Lightroom 3.0 Now Available

After a well attended public beta(600k+ downloads of the beta), the team is proud to provide the final version of Lightroom 3.0.  This release has received significant feedback via the beta forums and we released an additional beta release(Lightroom 3 beta 2) to ensure that we addressed the top issues and solidified a Lightroom 3.0 release that is ready for daily use.

Here’s a quick list of what we’ve changed since the last public beta:

  • Profile-based lens correction that addresses:
    • Geometric lens distortion(i.e., barrel or pincushion)
    • Chromatic aberration
    • Vignette effects
  • Manual geometric lens correction
  • Horizontal and vertical perspective correction
  • Improved Web templates for updated color and design options
  • Additional Print templates to utilize the new creative layout options
  • New develop presets for creative B&W and Color adjustments
  • Focal length filtering available in the metadata filter
  • Updated SDK with publish collection functionality and access to collection and keyword metadata
  • Improved interactive responsiveness
  • Ability to upgrade Lightroom 1, Lightroom 2 catalogs as well as Lightroom 3 beta or Lightroom 3 beta 2 catalogs
    • Images edited in Lightroom 3 beta or Lightroom 3 beta 2 will migrate to Lightroom 3.0 with little to no visual adjustments.  Minor sharpening adjustments may appear.
  • Ability to migrate Photoshop Elements 6, 7 or 8 catalogs to Lightroom 3
  • Updated print resolution limits of 720ppi for local printing and 1200ppi for printing to a JPEG file.

There have already been detailed blog entries about what has been added to Lightroom 3 through the two beta release.(Lightroom 3 beta, Lightroom 3 beta 2) Below, I’ve provided a high level summary of the top enhancements across all three releases.  You can also watch a Lightroom 3 Overview video by Julieanne Kost.

  • Completely revamped import experience including import presets
  • Direct tethered capture support for popular Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. (Full compatibility list here)
  • Updated architecture for improved interactive performance and the ability to manage larger image collections
  • Support for importing, managing, tagging and organizing common video formats, including DSLR video formats. (.MOV, .AVI, .MP4)
  • Dozens of smaller workflow enhancements throughout the application. (Detailed in the first Lightroom 3 beta blog post)
  • Tight integration with online photo sharing sites including Flickr.  A new Lightroom 3 SDK allows developers to connect to additional sites with the same high level of integration.
  • High quality image editing enhancements including
    • Dramatically improved Sharpening and Noise Reduction results
    • Additional post crop vignette styles with more photographic qualities
    • The ability to apply lens correction manually or using profiles for automated correction
    • Vertical and Horizontal transform controls
    • Creative grain controls
    • “Point curve” tone curve controls
    • Process Version switch to preserve historical processing style
  • Export slideshows as high quality H.264 video files that include selected music
  • Fully customizable multi-page print layouts
  • Flexible text or graphic watermark settings that can be applied to all output destinations

I’ll be posting links to various resources you can utilize to get acquainted with this new release in a separate post.

Thanks from the Lightroom Team and don’t forget to enjoy Rule Number 5!

15 Responses to Lightroom 3.0 Now Available

  1. Joe Decker says:

    Only had a few hours with it so far, but it’s looking great!

  2. David B says:

    Tom-has there been any updates in LR3 to deal with printing issues with Colorsync and the new API of OS X 10.6?

  3. David Naylor says:

    Wow, I’ve been so busy looking at all the great stuff (lens profiles in particular) so I forgot to leave a thank you note.THANK YOU GUYS!!

  4. Great news! I have been actively using and testing all of the beta releases along the way. Lightroom is one of the best designed apps Adobe makes (coming from someone who lives in Photoshop, Flash, Flash Builder, After Effects every day).I just wish that the Adobe customer service was more helpful. I’ve been trying to find a way to get the 30% off Lightroom 3 since I purchased my CS5 Master Collection the first day it came out. After spending 55 minutes on hold with customer service it looks like I’m out of luck. They offered 30% off if I buy an additional license for CS5 MC or CS5 Photoshop. It’s disappointing, but I guess the price I have to pay for being an early adopter.Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Cliff Rushing says:

    I was on hold with Adobe customer service for about an hour, and finally hung up. I will try again tomorrow, but I was wondering: Is there was a better upgrade price if Lightroom 2 was purchased in the last few weeks?Any feedback would be appreciated.Thanks

  6. David Naylor says:

    I’m quite amazed! Only FIVE comments after Adobe’s greatest release EVER for photographers!?

  7. Steve Norris says:

    Photography will never be the same again!!! Or at least till we get the next one. he he he.Lack of comments I feel is that Adobe don’t advertise on tele as far as I can see. Shame that. Great product.

  8. Dai Viet says:

    I upgraded my Lightroom 2.7 catalog to Lightroom 3 last night. Lo and behold, ALL MY KEYWORDS were left behind!!!! This is a show stopper for me, I DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THE KEY WORDING PROCESS AGAIN FOR 80,000 PHOTOS!!!!

  9. David Naylor says:

    Dai Viet: Something is not right there. Try re-importing (converting) your old catalog, which should be left intact by LR3.

  10. Dan Vomastek says:

    Some of my fonts aren’t showing up in lightroom. They show up in all my other programs, including photoshop, just not lightroom. Any thoughts?

  11. Just wanted to let everyone know there is a discount for Lightroom workshops.2 Day Summer workshop series, occurring in cities across the United States this July and August. To celebrate the recent Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 update, Lightroom Workshops is offering a 15% discount to photography organization members, and a 25% discount to photography students or teachers for the two-day weekend workshop in July and August.Participants select the applicable registration type when registering for their preferred workshop city at: 10th – 11th Sacramento, CA w/ Jerry CourvoisierJuly 10th – 11th San Francisco, CA w/ George JardineJuly 17th – 18th Nashville, TN w/ Jerry CourvoisierJulyJuly 17th – 18th Pasadena CA w/ George JardineJulyJuly31th- Aug 1st Overland Park, KS w/ Jerry CourvoisierAugustAug. 7th – 8th Santa Barbara, CA w/ Nevada WierAug. 7th – 8th Portland, OR w/ George JardineAug. 21st – 22nd Omaha, NE w/ Jerry CourvoisierAug. 21th – 22nd Seattle,WA w/ George JardineAug. 28th-29th Chicago IL w/ Jerry Courvoisier

  12. More information on the Chicago Workshop for Lightroom 3 scheduled for 28 & 29 of AugustWant to attend, currently teaching at local Park district, Library and soon at local junior college

  13. DMC says:

    Thanks for the great release, as always.

    One question though: will there ever be an official lens profile for the Nikon 18-105mm VR lens? It’s the default kit lens for the Nikon D90 and the Nikon D7000, so lots of people use it… yet the is still no Adobe profile for this lens 🙁

  14. DMC says:

    I am sorry, my precedent question was supposed to go in the Lightroom 3.3 blog post.

  15. I noticed that the lens support was updated but the 24-120 VR F4.0 is either not listed or incorrectly being stated/recognized as the 24-120 VR 3.5-5.6. Is this a miss print?