Lightroom 3 beta 2 Now Available

The team would like to thank the 350,000+ photographers who have downloaded the Lightroom 3 beta and provided feedback on the new improvements.  We’ve worked on improving several key areas and have prepared a second public beta of Lightroom 3 as we get closer to our final release.  Because this public beta is closer to our final release we are more focused on receiving feedback on the improvements we’ve made since the original public beta. And more importantly, by utilizing broader testing from a larger community of photographers we can help ensure that you can trust the quality of the final Lightroom 3.0 release.

As per our first public beta we went back to the drawing board and revisited what we believe are the fundamental priorities of our customers:  Performance and Image Quality.  The Lightroom 3 public beta had been stripped down to the “engine block” in order to rebuild a performance architecture that meets the needs of photographers with growing image collections and increasing megapixels.  The raw processing engine also received an overhaul right down to the fundamental demosaic algorithms that now allows unprecedented sharpening and noise reduction results.  The feedback has been very positive but there were certainly areas where we received some valuable “tough love” and we’ve addressed that feedback in this update.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new in this release:

  • Improved performance throughout the application for faster importing and loading of images
  • Native tethered shooting support for select Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras
  • Luminance noise reduction has been added to the previous color noise reduction improvements available in the first public beta for outstanding overall high ISO quality
  • Support for importing and managing video files from DSLR cameras for better overall photographic workflow control
  • Improvements to the import experience in the first beta to reflect public feedback
  • Improved watermarking functionality from the first beta to reflect public feedback

Please read the following for additional details that are also included in the release notes for this update. These notes reflect a summary of changes since the original Lightroom 3 beta release. For more details on the original Lightroom 3 beta, please visit this entry.

Download Lightroom 3 beta 2.

The redesigned import experience was an important improvement in speeding up your access to your images and improving your ability to effectively organize your images.  There was a significant amount of feedback in this area and we’ve worked hard to address not only the workflow improvements requested but also the performance of the experience.  Additional details below:

  • The folder browsing view has been significantly improved to allow a clear view of folder hierarchy and the ability to quickly minimize the hierarchy view by double clicking or “docking” a folder.  The performance of this view has also been improved.
  • Default selections have been improved so that the import experience waits for a folder selection before scanning for images and remembers the last folder you visited.
  • The performance of importing your images into Lightroom has been improved significantly when copying from an external card or just adding a folder from its current location
  • Import’s compact view is more powerful, allowing access to important, commonly used fields that can be customized on a per import basis while still relying on the fundamental choices provided by an import preset
  • Lightroom will import commonly used video file formats. (More on that below)
  • A full size preview of an image located on a memory card can be viewed in the import Loupe view

Video Format Support
Video files captured by newer DSLR cameras are becoming an important part of a photographer’s creative effort and has been a hotly discussed topic on the Lightroom 3 beta forums.  This update allows photographers to confidently import all of the still and video content captured on their Compact Flash or SD card and Lightroom will help manage and organize videos alongside still images.  Tagging, rating, filtering, collection and smart collection features are available for organizing video content and video filter will help narrow down your collection to just your video files instantly.  In the grid and loupe views of Lightroom, the duration of a video file is presented on the preview of the video content and playing video files is just a click away.

Tethered Capture
You don’t need to be a professional photographer in a studio environment to appreciate the instant feedback provided by a tethered workflow.  Any time you need quick access to an image immediately after capture, simply plug in your Nikon or Canon DSLR via USB or Firewire and start a tethered session to view key camera settings, control the shutter release or apply various metadata and develop settings to incoming images.  No need for intermediate software or “watched” folders, Lightroom will handle the communication with your camera and safely transfer images to the folder you specify.  For this first implementation we’ve certified a limited number of Nikon and Canon DSLR models and look forward to adding additional Nikon and Canon camera models going forward.

EOS 1Ds Mark II*
EOS 1Ds Mark III
EOS 1D Mark IV
EOS 5D Mark II
EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi/EOS Kiss X2)
EOS 500D (Digital Rebel T1i/EOS Kiss X3 Digital)
EOS 1000D (Digital Rebel XS/EOS Kiss F)


*Tethered support is not available on Windows 64-bit Systems for these cameras.

Publish Collections
The publish collection functionality has been improved with the following:

  • Enhanced options for setting the Flickr Title field
  • The ability to designate the target file size for the exported image
  • Export original video file support

Image Quality
Sharpening and Noise Reduction
The quality improvements in the first Lightroom 3 beta have been well received but incomplete without the ability to utilize luminance noise reduction controls.  Lightroom 3 beta 2 introduces a much more complete solution that includes an outstanding luminance noise reduction control and we’re excited to hear your thoughts on the improvements. Open the metadata filter in the Library module to filter down to your high ISO shots and let us know if the combination of Luminance and Color noise reduction provide you with the quality you want.  In general the new processing technology should really bring out the best in your raw files.  The details and textures will be crisper and somewhat more naturally rendered. We are now applying minimal noise suppression in the new demosaic method compared to earlier versions like Lightroom 2.6. This means that surfaces will show more texture and have more “bite”. For example, a photograph of a fruit or a leaf will display extraordinary textured detail in the skin of the fruit and the crinkles in the leaf. It also means that very high ISO images will — by default, with Luminance set to 0 — appear to have more grain. Much better looking grain, to be sure, but if you’re just going by an absolute number telling you how much of it there is, that number will be higher.

By popular demand we returned the original post-crop vignette style to Lightroom 3 beta 2 that had been removed in the first Lightroom 3 beta.  There is now a choice of three separate vignette styles: Highlight Priority, Color Priority and Paint Overlay. 

  • Highlight Priority is the default vignette style and resembles the same vignette effect provided naturally in a traditional lens vignette.
  • Color Priority is a variation of the highlight priority vignette style that is designed to avoid hue shifts in the vignette areas.
  • Paint Overlay is the original post crop vignette style that was introduced in Lightroom 2.  The effect is based on blending black or white in a graduated fashion to create the vignette effect.

Point Curve
Many photographers have requested more control when working with the tone curve than is currently allowed with the previous “guided” or “photographic” tone curve control.  This release includes an option to enable a traditional point curve commonly found in the Camera Raw plug-in or Photoshop.  Our goal for this implementation is to allow advanced Lightroom customers to achieve the power and control they’re looking for without complicating the experience for photographers new to digital imaging.

Crop Orientation
Ever shoot a horizontal image and realize it looks better when cropped vertically?  There was a bit of magic in convincing the crop tool in previous versions of Lightroom to swap orientation but now you can just tap the X key to change the orientation.

Process Version
The process version specifies which version of certain Camera Raw image processing technology should be used when rendering and editing files.  The image quality improvements in this release are so fundamental to the visual results of your image adjustment settings that we’ve needed to add the concept of a process version for the first time since the Camera Raw plug-in was introduced in 2003. The process version allows Lightroom to maintain identical visual presentation of images you’ve edited in the past but still allow you to take advantage of the latest processing technology by updating an image to the latest process version.  All images edited prior to Lightroom 3 are associated with Process Version 2003. Moving images to the latest processing technology is suggested but depending on what adjustments are applied to the image, different image characteristics will change more dramatically than others.  For example, any images with sharpening and noise reduction adjustments will be affected the most but the demosaic changes apply across the board, so there will always be some visual change.  By default, we’ll leave your images just as they were but if you want to take advantage of the latest processing technology, you can update to the latest process version by selecting the notification icon in the lower right corner of the image.  (Or from the Settings -> Process Version file menu available in the Develop module)  By default, all new files in Lightroom 3 beta will receive the latest process version.

We received quite a bit of feedback from photographers confused by the process version options in the first Lightroom 3 beta so we made several improvements that are intended to ensure that photographers can access the absolute best raw processing quickly and easily:

  • The graphic to let you know that the current image selected in the Develop module is a previous process version has been enhanced and relocated to a more prominent position over the lower right corner of the image.
  • Clicking on the process version graphic provides additional details about what will happen if you should chose to update to the current process version, the ability to see a before/after view of the old and new process versions and the ability to update all the selected images or all of the images in the filmstrip at the same. 
  • The process version levels have been renamed 2003 and 2010.  The names represent the year in which the processing technology was introduced.  That should give you an idea of how often we plan on updating the process version.

Several improvements to watermarking have been included in this release:

  • Additional text options have been added including shadow controls for opacity, angle, offset and radius.(This is not currently available in the Windows version of Lightroom 3 beta 2)
  • The location of the watermark can now be set by relative anchor positions within the image or specific insets.
  • The size of the watermark can be set proportionally or to fit or fill the image dimensions
  • Watermarking is now available in the Slideshow module

Additional improvements

  • A new Slideshow option to prepare previews in advance will ensure that a slideshow is never interrupted waiting for image information to render to the display.
  • The maximum print resolution has been raised to 720ppi
  • A “Rotate to fit” option and a “rotate cell” command were added to the custom print package layout tools
  • Developers can now utilize ActionScript 3 galleries in the Web Module
  • In the 2010 Process Version, the algorithms for Fill Light and Highlight Recovery have been changed to reduce the possibility of tone inversions. You will likely need to fine tune the settings on these sliders after you upgrade the process version

What’s Next?
We’re much closer to the final release of Lightroom 3.0 and this beta release represents the majority of improvements planned for this version.  However, we still want your feedback on the latest improvements and we still might have a few new things in store for the Lightroom 3.0 release.

98 Responses to Lightroom 3 beta 2 Now Available

  1. Jarvie says:

    Thanks for working on this guys, I’m excited to play with the new version and see where you’ve come with it. Like you said we’re all about speed and usability but we certainly don’t mind fun new features.

  2. george says:

    this sounds great. the only thing missing (at least for me) is support for gps tagging of images.ideally, save the gps data in lightroom’s database or a sidecar file, after reading it in from a tracklog file (e.g., gpx file).looking forward to the final release.

  3. Alex says:

    Hmm, you’re gonna skip soft proofing this time again? 🙁

  4. Gaspy says:

    Can’t wait to try the new beta.Let me first say that that I love LR and I’ve been using it since the first beta (and used RawShooter before that). I recently compared the 4 major RAW converters ( and LR came up on top.Still, I’m afraid that if you don’t add optical corrections to LR, I will not upgrade. I know it’s been requested million of times and I’m sure there’s good reason for its absence – either you want to do it better than everyone else or you’re having problems with the architecture, but the fact remains that for me it’s more important than anything else.

  5. Christian Schormann says:

    I really liked LR2, but it would choke on my picture collection (over 120,000 images – over 300GB of pictures) – would get so slow that even selecting an image became impossible.Can I expect LR3 to be useable with such a large collection? Are there significant performance optimizations in the way the DB is handled?Please say yes 🙂

  6. Jason says:

    And we now have the first crash of the LR3 Beta 2! LOLWas recording a quick video to demo how it manages video files (very cool by the way!) and LR went kaput.Restarted ok and powered forward…Does Adobe still want crash reports?

  7. Christian L says:

    Impressive! In addidion(!) to all the above I hope youare looking into:- map display of geotagged photos- geonames lookup of geotagged images- web galleries with correct, validating HTML- face recognition..

  8. Matthias says:

    Thanks for the new beta. I’m also joining the choir of my predecessors, it would be really nice to see embedded GPS/geocoding support.I have a Bilora GT01 which saves all GPS information in XMP files. LR can only read this files and display the coordinates on a web map. Apples Aperture techniques are much more sophisticated.

  9. Bahi says:

    Luminance noise reduction in combination with process version 2010 is extremely impressive. A very convincing combination of detail and NR. Well done!

  10. Luke M says:

    Hi guys,Have been very impressed with the LR series for the early days but its still needs these features to the best app for phototogs to use.Could I seg that Soft proofing is needed printing from LR.Most users these days have good color workflows.thankyou for improving the print module.Geotag’s would be great esp supporting to use the iphone for the gps data or other gps devs.Also support for being able to read LR catalogs from Network raid units.

  11. Dave B says:

    Thomas & Team-THANK YOU (again)

  12. ddahlstrom says:

    LR3 is looking better and better! This is going to be a great release.One feature I’m still anxious for is support for partial and approximate dates. I manage a large collection of scanned archival images, many of which can’t be dated with exact precision. Genealogy/archival software deal with this kind of dating problem routinely. In order to function as a well-rounded archival tool, I think that LR really needs to support such capability too.

  13. Kevin says:

    Soft Proofing… Please… Pretty please… With sugar on top… And a cherry.Kevin

  14. Thanks Everyone on the Lightroom team. This is truly great work, I can’t wait to try out the new beta!

  15. imarcw says:

    Does the tethered shooting feature allow you to view images at actual size (1:1 pixels) as you shoot them, to check focus on copy work? Nikon’s software for doing this is wretched and expensive–I’d much rather spend the money on Lightroom.

  16. Stephen says:

    So there is tethering support for the 40D, but not the 50D. Hopefully this is just an error in the list.

  17. Lluis says:

    Yes, don’t forget soft proofing. This is a must for printing properly…

  18. gaspy says:

    The new luminance smoothing is just incredible, completely eliminating the need for NoiseNinja or NeatImage.Now give me optical corrections and I’ll be the first in line to buy it.

  19. Steve Jobs is right. You are lazy, Adobe. No support for a network friendly catalog file? I didn’t think so.When are you going to pull your well-manicured thumb out of your tightly-clenched B-hole? The MODERN PHOTO STUDIO USES A NETWORK (a group of interconnected computers) to share their work across a multi-functional team.

  20. Michael says:

    It works for the 20D. You have to have the remote camera control running but I have had shots (in raw) show up in Lightroom.

  21. I partially understand Tyler Haveners grief about network friendly catalog. Although I think it would be quite a hard to implement to Lightroom, because Lightroom essentially is single user software. And it uses disk very heavily, so network would be definedly be bottleneck when using networked drive.My problem is that I don’t know is Lightroom meant to consumer software, or professional software. Both audiences need different set of features. E.g. Soft proofing is probably must for pros, consumers don’t need it. Same applies to network support. Pros probably need it, consumers probably don’t.But anyway, Thank you Tom and LR team.

  22. sean says:

    Would love a tether option for a few more nikon cameras in the final release. Other than that, it seems drastically better than the first release. We will see how it copes with imports of 27,000+ images

  23. John.B says:

    Please add complex lens distortion corrections, similar to what DxO does. Thanks.

  24. Brian says:

    I was very excited to read about support for Video files. I really want one place to organize my photos and videos together. I don’t need to edit videos – just be able to group them with photos and play them back.Unfortunately, it looks like the new Video capability does not support the AVCHD that my camera kicks out. These are 00000.MTS files.Windows 7 already includes codescs that display and play these files back wonderfully, so LR should be able to do so as well.Can you be more specific about the video fomats that are supported now, and will be suppoted in the final release?Thanks!

  25. Why I’m not able to insert image as watermark? I can browse and select image file (why not PSD?), choose and then … nothing (Win7 64bit) 🙁 … but LR looks much better!

  26. Andrew says:

    OK, i have initially downloaded and tried beta 2. this far it hasn’t trashed my shiny iMac and certainly runs with impressive speed.The new import dialogue box is a huge improvement and fixes that unfortunate saga. The waterm marking feature is also a huge improvement with more to follow?The demosaicing and library display is certainly an improvement.With development i like the improved B&W processing as well as the ability to ‘add’ grain/ noise.The improved print section has yet to be tested though i haven’t a use for the web section. The slideshow view i’m looking forward to trying as well.GPs tagging would be a nice touch as part of the import and metadata facilities.Well, that’s it for now – other than to say this version is a huge improvement over the beta 1. Well done LR 3 team

  27. Jeremy says:

    Honestly, I stopped reading at “Point Curve”. That’s what I’ve been longing for in Lightroom for years. I’m really psyched. Little else about LR3 matters after seeing that.

  28. Derek says:

    When will you have some type of flash export for slideshows like Slideshow Pro does.Thanks

  29. Adobe, Awesome! I am so stoked to have tethered shooting right in LR! Yay, no more Nikon Camera Control! No more Auto Import! No more Capture One! You rock.I had to sing more praises on my blog: http://mattbeardsleyblog.comI think the Watermarking is vastly improved and perfect. I can drop my logo right where it needs to be, as well as sync copyright and contact info metadata with no hassle. LR 3 will definitely be the very heart of our studio’s workflow…I would like to see, this might be a stretch or a job for the unresponsive people at Canon, support for my Canon printer’s “export to printer” dialog. I only use it to print, and so have to print through Photoshop. It allows 16 bit printing, and precise control of all print settings, I can not, for the life of me, get a good print on the Canon iPF 6100 out of Lightroom….Thanks, again, you guys make my job easy!

  30. j-s says:

    I have to second that lens correction would be a very important feature. It is a very current operation, and it’s a pain in the ass to launch Photoshop only for it.

  31. Chris Ogden says:

    Third optical corrections, at a min. barrel and pinchusion fixing. Not only is it a “pain to launch PS,” one by one, it’s a pain to have to manage what quickly become large PSD/TIFF files for just that change. It’d be MUCH better to have a non-destructive workflow and do it in LR!While we’re at it, how about a “paintbrush” clone/heal tool. Using the current circles can be both time consuming and impossible to use for fine corrections.Great progress!

  32. James Chesher says:

    Just wanted to say that on cursory inspection the LR3 b2 is a significant step forward over b1 – I love the new curves, and the noise reduction is spectacular, making the rendering much better than LR2. Don’t pay too much attention to the sometimes bizarrely agressive and negative posts in the forums – I don’t know why some people seem to think they will get their way with the tone of some of their posts. Keep up the good work.Two suggestions though:(1) allow us to use the whole screen for editing (I know, like in Aperture…) – pressing F gets us nearly all the way there but not totally. Not everyone can afford a 30in cinema display or a second monitor(2) include “proper” B&W “filters” (I know, like in Aperture…and Nik Silver Efex / Color Efex). I find the sliders rarely give me what I’m after, and can leave the image with a lot of noise.Awesome work though, can’t wait for the full version.

  33. Alan Langford-Brown says:

    I would like to see the image zoom available on the + and – keys. This would allow the zoom to be made in graduations, and be very acurate for the size requred. Excellent program – Many Thanks= Alan

  34. karl says:

    please, please, please,it would be great to add geotagging, geolocation ala HoudahGeo.Select picture or sets of pictures, drag and drop on a map, get the latitude and longitude written back in the EXIF.Also infer WOEID (WhereOnEarth Id) from the Location information specified in country, city, etc.

  35. Nik says:

    What’s making me think about perhaps switching from Lightroom is the Faces feature of Aperture. I’d love for that to be in Lightroom

  36. Thank you very much for the update and for all the good detail… The only question I had was when is the new beta expiration date?Fortunately the answer was readily available elsewhere and I thought I’d also post it here for the sake of completeness:”The current Lightroom 3 public beta 2 will expire on June 30, 2010.”

  37. David Pascoe says:

    Is it right that this beta in Survey mode “N” mode and you have the filter “flagged and unflagged” active, you have a bunch selected from filmstrip view and you click one image, hit X on the *keyboard* to reject one shot and the whole selected range on the filmstrip is rejected ?LR2.6 would only reject the one you click on. The X on screen takes it out of the survey view, which is fine, but what if you want to reject it also.I use this all the time to quickly pare down to the best shots, leaving the rejects hidden to be ctrl-backspace deleted later.

  38. eman says:

    please, please, please soft proofing, … thank you.

  39. Hotspur says:

    “While we’re at it, how about a “paintbrush” clone/heal tool. Using the current circles can be both time consuming and impossible to use for fine corrections.” YES! Please.The X shortcut key for crop orientation: please move that to another key. I use X constantly to mark my rejects; if X now has different behavior depending on whether cropping is turned on it will disrupt my workflow severely. Maybe you could make the shortcuts user assignable?

  40. Chuck says:

    Hmm — are you reading the same Lightroom forum that the rest of us use? (This is sarcasm, for those so impaired).These are the most important features you think users are asking, even begging, for?I think, as a user community, we will never understand how you guys set priorities.The same question stares us in the face as did from the first beta release — What’s the compelling reason this justifies a major software release (and thus upgrade fees)?Yes, we know, we know — “it’s not feature complete”.Here’s hoping you step up and give us something in the “feature complete” version that actually proves it’s worth calling it v3 — and maybe some major features users are asking for.

  41. Ralph Buttrum says:


  42. Jose Flores says:

    This is looking great! Please add more cameras to the tethered list as I have a Nikon D80 (not enough of a jump with the D90 to upgrade), and I am dying to use it with Lightroom 3 Tethered shooting!

  43. Jose Flores says:

    Chuck what the heck are you talking about??? Tethered shooting and Noise Reduction alone are worth the price to upgrade! All the little tweaks are great, but those two alone are worth it. I never bought noise reduction software because I knew Adobe was going to bring it and they did! Tethered shooting is great, and I am using Sofortbild, but the fact that I no longer need to use a second program and just use Lightroom is exciting. You already know that there is more to come, what is it you want? Would you like? When you post things like this you don’t come off as elite, you come off sounding snobby.

  44. Domenico Piol says:

    I am still missing the support for the Canon EOS 550D. At least it’s not mentioned that it’s supported…[Read the release notes. The 550D is supported, -TH]

  45. Chuck says:

    My post is neither “elite” nor “snobby” — I am simply voicing the general frustration of the user community. Have you read the Lightroom user forum (which Tom refers to by reference and direct links in this very post)? The active discussions there tell the story.Since we were first asked for feedback, users have been clambering with their laundry-lists of desired updates, and slowly-but-surely showing some consensus on what features are important to them. Sure, it’s all a matter of opinion, just like any user feedback mechanism would be, but there are clear and inarguable majorities of users begging for the same major, core updates.Posts this this, which reference the forums and say “we’re listening to users” fly in the face of the actual discussions there. Picking a couple of forum posts related to updates you’ve made and saying “see, we heard you” is laughable. If that’s “hearing us,” then they’ve got some serious selective hearing.

  46. Beat says:

    Thank you so much! This version is much better, then first beta.One thing I’m missing very much: perspective-adjust-tool for non-tilt/shift objective. For a less-money-photographer, that I am – it would be so great! In the moment I have to start PS-Elements by every image and save it as a large TIF-File – it’s so complicated and could by so easy (sorry about my English)

  47. Beat says:

    A Question: Can I work with LR 3 Beta 2 and convert the images from LR 2.6 now or should I wait till the final version in summer? – I would like to finaly work now with LR3.

  48. Nic says:

    For clarification: I used 64-bit LR, and only later tried the 32-bit version to make sure I tried everything I could think of to resolve the performance problems.

  49. Nic says:

    Hmm…since my first (long) comment didn’t post, a quick recap:Totally unresponsive on W7 x64 (C2D 2.4, 8GB DDR2, 9800GT); occasional 2+ minutes to open 10MP NEF/DNG with (local corrections in Develop or thereafter to open Crop; 50-99% CPU constantly with no user action; hangs with 50% CPU; panels disappear when changing back to Libary; random “Bezel” showing in taskbar. No antivirus/antispyware running, no other apps. Better performance with beta 1. No issues in ACR 5.x.

  50. Rob says:

    No GPS, no Face recognition and playing video in an external application and not internal. I love the improvements so far but clearly still some work to do!

  51. Shane Ambry says:

    Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Tethered for D80!Please!Please!Please!And others of course, but it’s all about me…

  52. Great release ! Can’t wait to use the final release.I have one question about Tethered Capture feature. Is there a way to use it wireless ? I’m using a Canon 5D Mark II with WFT-E4 II grip. It would be great to shoot tethered and wireless.Thanks !

  53. Egmond Maringka says:

    Same here, please, tethered for Nikon D80.

  54. RAY says:

    For me, a BAD change was the elimination of the automatically saved Import snapshot. This was an easy way to start over and go in different directions on the same image.

  55. Keith Rowell says:

    Thanks for the update. The tethering is a great addition. What about tethering support for my Leica M6?Does anybody ask for a metadata editing feature? For the times I shoot film, I’d love to be able to edit the metadata for the scanned images so I can change capture time, camera make, lens details…Keep up the good work.

  56. Beat says:

    I’ve allmost the same configuration and I’ve no problems at all. LR3 is a bit faster then 2.6. open 12MB NEF it takes 5sec.

  57. Martin says:

    The new noise reduction features are just amazing. I have just purchased a 7D and ISO 6400 images can be processed to give both low noise an incredible detail.I don’t know if the beta 2 version has optimized for speed but it does seem very slow taking just under 20 seconds to render a Canon 7D 1:1 high resolution image. (My previous 40D images were renedered in a few seconds in LR2.6). Also it does not seem to cache rendered image so if you look at a previously opened image one has to wait another 20 seconds. I hope the speed issue is resolved before release.

  58. Bo Zhang says:

    Love tethering, but please include D2X and D2Xs.I’m a professional shooting in studio and at the moment D2x is the only Nikon camera to offer native iso 100 aside from the $8000 D3x with gigantic files.D2x is still a formidable contender for studio shooting and there is a niche market. Capture One doesn’t support D2x either and I’m forced to use the much worse nikon camera control to manage my photos.Please consider D2x and it’s not even that old as you already have 1DsMKii too.

  59. Stan says:

    I can’t finde Camera RAW for Photoshop CS4 Canon EOS 550D. Where can I get it?[It’s not available yet. There is support already in the recent Lightroom 3 beta 2 release so that should give you an idea of how close we are to adding support in Camera Raw 5. -TH]

  60. Spe ncer says:

    I, like others, would love to have at least manual barrel, pincushion, and skew distortion correction in LR. It would do wonders for us who don’t want to go to third party solutions for these kinds of things.

  61. stephen says:

    I am thrilled to see video management added, but the lack of support for AVCHD is a must, I think it is one of the most widely used formats. I’d like to buy, but manage video formats that my Canon camera doesn’t export is not useful product.

  62. peter marfleet says:

    just to add my request to those above; please, please add d80 to the tether list!!!! I am about to go tethered and will happily spend my money upgrading to LR 3 if the support is there, rather than buy other software. thanks

  63. Renato Cosentino says:

    After using it for a while and having installed 3b2:I want ot state that I love the software.I want to state that I am very gratefull to be allowed to use it for so long and free.I have been a Photoshop user for years and downloaded a version of LR beta1 when I saw a add in at first try. Talking to a friend photographer, she told me she loved it. I wondered why, and there I went to give it a second try.Never stoped used ever since. I love the workflow but I have some coments:Importing : I noted a significant improve in import speed over version 1As a visual approach as LR is, making small stamps darken (when I have a lot of files to choose and load – most of the time)makes the process of selection too slow because darkening prevents identification. Flaggin or just click once active-twice deactive is enough to tell LR3b2 wich images to import. Make frame smaller and move the process of rotating to develop section, or at least improve the rotating to 90ºand multiples available to develop setion.Interface: why use a interface to chose the location where to import/export if Windows and Mac already have one? Just bring it in, wont cause harm to design!Develop: degrade (ramp) filterGreat tool- it is like a bunch of filters and layers in just one tool- I corrected a lot of porly exposed pictures in to very usable ones!!!to make it more effective needs:masking (linear/bezier or just paint mask) in a non square formatenable use of defocus – sharpening won´t do the job.healing/stamp/brush – too cumbersome! (keep the bezier brush tool- almost great)bring a Photoshop like basic retouching kit:burn/dodge/sponge on the tip pf the pen (or mouse)clone stamp, erase effect and heal tool on the tip of pen (or mouse)the tools LR presents are a fade of the power it can be, to be much more useful to the photographer to do a basic retouch.(of course, more elaborate things go to Photoshop) But most of the time you need to erase a skin burn, make a sinuous detail more darker, get rid ofseverals darker (or lighter) details and the tools LR 3b2 are useless or too cumbersome to use, turning the process slow.Love the sharpening tool, the tone curve tool and the hue/saturation/luminance tooland most of the tools that are the same in the raw import tool for Photoshop.Interface:Better use of spaces:If you have the tools colum THAT wide, better use it. Do not use it to text. Use bigger scale sizes. Rework the layout so the user has more control with larger scales.Sometimes using color along with numbers speed up the learning curve of the software. Picture this:in the lens vigneting, why is the defaul to zero in the middle? neophites may wonder, but if you just do a black square at left and a white squareat right the wonder is gone. Same with chromatic deviation and other tools.You use text to ilustrate what a square of color would say so much in a sharper manner and in a much smaller space, leaving room to bigger scaleand better control of the tool. It is neat, but costs performance. Leave the text to pop up menus at the tip of the cursor in learning mode, switchedoff on advanced mode as you grow used to it.and what a photographer also really needs: geometry correction! (pin-cushion an barrel lens correction) Woah! I miss that.And for a really pro: liquify interface! Presto, unbeatable LR!!!I did not use much to develop a criticism: Slides, print and web, but will get to it in future.Thanks

  64. Rob says:

    Please please please add D80 support for tethering. This is such a cool feature, so why limit the testing of it to a narrow range of camera models? Just look at all of the posts above!! Count the D80 requests! Then add mine…. 🙂

  65. Dawn Campbell says:

    LR 3 beta 2 repeatedly crashing when using crop tool in Develop mode (Windows, Vista 64, 8GB RAM, lots of drive space)

  66. Colin Thomas says:

    Lightroom native tethered is GREAT, but to make it really usable you need to add at least one control feature that the other tethered options have – an image rotation setting. Lightroom picks up the camera’s image orientation setting (which is great) but if I have the camera pointing straight down at my subject (or straight up) this doesn’t work, and you need to offer an IMAGE ORIENTATION setting in the tethered settings dialog.Canon’s EOS Utility does this, and so does Capture One.Since I’m asking for features, I might as well ask for the whole sweet-shop: it would be great if you can offer the full range of camera adjustment options in the tethered control panel.

  67. Mel says:

    Allow me to echo a previous post by Tyler Havener. This program would be 10 times more useful to me with network support. If this is to be a professional product, it needs to support a professional workflow, which in our case involves half a dozen networked computers for working on images.I hardly see why network speed needs to be cited so much as a limitation. Gigabit is widely used and available, and it is faster than most internal hard drives anyway.

  68. Ralph Kephart says:

    Am looking so forward to the tethered support in LR3. Have Nikon D200 and D80 in my equipment list. Sincerely hope both cameras are tether supported in final release!

  69. Scott Ells says:

    BRAVO! For any of us who enjoy shooting while we travel, enhanced GPS-tagging in Lightroom would be GOLDEN.

  70. Hi Guys and Girls.Loving Lightroom 3 Beta 2 but have found a few issues which I am wondering if anyone else is finding.1. I’m finding that when I get an image looking great in Develop then go back to Library, the image changes and my shadows block up and sometimes get banding in the shadow areas. This happens also happens to tiff files that I have edited in PS. It also looks this way once the image has been exported which makes it useless.2. Whenever I have a folder which contains video files (in this case from a Nikon D3s) and I try to view a still image at 100% in Library, it won’t load.It just continually says “loading” and nothing happens. I have to click into Develop to get the image to load and view correctly at 100%.If I click back into Library it will view correctly but only for that image. If I want to view another image at 100% I have have to go back into Develop.3. Also related to viewing folders which contain video files, I get an error message in Apple Finder which says ” Community Toolbar – We’re sorry, but the Safari browser version you are currently using does not support the community toolbar.” I have no idea what that means or what it has to do with Lightroom but I have only ever seen it when viewing a folder containing video files in Lightroom 3 Beta 2.If I click close on the error message it just comes straight back again until I close Lightroom.

  71. Ed Goodnight says:

    I have been working in the print mode the past couple of days and found that I had great difficulty when trying to select colors. It is totally my problem as I am colorblind.My point is that it would help someone like me to be able to select a color from my image by using an eyedropper tool. That would allow me to feel that I am getting a color that is somewhat relevant instead of a color that is way off of the mark.

  72. Ed Goodnight says:

    DisregardA friend told me that when I want to select a color from an image that all I had to do was click on the mouse while in the color selector and then drag it to the image, It will select the color you want from the image.That was easy!

  73. Tim Bertheau says:

    I was wondering if the tethered functions will be enhanced? Currently there are no camera control from within Lightroom 3Beta2. You can see the fstop, shutter speed, and ISO with a button to take the picture. But no live view or other controls to directly control the camera, such as Nikon’s Camera Control Pro, or NKRemote by Breeze Systems.

  74. John Geyer says:

    Will you support tether functions for more Nikon Models? I have a D70 I would like to leave tethered. It works with DIYPHOTOBITS and Nikon Camera Control Pro so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with LR3 tether.

  75. Jakob Gronkjaer says:

    I have to add my vote for tethered shooting for the Nikon D80 please!

  76. Igor Kovic says:

    Great software, but I don’t understand why the D80 was omitted, please add the D80 to tetheed shooting.

  77. Adam says:

    please add the Nikon D80 for tethering, i love lightroom 3 but how do you not make tethering on such a common camera.

  78. Tero says:

    Seriously Adobe… do you know how many people own a D50, D80, D200? why arent they on the list?!what are you thinkin?!

  79. C.T. Heny says:

    Please add the D80 for tethered shooting.

  80. John Duffy says:

    Please add the D200 to the Tethered Shooting list. It was one of the selling points that attracted me to the software and now I find out after purchase that it is not supported. I hope this is on the list of fixes since I can’t afford a new camera or Mac computer as a solution. Thank you.

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  83. Philip Sheen says:

    Please add tethered shooting support for the Nikon D2Xs!
    I don’t understand why Adobe would limit this awesome new feature to so few cameras.

  84. Eric Kessler says:

    My greatest frustration with Lightroom is the printing module. It is a real nuisance to print out a proof or any other print where I am needing the versatility of sizing and locating it on my paper. Photoshops Print with Preview is a brilliant and very practical way to set up printing.
    The Scaled Print Size box is incredible. Being able to scale an image and drag it to a placement on the paper is effortless compared to LR’s bizarre roundabout way of sizing and placing an image. Any hope of correcting this in a not too distant version?

  85. Linha Imaginaria says:

    Great software, but why d80 can’t work tethered??? Please I need this plugin!!

  86. AlanC says:

    Agree with Tero. I wonder Adobe LR3 ignore those older version like Nikon D70/70S?

  87. elouise says:

    please please please add tethering for Nikon D80!!!! x

  88. Angie F, says:

    Please, please, please add D80 for tethered shooting!!!!!!

  89. Ruben says:

    Need to add the D80!!!!. You have lots of us waiting for it!!!

  90. nron says:

    Network catalogs should be my responsibility – not yours. As a software developer and a photographer, I understand the sorry excuse about the SQLite database not being multi-user. I’m not asking for multi-user support, ….BUT:
    – my gigabit network with a 5 disk RAID5 is a lot faster then any of my local drives (Mac or Windows).
    – the server runs Ubuntu Linux, so I can’t run LR there (maybe in VirtualBox, but not what I’m looking for).
    – my wife and I have over 100,000 pictures, and every event has a catalog (wedding, vacation, etc.) We bring one or several computers to an event, or use different computers to work on a catalog – not at the same time.
    – having to copy catalogs to/from the network is major waste of our time, given that the network storage is faster, and even an entry-level developer should know how to implement a file lock on the network catalog, so that only one user could have it open for read/write at a time. Just google for it, and you’ll fine code samples on how to do it.

    Anyhow, really nice program, but the network catalog limitation and the excuse used to justify it are simply dumb. Take a look at KeePass if you need a good working example, …and you can even look at the code – it’s open source. It should take about 1 day to code and fully test this feature, and it would be worth a lot more to your customers, then adding yet another camera format support, …or “improved experience” bullet point to any existing feature.

  91. Ben Hendrix says:

    Will the final version of Lightroom 3 support the new Nikon 3100?

  92. Ken says:

    I was sooooo excited about tether for my Nikon D80. Then I was even MORE disappointed when it wasn’t available for my camera. PLEASE do a patch and make it work. I upgraded for this reason mainly. I really like my camera and its is just fine for the studio work I do where I can control the lighting with strobes. Only thing missing from my setup is tether. VERY disappointed. I waited for this. Did I mention I was very disappointed.

  93. Kirill Linnik says:

    Yes, 550d would be nice to support. Tethered capture is not working with this camera and I’m very disappointed with that 🙁

  94. Chipowski says:

    Is tethered camera shooting going to work on a Windows XP Pro 64-bit machine running Lightroom 3.3 and a Nikon D700? I seem to be having trouble.

  95. Paco Torres says:

    tethered mode for D80 please!!!

  96. Ron Jones says:

    A friend gave me a demo of LR3 today and I got really excited. He then showed me tethering with his Canon and I got even more excited. I then went home a did a search to make sure my D200 was supported and most of my excitement dissipated. Please support D200 SOON!

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  98. Phillip Guyton Jr. says:

    can we not rotate video? that really is the number one thing i need to do in my video app