New Nikon D3 and D700 “Camera” v2 beta profiles

Adobe’s Camera Raw engineer Eric Chan has been listening closely to feedback on Lightroom and Camera Raw’s initial “camera” profiles for the Nikon D3 and Nikon D700. Eric has posted a revised set of beta profiles for these cameras for your review.

Download the profiles here

Release Notes: [Original Forum Post by Eric]

These updated Camera v2 beta profiles for the Nikon D3 and Nikon D700
are designed to reduce banding and highlight color artifacts. Note
that highlight areas may appear a little brighter compared to the
earlier profiles.



If you are on Mac OS X, drag the “Camera v2 beta” folder to:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles

If you are on Windows XP, drag the “Camera v2 beta” folder to:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles

If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, drag the “Camera v2 beta”
folder to:


Note that the above path on Windows Vista and Windows 7 may be hidden
by default. Check your folder settings.



The profiles are currently in beta status. Please provide feedback via
the online Adobe user-to-user forums here:

Thank you!

28 Responses to New Nikon D3 and D700 “Camera” v2 beta profiles

  1. Youtah says:

    I am in LOVE!!!I have the D700 after playing with these in LR 2.6-64bit I am in Love!The portrait profile is so much better

  2. Pat says:

    don’t forget the D3X please !!

  3. Tom, I recently switched over to LR2 and LR3.2 Beta from Aperture. How do I set up camera profiles for my Nikon D300?Thanks, Tom

  4. Ed SHEPHERD says:

    When following the instructions to drag the file into camera raw I get this-The item “Camerav2 beta”could not be moved because “CameraRaw” cannot be modified.This asks me to authenticate it which I do but when looking to bring the file into Lightroom it seems not to read these files for the import to presets.I am stuck as to what to do.Can you help?Many thanks.Mac user.

  5. Roman Kozlov says:

    It is, finally, what I need! Thank! Now I see those colors that I want to see new profiles are completely satisfied with my (my D700) – tuned to the import and I’m happy! Thanks again! There is a desire to shoot, shoot and shoot more!! Now, people at my photo – with a normal skin color!! Yeah! Cool!

  6. After installing I am unable to find or use these profiles. I am assuming that they are supposed to appear in Camera Raw or Lightroom under CAMERA PROFILES but they do not.I have installed them several times. Am I doing something wrong???

  7. Bob Gomel says:

    Ditto comments by Ed Shepherd . What is work around?Thanks, Bob

  8. Michael says:

    Ditto, how to use/apply, once installed? There’s no info in the LR help files.

  9. David Lacina says:

    Thanks a lot, great job!For those who did not manage find out how to use: In Lightroom, Develop Module navigate on the left side pane to the bottom, where it says Camera Calibration. Expand it if its not already expanded and then you can choose Profile, f.e. Camera Landscape v2. All the new profiles which you copied over have v2 postfix.

  10. i installed the profiles but how do i set this as the default, rather than have to change it manually.For the guys asking how to use them you need to go to the develop menu, top right then down to camera calibration and the first thing says profile select what should say adone standard and go down to the one you want. the new ones should have V2 next to them.hope that helps and hope adobe can fix this it is driving me insane!

  11. David Lacina says:

    How to set default: Go to develop module. Right pane, scroll down to Camera Calibration. Choose desired profile (f.e. Camera Standard v2). Then comes a little magic. Press ALT key. Button that was originally Reset turns to Set Default… After confirmation, all photos that you import will have assigned the new selected profile.

  12. thats perfect David thanks so much for that do you know if this works in photoshop raw editor as well?

  13. Yvonne says:

    Arrgghhh…. OK, deep breath. I installed these beta profiles a few weeks ago and they were brilliant. However a few days ago had a major HD crash, and had to do a reinstall of OS, so of course all the applications too. Now when I put the profiles into the required folder, they still don’t show in LR when I go to camera calibration 🙁 No v2 options at all. I have done it several times, but no luck. Anyone got any ideas?

  14. Ajay says:

    Do I need to install these profiles in non-beta release of Lightroom 3? I hope these profiles will be there b default.ThanksAjay

  15. jason says:

    I’ve downloaded the D700 settings for the new Lightroom 3. I’m confused on which of these I should be using. Camera Standard v2? Camera Neutral v2? or something different?. Is it strictly personal preference? Or is there one that is considered a best starting place?

  16. Robert Martin says:

    Do you plan on releasing version 2 profiles for other Nikon cameras, I have a D200 and would like improved profiles.

  17. Jeff says:

    The directory to install these profiles does not exist on my Windows 7 64-bit computer. What’s up?

  18. Jeff says:

    No, my folders are NOT hidden.

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  20. Paul Dickson says:

    A massive improvement. I used to get awful red and green artefacts (patches) in neutral colours (such as road surfaces) especially when using D2X Mode 2. This has completely eliminated them and made my life much easier. (Wedding Photographer)

  21. Victor says:

    I have a basic problem. I downloaded these new profiles and I don’t know how to open the profiles and use it. I put in ” /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles
    ” but my Lightroom 3 doesn’t open the profiles I can’t seen it. I’m doing something wrong. There any other possibility to try that Lightroom opens the profles ?
    Thanks, Victor

  22. Sue BLOCK says:

    I have downloaded the D700 profiles and wish to install them into Lightroom 3.

    Please advise best method to do this.

    I have a Mac computer

    thank you


  23. Jeff — Win7, 64 bit here.

    What I did was drop the D3 and D700 folders into C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles then restarted lightroom. Probably wrong, but appears to have worked.

  24. sue murray says:

    could i please get better profiles for
    d3s & d3x…..

    i am really struggling with getting the most out of the camera & i want to use adobe???

  25. Matt says:

    Any profiles for us Sony users? Can I create my own some how?

  26. I have followed instructions but the profiles D3 and D700 do not show in the calibration drop down menu…is this where they should show? Am I missing something here?

  27. jm says:

    I dragged the Camera v2 beta folder to C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles, as the instruction says to do. However, the v2 profiles don’t show up in the camera calibration section. Puzzled! I’m using Windows 7 64-bit and Lightroom 3.5. Any ideas?

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