. The last time this occurred I could not restart my computer and had to reboot from the installation disk. I am using an iMac 9,1 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz with 4 GB of ram. I am running Lightroom 2.6 without any difficulties.

  130. Musthafa says:

    I love the grain and watermarking feature.It would be better if you can add bending options for watermarking and border (mask) options.

  131. Kamen says:

    Guys, what about feathing of masks and mask expansion?

  132. Why are you putting an easy link to flickr? Lightroom is making my images look so good that Flickr have told me that they are too commercial and that I must be selling them somehow through their site. So this was my responce from last night…Dear Support,Actually come to think of it, Please go ahead and remove my flickin account. That way I won’t get flickin obscure emails from flickin pissants (a flickin French word for a small ant). Flickr is obviously not flickin worthy of my flickin works of art to be displayed on your flickin site. Especially considering that behance network, modelmahem and actually flickin begged me to display on their flickin websites. Your flickin loss as my friends and I will use 5 other better flickin sites than…Raymond Murray (NO LONGER A FLICKIN PATRON)

  133. Mark says:

    I have been taking a lot of HD video’s with my Canon 5d MkII. I am SOOO happy to see I can now see and manage them in LR.Are you going to add any editing capability? I am not looking for anything as full featured as Premiere elements. The only things I would like are:1. Image stabilization2. Exposure adjustments3. White balance4. Simple editing (clip the ends, combine video’s)Preferably use my nVidia Cuda cores if that speeds up my processing significantly.

  134. nohda says:

    Why don’t you add facial recognition ? I’ve lots of people going for Mac just because of that feature. I remember adobe had similar feature with photoshop element.

  135. Laura Kent Photography says:

    Is there a reason that Lightroom 3’s clone and heal tools are still not up to par with photoshop cs4’s? I don’t understand why I have to use 10 circles to cover up what a quick click and drag of a clone tool can do in photoshop… That is the only reason I would need to edit in photoshop… Sigh…

  136. clawdeeyuh says:

    Does LR3 still have the ability to create a temporary collection called Already in Catalog instead of just greying out the thumbnail in the Import Module? The temporary collection really helped locate multiple images really quickly in the catalog instead of hunting them down individually.Would love this feature back please!

  137. Ray O'Moonshine says:

    Leaving out the Import snapshot is a mistake. That should always be there so you can easily start a new set of updates. If you clear the history, the only way to go back is to reload the picture.

  138. Peter Hearl says:

    the new noise processing in lightroom 3 works well, can’t wait to get the released version.

  139. chesley johnson says:

    Thank you really interested in this product

  140. shae says:

    how can i get pictures

  141. LR3.2 is a great tool. Just the possibility to organize within a catalog needs to be improved. It should be possible to reorganize the pictures just by dragging them to the place where you need them. Even the old version of Iview or Aperture do that. The lag of this feature makes it almost impossible to work with the web galleries.

  142. malaysiagirl says:

    publish collection that allows you to publish images to my iPhone sync folder with drag and drop simplicity. thank post

  143. perry says:

    LR3 is awesome but i cant figure out how to do a simple color change of my vignette it is white and i would love to make the vignette Black how do i do this?

  144. LR3 is a very important tool for my business. Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing piece of software.

  145. @perry…when you’re in the develop mode scroll down on the right hand side tool menu until you get to “Effects”. The top setting here is for your vignette. dragging the arrow to the left from it’s center position will make your vignette black instead of white. Hope this helps!

  146. Thank you for a very interesting blog. Where else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal method? I’ve a undertaking that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.