Preview of Lens Correction Solution for Camera Raw 6 and Lightroom 3

Below is a preview of lens correction technology that will be included in Lightroom 3 and the Camera Raw 6 plug-in that’s part of Photoshop CS5. This is an exciting development for our non-destructive editing technology and is designed to address lens correction via two methods: Lens Profiles and Manual Correction. The easiest application of lens correction is to apply the lens profile technology that encompasses geometric distortion(barrel and pincushion distortion), chromatic aberration and lens vignetting characteristics. A handful of lens profiles will be provided by default and a Lens Profile Creator Utility will be posted on Adobe Labs allowing photographers to create their own lens profiles using a simple procedure discussed in the video below. There are also manual distortion corrections that extend beyond traditional geometric distortion and provide horizontal and vertical transform adjustments.(As well as rotation, scale and crop to visible image data tools.) Please take a look at the preview video and provide your feedback!

You can also view this video directly on YouTube:!

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52 Responses to Preview of Lens Correction Solution for Camera Raw 6 and Lightroom 3

  1. Richard Olpin says:

    Say’s it’s a private video and won’t let us view it![Looks like the “public” setting is taking a while to propagate. Please try again. I’ll repost if folks continue to have problems. -TH]

  2. Very very cool! I was impressed with the lens correction in Photoshop CS5 but having it in Lightroom is going to be great. I can see developing presets for my common body/lens combos so I can speed the correction process even more.

  3. Great news!It would be nice if one could use DxO Optics Pro camera/lens profiles with this functionality.

  4. John.B says:

    Tom, this is HUGE! If this works as advertised I’ll finally be to ditch DxO (which has always required separate steps as well as a separate linear DNG file). That you’ve been able to do this non-destructively is amazing!Any word as to when I can order the upgrade? ;^)

  5. John.B says:

    Oh, and will I be able to use the lens profiles interchangably between Ps CS5 and Lr 3?

  6. Kenny Moy says:

    Very nice, but with the profiles do you have to manually create them all or does Adobe provide some kind of premade ones where you can apply and go? It also looked like through the exif data that it matches the lens automatically. The last thing would be is how would this work in LR3? Does it automatically apply profiles on import? Im curious as to how this would change the workflow.

  7. Eric Chan says:

    John B, lens profiles can be shared between Camera Raw 6 and Lightroom 3, very similar to the way that camera color profiles are shared.

  8. Lightroom is an Amazing tool!Question… is there any chance lightroom 3 will be compatable with power pc? I know the new CS5 is not.There is a large population out here that are still running on high end G5’s (+$5,000 ). I am not looking foreword to a massive financial upgrade.[Lightroom 3 will not be PowerPC compatible. -TH]

  9. TomFantastic. I am so happy I will be able to do this in Lightroom natively at the RAW level and not on a saved tiff with the photoshop filter

  10. Kurt says:

    About freaking time. Such an obvious, and essential, feature to include in Lightroom- especially as camera manufacturers are taking more and more shortcuts to cut the cost of lens design/construction by relying on software to fix lens distortion. Lightroom was almost unusable as a RAW conversion tool for images from P&S cameras like the Canon S90, which suffers badly from distortion especially on the wide end. This missing feature almost drove me to find something to replace Lightroom entirely. Glad to see Adobe finally got their act together and caught up to the myriad of other programs that already support this.

  11. David D says:

    That looks great – nice work Camera Raw & Lightroom team! Looking forward to LR 3.The demo appeared to be for CR 6.1 – does this mean that CS5 as initially shipping won’t include the distortion correction? I’m assuming PS CS5 comes with CR 6.0.How does this interact with local corrections? i.e. If you do some spot removal and also use the adjustment brush, can you still go back and tweak the distortion correction (and vice versa)? That sounds like it could get complicated.

  12. Eric Chan says:

    Camera Raw 5 and Lightroom 2 already do apply automatic distortion correction to the Canon S90 images, based on the camera metadata. The resulting image geometry when processing raw files through CR 5 and LR 2 should closely match the image geometry from the camera JPEG. There is still some residual distortion, by design.

  13. @David – good catch. ACR 6.1 will ship sometime shortly after CS5 ships and will be available as a free update from the Help>Updates… menu in Photoshop CS5.

  14. Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteață says:

    What can I say… Fantastic!Just curious, how did you solve localized correction problem? What will happen to brush circles in the corner of that fish-eye image ehn the lens corrections are on?

  15. Great ! Information and news in french about these new features :

  16. mfbernstein says:

    Really glad to see these features will be in Lightroom too. Can’t wait for the final release of 3.0!

  17. Stephen Bay says:

    This is fantastic. I’m going to be dumping that monstrosity known as DxO.

  18. Bill Griswold says:

    I really look forward to this. Thank you!

  19. davew says:

    Nothing in LR3 beta…any chance of a demo of the LR version of distortion control

  20. Stoff says:

    Awesome, really happy it made it into LR3. Now we just need some musch expanded options with Adjustment Brushes, so it can rival Aperture 3. I *really* miss an Adjustment Brush that works with HSL-panel (would be a killer combo in my book) and I would like one that works with the new Curves also.

  21. Christophe D says:

    Just whaowwwww !!! Any Beta of this coming soon ? Really waiting to test these features on my pictures !!

  22. Andy says:

    Wuuuhuuu! Thats great news. I already wondered why it wasn’t included right inside the RAW engine – and now here we go. I am already sold to LR3 – alone by the noise reduction. :)Andy

  23. Eric Chan says:

    Hi Dorin, you’ll have to wait and see. 🙂 We definitely paid close attention to interactions between the new image transform controls and existing features (spot heals, local corrections, red eye, etc.).

  24. Alex Orrow says:

    Fantastic new!! I have wanted lens profiles for a very long time. Will there be better clone/spot tools in Lightoom 3?

  25. Kraig says:

    Can you send us to a link list of already profiled lenses?

  26. John says:

    In the fisheyed bike shot, your post correction image shows cropped corners.Will it be possible for auto corrected images to retain the corners, and the flanks then be content aware filled ?

  27. John.B says:

    “Will it be possible for auto corrected images to retain the corners, and the flanks then be content aware filled ?”At approx. 3:50 into the video, he talks about the option of using the content aware fill on the image of the mall directory sign after doing the vertical perspective adjustment (right before he opts to use the autocrop function instead).Probably just depends on how much detail the content aware feature has to work with…

  28. Thomas says:

    Great news! I missed this feature in Lightroom from the beginning. LR3 is sold!

  29. John says:

    “At approx. 3:50 into the video, he “Indeed he does, but it is after manual adjustment, not auto lens adjustment like the first.

  30. Juan Pedro says:

    LR3… we are waiting for you!

  31. Andy says:

    Typing for the second time because the stupid characters weren’t accepted :(It would be nice if it were possible to move the optical axis to accommodate shifted T/S and PC lenses

  32. Bob Ware says:

    Very nice, Tom! I’ve been using DxO for this, but find that workflow very kludgy. Having these correction profiles and profile-making capability in LR will be a significant benefit. Being able to make a zoom lens behave more like a prime is a real leap forward.

  33. Quintin Lake says:

    This looks very nice, but to totally replace the need DXO optics pro we’d need selective lens sharpening based on their profiles. Also in your perspective correction example on the video there still appears to be some curvature on the lower edge of the sign. Us architectural photographers need real control in this area, it would be awesome if Lightroom delivered in this area. At the very least this means a lot less trips to DXO. Many thanks for the development

  34. Dorin Nicolaescu-Musteață says:

    Just downloaded CS5 release trial — no lens correction. Tom, in the video you said it wil be in LR3 and ACR6 when released (though the video showed ACR 6.1).Gotta wait for LR 3.1 and ACR 6.1?

  35. Artem says:

    Why no lens correction in CS5 photoshop trial?

  36. Rick Baumhauer says:

    PS CS5 ships with Camera Raw 6.0 – the lens corrections will be in 6.1. Had to go to Rob Galbraith’s blog to figure it out, as he referenced an e-mail exchange with Tom Hogarty in which he said it wouldn’t be shipping with CS5, but would be available shortly after release.Would have been nice if it said something about that anywhere in this blog post – that was the big feature I wanted to test as soon as I bought the upgrade, only to find it MIA.

  37. John.B says:

    Probably best to go over to John Nack’s blog for Photoshop specific questions, as he touches on the issue with CR 6.1 shipping after Ps CS5/CR 6.0:

  38. Leroy says:

    Enabling the Lens Correction on the first image causes quite a bit of distortion in the motorcycle gas tank and the right hand of the rider.

  39. Jacques S. says:

    Lens distorsion of CANON S90 already corrected in Lightroom 2 : very good news !!From which version of LR 2, this correction is available ??Is this lens distorsion correction already available in LR 2 for other camera-lenses combination ??

  40. Finally! As soon as I get my hands on this, I’ll throw PTLens out of the window! I can’t wait!!!!

  41. Eric Chan says:

    Jacques, the latest version of Lightroom 2 is now 2.7 (free download for Lightroom 2 users) and supports automatic distortion correction for the S90. Earlier versions of LR have it as well (actually, ever since we added raw support for the S90), but might as well be using the latest.

  42. Eric Chan says:

    > Enabling the Lens Correction on the> first image causes quite a bit of> distortion in the motorcycle gas tank> and the right hand of the rider.Correct, but that’s expected.It is neither an optical defect nor a lens corrections issue. It is simply the result of viewing a wide angle image from far away.For example, see bottom of this page:

  43. Richard Naylor says:

    I feel like a Windows 7 commercial … This is, with useful Noise control, what I most wanted in LR3!

  44. Mike says:

    Hi,I have CS5 at work, and love the new lens correction function, but my lenses are not in the list, i’ve clicked on the search online button, but it say’s nothing was found, without showing anything.Where exactly is this database, if i click manufacturer Nikon, lens , nikon, will it auto correct????? from the exif data?????Would it be possible for a response to these questions, i’m using a Nikon D300 + D700 with the folloxing 3 lenses 17-35 f2.8 – 17-55 f2.8 and a 24-120Many thanks for your time.Mike

  45. Geof Leigh says:

    This looks great. Thanks to Adobe for listening to our requests. If it works in LR as it does in this video I will be very impressed.

  46. David Cardenas says:

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  47. Hitu says:

    So when is the release date? You say April 2010 here and March 2010 on the main site – which is it? Please tell me it’s March as I’d love to buy this camera before going on my next big trip!

  48. Julian Fletcher says:

    As I mentioned on one of the forums, I’ve been eagerly awaiting perspective correction in LR but I have to say that, very disappointingly, the functionality falls short of that offered by GIMP, for example. LR seems to be restricted to vertical and / or horizontal adjustments while in GIMP you can squeeze or expand with greater freedom.

    Is there any chance of improving it in LR to match? That would make my day.

  49. Andrew Lecky says:

    Where can I find the lens profiles that people have made?

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