Lightroom 2.6 and Camera Raw 5.6 Now Available

Lightroom 2.6 and Camera Raw 5.6 are now available as final releases on and through the update mechanisms available in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2. These updates include camera support for the following models:

  • Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon PowerShot G11
  • Canon PowerShot S90
  • Leaf Aptus-II 5
  • Mamiya DM22
  • Mamiya DM28
  • Mamiya DM33
  • Mamiya DM56
  • Mamiya M18
  • Mamiya M22
  • Mamiya M31
  • Nikon D3s
  • Olympus E-P2
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ38
  • Pentax K-x
  • Sigma DP1s
  • Sony A500
  • Sony A550
  • Sony A850

Release Notes:

  • Camera Raw 5.6 and Lightroom 2.6 provide a fix for an issue affecting PowerPC customers using the final Lightroom 2.5, Camera Raw 5.5 and DNG Converter 5.5 updates on the Mac. The issue, introduced in the demosaic change to address sensors with unequal green response, has the potential to create artifacts in highlight areas when processing raw files from Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and various medium format digital camera backs.
  • The Lightroom 3 beta has not been updated with this new camera support. If you’re working with one of these newer cameras and the Lightroom 3 beta, please use the DNG Converter 5.6 to convert proprietary formats to DNG files that can be used in the Lightroom 3 beta.
  • This release includes improved camera profiles for the Leica M9 and Ricoh GXR.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our Camera Raw 5.6 and Lightroom 2.6 Release Candidate.

24 Responses to Lightroom 2.6 and Camera Raw 5.6 Now Available

  1. Thank you very much Adobe! :-)Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Peter says:

    when will there be a new beta for LR 3 ?

  3. Rick Harris says:

    Instead of pushing updates and new RAW formats whenever a camera maker creates a new camera, why not promote an open format?If a new computer or CPU is created, do you have to publish new formats for PDF, JPG, or BMP? No.I will never understand why DNG is not promoted as a open format comparable to RAW. Or is there something fundamentally different in the DNG format?*puzzled

  4. tar says:

    rick you have no clue.. get a clue waht your talking about……

  5. Cam J says:

    If I don’t own any of the above cameras and I don’t want to have to reinstall my mogrify plugin and custom brushes, should I update anyway?

  6. jens says:

    have tested bibble v5 topday and it BLOWS away LR 2.6 !!!it is more then 6 times faster on my quadcore then lightroom is ubelievable how fast you can work with 18-21 MP files.adobe has to work on its speed or LR 3.0 will be no match to bibble v5

  7. Andy Barker says:

    HI can you please tell me if the lightroom software runs on windows7,as I have got a new laptop. Many thanks,Andy

  8. Tom Hogarty says:

    Absolutely. Windows 7 is listed on our system requirements page, 32-bit or 64-bit flavors:

  9. Jon says:

    I’m a Canon S90 user. I’m glad that you’ve released RAW support for it, but the color is still way off. Distortion is better, but still an issue as well. A friend with the G11 recently complained to me about the issue as well. Is it something that you’re still working on?

  10. marter says:

    well lightroom is not the best program for color accuracy.try capture one!!it produces way better results for my s90 then lightroom.lightroom is good for managing but image quality sux.

  11. lon yan says:

    when will we see a new LR 3 beta?image quality is better with LR 3.still not up to par with DxO but better.

  12. K. rokwell says:

    For decades, I seemed to be the only person who noticed that extreme wide angle lenses shift colors slightly at the edges. Most ultrawide lenses get a little cooler in the corners.I’m the only one who reports on in in lens tests, as I do in my report on the Nikon 14mm and my report on the Zeiss 21mm lenses.Lo and behold, yesterday I was learning how to use Phase One Capture One 5 PRO, and it has the ability to calibrate and correct for this problem! Heh heh, I have a few ideas of what I’m going to do with this.Phase One Capture One 5 PRO is software for professional use in converting raw files into final images. It is a few steps above Photoshop and amateur programs like Lightroom in being designed for exacting, ultra-high quality conversions.For $400, this software is a bargain, considering that it’s the same software real studio pros use with Phase One digital backs that can cost as much as a new Mercedes C-Klasse.

  13. R Braley says:

    I noticeed there is no listing for support for the Sony DSLR A900. I just purchased it from Sony along with a new Sony 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM lens and a Sony DT30mm F2.8 Macro SAM lens. Will you be supporting this equipment in the near future?

  14. gones says:

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  15. remi5861 says:

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  16. andi says:

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  17. BlackBerryTutor says:

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  18. whats the brand this phone?

  19. handset says:

    what type of that phone?

  20. adobe had a new product again..

  21. Alabik says:

    very adobe is good, i choose them

  22. is that update supports for olympus brand? thx

  23. well lightroom is not the best program for color accuracy.try capture one!!it produces way better results for my s90 then lightroom.lightroom is good for managing but image quality sux.