Camera Raw 6.0 Now Shipping as part of CS5 (With Important Caveat)

Photoshop CS5 with the Camera Raw 6 plug-in is now shipping and available as a trial download. Camera Raw 6.0 is also available as part of Photoshop CS5 and includes numerous enhancements that have been previewed in the Lightroom 3 beta program. The new noise reduction, sharpening, grain and post-crop vignette tools in Camera Raw 6 have been highly anticipated updates for those that prefer to use the Camera Raw plug-in instead of Lightroom. I also previewed a lens correction solution that will be part of a Camera Raw 6.1 update shortly after Photoshop CS5 ships.(It will also be part of Lightroom 3)

There is one important caveat about the Camera Raw 6.0 release: The support for 9 additional cameras provided in the Camera Raw 5.7 and Lightroom 2.7 updates is not available in the Camera Raw 6.0 release. The camera models are listed below:

  • Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i/ EOS Kiss X4 Digital)
  • Kodak Z981
  • Leaf Aptus-II 8
  • Leaf Aptus-II 10R
  • Mamiya DM40
  • Olympus E-PL1
  • Panasonic G2
  • Panasonic G10
  • Sony A450

Support for these cameras will be added in the upcoming Camera Raw 6.1 update. In the interim, you can use the free DNG Converter 5.7 (Mac, Win) to convert the files from these new cameras to a format readable by Camera Raw 6.0. The team apologizes for this temporary discrepancy in camera support but in our effort to provide the absolute latest camera support, we occasionally leapfrog the production process required to ship physical media around the world for Photoshop CS5 and the Creative Suite.(In developer terminology, Camera Raw 6.0 needed to be “baked” for Photoshop CS5 and the Creative Suite 5 release long before the Camera Raw 5.7 and Lightroom 2.7 update on April 20th so that testing and certification could be completed for the CS5 launch)

8 Responses to Camera Raw 6.0 Now Shipping as part of CS5 (With Important Caveat)

  1. yaghi says:

    I want to test

  2. Alva Chien says:

    How long should be wait for this update?

  3. Lee Turner says:

    This may be off topic but I don’t know where ask it. Will Lightroom 3 support the point tone curve found in Camera Raw? If not why not?

  4. Victor says:

    Lightroom 2.7 has camera raw 4.5 and it used to work — I installed CS5 Master Suite which has camera raw 6.0. and Photoshop WORKS with the raw images. However, now raw images do not import into Lightroom 2.7 and can not be managed.I tried to install Lightroom 3 beta to see if we could work around this issue but the install FAILED — I bet it has to do with the computability issues associated with Camera RAW.Great job on the part of ADOBE making it so one product install kills another.[Victor, Lightroom 2.7 has the equivalent raw processing code included in Camera Raw 5.7 but does not interact with the plug-in because that code is built into Lightroom. Lightroom does interact with the camera raw plug-in when performing “Edit in Photoshop” functionality but it sounds like your issues are unrelated to that area of the application. -TH]

  5. Michael Clark says:

    Crop to custom pixel dimensions in Camera Raw seems to hold the ratio rather than the absolute pixel dimensions entered… that would seem to be redundant from the ratio pull down menu item – is there a way to crop to fixed pixel dimensions in Camera Raw 6?

    I am trying to pull HD 1920x 1080 crops from raw files to convert to video sequence – need each crop to be exactly 1920×1080 without scaling to preserve the actual size of the subject . It can be done in Photoshop but how to crop to a fixed size in Camera Raw 6?

  6. Agata says:

    I got my cs5 a few months ago and i’m unable to get raw files from my canon t2i – and these are comments from 2010 which is very troubling. Did I just waste a whole bunch of money? I might have to download GIMP for crying out loud!

  7. connie says:

    is camera raw included in cs5